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  1. I enjoyed it, it didn't do what I expected it to do and I think Moffat has proved that he is still able to write good stories, (which is why he volunteered for the cheap episode). My only issue is I've got to go to work and be alone tonight in a hotel where everyone else is asleep. That's not going to creep me out in anyway shape or form... AND there's lots of sudden creepy noises from the vending machine and the freezer.
  2. Really enjoyed this weeks episode, Clara is starting to grow on me as an actual person and not just a plot point and whatever each episode needs her to be. It was a brilliant Dalek episode.
  3. So as I've got a day off from the games in Glasgow, I've decided that I'm going to visit the Edinbrugh Fringe festival for a day (It's one of the biggest culture/comedy/arts festivals in the UK and goes on for all of August.) I've managed to get tickets for both of the doctor who shows. The first is called: Crap Time Lord, and the second: I need a Doctor; the whosical. These can only be good fun!
  4. Uni's almost over and visa sorted. Canada here I come!

  5. I don't get why he's getting so much flak for doing it, he didn't script it and it was just a bit of fun. Matt Edmonson - the radio presenter - has done a couple of them and it's not meant to be anything more than a laugh. Good for Arthur, besides it's not like he can't sing he was on Broadway and and is just about to finish in the West End
  6. So I don't read the comics but I really enjoyed the film. Electro wasn't the best villian and I felt like Harry Osbourne got lost a bit at the end but hopefully they'll do more with him in the ASM3 or 4. I'd go see it again, but due to uni it doesn't look like it's possbile.
  7. Here's the link to the youtube video of the Doctor Who Proms when they sang that amazing song.
  8. Brilliant, thanks. I've heard Holy Terror - Frobisher is awesome! The other ones are now on my list (although I own Light at the End and the Rocket Men, I just haven't listened to them yet) Also the companion chronicles series 1-4 are currently on offer - £5 for a CD or Download
  9. Thought you guys should know that Dark Eyes 2 was released yesterday from Big Finish. It's an AMAZING story and well worth listening to, although you do need to have heard Dark Eyes 1 first. Also today they released a new Companion Chronicle an Ian one, called the Sleeping City and it tells the story of what happens to Ian and Barbra when they return home from travelling with the Doctor. http://www.bigfinish.com/releases/v/the-sleeping-city-759 I've recently got heavily into the Big Finish stories and I was wondering what ones you would recommend - about from Spare Parts, I've heard that one and it deserves every recommendation everyone gives it.
  10. If you were writing Doctor Who were would the companion ask the doctor to go to? I've always wondered why no one has asked to go "second star to the right and straight on till morning" I'd love to see where they would end up. (when I'm writing Doctor Who in 10years time that's whats going to happen - you heard it here first folks [unless another writer gets there before I do and if that happens, 3rd star to he left and straight on till lunchtime!])
  11. Thanks, I had been warned in advance about how bad it was going to be but I honestly didn't think it would be THAT bad
  12. Just wanted to promote my advent project this year, I'm watching a different Christmas film every day and reviewing them. I started with a couple of good films but I've also been forced to watch a rubbish one and an ok-ish one and I would love to have some feedback on my blog. http://reasfilms.wordpress.com/ It would be brilliant if you could go and have a quick look, today I'm watching the 'true' story Thomas Kinkade in the Christmas Cottage.
  13. So on the topic of what I want to see in Doctor Who in the future (one of the many emails) NON-CONTEMPORY COMPANION!!!!!!! I want a companion from the past again (I really thought I was going to get one with Victorian Clara)