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  1. Kevin Smith's review hits pretty much every point that it needs to.
  2. I think the original version of the song is better. Whenever I hear it it reminds me of Pump Up the Volume.
  3. It's not a bad movie. 90% of the funny stuff is in the trailers. There is a lot of fan service. The cgi wasn't very good. Every underwater scene made everyone's face look like plastic. Cyborg just looks fake. Flash's powers seemed inconsistent because the effects made it seem like he was moving at different speeds depending on the scene. The fighting was awesome. Real weight behind the punches and headbutts. I liked Steppenwolf as someone they can fight without holding back but never really understood what he was doing.
  4. It's hard for me to believe she isn't bound by her contract to do the sequel no matter what. Remember when Natalie Portman wanted to get out of Thor 2 but couldn't because of her contract?
  5. I loved it, but it feels like the Thor story is winding down. He's grown so much as a character and is now basically his dad. I don't see where they can go after the Infinity War movies with him. I fully expect a new character to take over the mantle.
  6. The market is saturated with super hero shows and they know it. The bubble is going to burst eventually and we'll be back to Law and Order spinoffs and CSI: Insert City Here. Being a comedy doesn't help either when Powerless flopped.
  7. He's been getting a lot of shit for not being buff enough but after seeing what Chris Pratt did I believe anything is possible.
  8. Because he scratches with his claws and jumps around doing flips. I didn't grow up reading Black Panther books because he looked lame to me. The world looks cool but it's hard to believe that a nation can hide it's technological prowess in the age of satellites and cell phones.
  9. I'm not excited about this one. Not because I think the trailer is bad. I just never cared about the character. I always thought of him as a C level hero. He is like a male version of Catwoman to me. Then again, I used to think Iron Man was lame also.
  10. I have two main issue with this show: 1. The actors never bothered to learn any fighting skills because every time they fight it looks awful. Medusa takes a guy out with some judo moves and it looks totally fake even though we only see it from across the street. 2. The main characters are such douches that I feel zero empathy for them or their situation. Medusa is someone that I couldn't care less if she dies. Black Bolt doesn't even try to communicate with anyone even though he knows American sign language for some reason. It would have helped his situation at the police station if he started signing and they got an interpreter. The only character I want to see more of is Karnak because I like how his powers work.
  11. I'll admit I'm worried. If they had a better track record I would be ok.
  12. So I saw it and have one question: Why would any inhuman follow a mere human in a coup attempt and let him rule afterwards?
  13. http://nerdist.com/marvel-runaways-first-look/
  14. HBO is filming multiple endings to the series. I understand why they are doing this, but it will backfire as people will fight over the "true" ending for decades. Especially if one of the alternate endings is better than the one they show.
  15. Inhumans is sitting at 0% at Rotten Tomatoes.
  16. I loved It. The kids are great and actually carry the movie pretty well. There is a lot of backstory and characters but they managed to do it without feeling like it was all shoehorned in. The bullies were actually terrifying to watch.
  17. I think they have a hundred of animated movies in the works.
  18. It's very different from the other stuff, and very adult. I also couldn't stand Harley's voice.
  19. Someone strap a baby to his chest and then we are done...