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  1. Who was Toby McGuire before Spider-Man? Who was Hugh Jackman before X-Men? Actually, Toby was quite acclaimed before Spider Man... including oscar talk. So that one falls through.
  2. I need to finish my one up It's so close, but I can't seem to close it.
  3. No Kitana means Cash no care
  4. Exactly. I must know if it's Wrestlemania or not.
  5. I've been pretty much addicted to this game for the past few days since my roomie rented it. Great great great game! Of course... I'm sith
  6. That's pretty sweet looking!
  7. Can someone link to the picture of Bizzaro Supes, I must see...
  8. Alba looks pretty good in it in the trailer. I'm impressed thus far with my 15 seconds of footage, lol.
  9. This. Game. Is. Amazing. Holy. Shit.
  10. SHIT! I knew there was something that I wanted to rent today.
  11. Yesh! That looks really really good! And yes... the similarity to Life of Brian is uncanny.
  12. Cash

    Micheal David Simms

    Boo to you! Micheal > Michael. Micheal Cash Melville > Michael Cash Melville. That's the truth.
  13. Cowbell. It cures fevers.
  14. Cash

    Micheal David Simms

    Curses... I'm foiled again.
  15. Cash

    Dual Hemi Jeep

    I saw a Dodge Charger concept car a years ago that was designed to run off of natural gas. That was when I was a junior in high school, I'm now a fourth year college student. My point? It's a concept car... and they hardly ever come to fruition in the way they are intended. Though... this would be really cool.
  16. Cash

    Micheal David Simms

    He spells his name the right way, Yoda Micheal > Michael
  17. I'm pretty much.... free until around... 2015. Just hit me up with a PM or an IM or something.
  18. The answer is Sin City. We've been disappointed by Batman before, and Warner Bros. doesn't have the best track record when it comes to its comic book properties. One look at the last two Superman and Batman films, as well as Catwoman and the upcoming Constantine clearly demonstrate this fact. Now, that's not to say Batman Begins will disappoint, but our hopes shouldn't be as high as they are. Whereas Sin City looks intense, the creator of the series is directly involved, Robert Rodriguez went out on a very long limb to convince Miller to let him make it, and spent his own money to adapt the series. Additionally, Rodriguez is a huge comic book fanboy that knows he will be murdered by geeks more rabid than him if this blows. There is absolutely no way Sin City will be anything but awesome. I vote for Sin City then. EDIT: And who voted for Elektra? Come on now...
  19. The ceremony idea is kind of creepy, but I know that her family was a group of devout Christians, and (not in with the way I practiced or anyone I know practiced) some denominations have those types of ceremonies. Weird... but true.
  20. Hmmm... I don't remember. I'll edit in the link when I get it from my mom. On another fun note: I got the Tru Calling Season 1 DVDs for 15 bucks yesterday as well. *happy dance*
  21. So, you're smitten, right?
  22. :OMG: :rockon: :rockon: I'm so freaking pumped right now, I just had to share with people. They're bootlegs though But I don't freaking care!
  23. This is a nightmare choice. Sin City looks OFF THE HOOK and has a cast to back it up. Batman Begins though... First person to tell me what to vote between those two will decide it for me.