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  1. Mabe a bit but I enjoyed it (well apart from the bit when Bill O'Reilly phoned in )
  2. Exsalent show guys. Man I love me some Gargoyles
  3. God I hope not :twitch: Like a lot of creative genesis Mr.Ellis is not of the pretty
  4. While it doesnt contradict the continuity you dont have to know any of it to enjoy the show. Check out some of the trailers Doctor Who
  5. It's the real reason for the creation of the engen. Ellis was having webcam sex with the girlfrend of one of his fans. the boyfrend found out and posted the pic's on Halaraty ensued.
  6. I would definitely try to find the time mate. The new shows rock my socks (Thank you )
  7. Just wondering if there was any Doctor Who fans on the bord
  8. I do enjoy Warren Ellis but, well, let me put it this way. "Stan Lee never got caught wanking on the internet"