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  1. Yeah, I heard about that on one of the podcasts I listen to; DVD Verdict? May have been, may have not, but one thing is for sure; I will have one more huge incentive to stop watching Smallville until Clark grows a pair.
  2. lol I watch it on and off again too. It's just a show with some really good ups and a lot of really bad downs. The problem is that the ups are good enough to make me stay during the downward spirals of crapcake plot twists [Read: The Tori Spelling Episode]. (>__<) Lex's character is what mainly keeps me coming back, that and the hopes that either Lana learns Clark's secret or that she becomes a heartless wench and becomes one of Clark's enemies. That would totally rock. Lana as a formidable enemy. I totally dug those episodes where she had those supernatural powers and was kicking Clark's red-n-blue butt, just in case you couldn't tell. =3 Oh, and I'd have to disagree on introducing other JLA character's well. I like the way they breathed new life into the Flash, Green Arrow, Aquaman, and even Cyborg (not really JLA but oh well), but I just can't stand the way they intro'd the Martian Manhunter, if that's what he is. (T___T)
  3. I would see that maybe before I, Robot I may have been annoyed at the news about Shia, but he doesn't annoy me as much anymore. Maybe it's his dissociation from the Disney Channel that did it.