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  1. Which translation have you been listening to? I was thinking that if it came up, I'd go for the Seamus Heaney translation.
  2. The arrogance of the DashCon, who seem to never even have been to a Con, is maddening.
  3. Hmm. The War in the Air sounds really interesting. I'm not familiar with it at all. I'll check it out. And you know, the Patreon campaign has levels where you can have us read and discuss a novel of your choosing or even join us on an episode to discuss your pick.
  4. Thanks everyone! We're enjoying fried chicken and ice cream cake because Reasons.
  5. I went to Philly once and I have to say, it was pretty great. We stayed in an extended stay hotel kind of place with a kitchenette and a closet so large we slept a person in there. Plus, they have The Best Musuem Ever, The Mutter. The have Chan and Eng's preserved, conjoined liver, a presidential tumor, and a collection of things found in the throat's of choking victims. What's not to love? There is also Las Vegas. I've been at least a dozen times, possibly closer to 20 times. I love it and it is surprisingly affordable to get there and get a hotel, and I'm talking a luxury property on strip
  6. What Dan said. It was great to meet everyone and hang out. I'm exhausted, but it was totally worth it.
  7. Do you not remember Robbie's Ayn Rand moment? Robbie all the way.
  8. This one was really hard because Robbie is one of the worst, all time douches. Remember that moment when pulls out his copy of The Fountainhead and tells baby "Some people count, some people don't"? Total douche move. But he's still a kid--this is his summer job to pay his college tuition, right? But Stuckey? He's an adult. He's old enough to have a functioning moral compass. And instead, when he gets angry with Vivian, he reacts by attempting to rape her as punishment. And he would have, if Edward hadn't busted in. Seriously, fuck that guy. Stuckey wins this round.
  9. Robbie is by far the biggest douche so far on in this round.
  10. In our original pilot, we talked about the short story "Flowers for Algernon" , but not the full novel. I'd love to actually read that, but my reading list is now pretty much full for the next few years. And thanks for the note about the avatar. I thought Dan did a great job staging that shot on our bookshelf. And I will make up any excuse in the world to not lend out a book. I've had too many come back in terrible shape or not at all. Good luck getting that back.