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  1. Please tell me someone else has either seen or heard of this movie. It's called Santa's Slay it's a new horror/comedy movie premiering on Spike TV on Saturday Night at 7 pm. Apparently Santa is a demon who lost a bet with an angel and had to give kids present for all these years. But this year is apparently different because the only present he's giving out is swift death. Oh yeah and did I mention Santa is being played by Bill Goldberg?
  2. Yeah I've been reading all the the Countdown Minis and i think Villains United was the best. I'm hoping they get an ongoing with like Deadshot and Catman that'd be so awesome. One question though, Luthor shot Pariah but I was under the impression part of his power was he couldn't die so to quote the Hurricane "Whassupwitdat?"
  3. IC comes out tomorrow, anyone else as psyched as I am?
  4. Well considering I just found a new job it's not as big as my horror movie collection but here it is. -Trigun(complete series) -Samurai Champloo(Vols 1-5, 6&7 aren't out yet) -Gungrave(Vol 1) -Hellsing(Vol 1, the rest I have downloaded) -Cowboy Bebop(Remix Vol. 1 and the movie) -Samurai 7(Vol 1) -Princess Mononoke -Vampire Hunter D(Both movies) -Abenoboshi(complete series) -Tekken The Movie(Worst Anime ever made) -Blood the Last Vampire(No idea why I bought this before renting it, big mistake) and I don't think this counts as an anime but it's worth mentioning due to it's greatness -Thundarr The Barbarian The Complete Series(Ookla is your god!)
  5. Yeah it definately is. The intro in the trade I got by Kurt Busiek describes it best as put the book down and never read it or you will get sucked into the void that is Robert Kirkman. Invincible itself it an awesome superhero book about a kid whos dad is a superhero and he inherits the same powers and deals with that stuff plus your usual high school troubles. The action isn't really anything overly spectacular but Kirkman's dialogue and awesome characters that really make you feel for them wil get you hooked on this book almost instantly. Also check out Kirkman's work on Walking Dead which I fully recommend to anyone regardless of if you like zombie stories or not.
  6. I just picked up the first trade of this because Robert Kirkman is more addictive than crack. I thought it was awesome, can't wait to get the next one.
  7. Anybody still picking this one up? I'm really liking this new story arc. The basic rundown is a ripoff version of Marvel's Ultimates called The Maximums are after Superman and Batman because supposedly Superman killed their version of Giant Man. Also Bizarro and Batzarro randomly run around and do stuff. I was kinda bored with it until the latest issue. SPOILERS BATMAN BEYOND!