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  1. Hollywood needs to learn how to cut their losses earlier instead of trying to fix a dead project. They aren't going to make their money back.
  2. A friendly reminder that Punisher season 2 came out today. This is the most violent Marvel Netflix show to date. Too bad it will be the last one.
  3. In a move that surprised zero people on Earth, CW has ordered a Batwoman pilot.
  4. So I got to wondering why we haven't heard anything about the New Warriors TV show since they announced that it was picked up for ten episodes on Freeform. Turns out that Marvel took the show back and said they were going to shop it around to other networks and nobody has heard anything since then. I assume it will be on Disney's streaming service but by the time it launches it will have been two years since the pilot was filmed. Unless they quietly filmed the whole season I think it's gone.
  5. You can watch the pilot for free from SYFY. To be honest I've never even heard of this graphic novel before.
  6. The Fox/Marvel merger could be done in six months, but Kevin Feige says they haven't started planning how to introduce the characters to the MCU yet. Source
  7. At first I sat there wishing they made this movie live action. I thought it would be a near perfect Spider-Man movie for this generation. Then Spider-Ham showed up and I thought "nevermind, it needs to be animated". I think this will solidify Miles as a perfectly viable Spider-Man for future live action movies.
  8. Terrible choice of music in my opinion, but it looks fun.
  9. I'm trying really hard not to nitpick the stupid things from the Supergirl episode, but overall it was pretty fun. My favorite line was Barry whining "but I just came from the Fortress of Solitude".
  10. We are supposed to get a Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer this week. They already showed it in Brazil and descriptions are out there.
  11. I was a little disappointed that she didn't do more. It's hilarious how they kept saying "Batman" like they should have been looking at the camera while saying it. It was a little much.
  12. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. That theme song brought up so many emotions. Mainly because it came out of nowhere. I kind of wish they would do an alternate Earth cameo with everyone from Smallville as their old characters.
  13. I think that would be the lazy way to do it. Carol just happens to come across Tony in all of space? That scene with Banner looking at the pictures of the missing really gets me. I think in that scene he is realizing that he is now the smartest scientist in the world(as far as he knows Tony is gone). You see Peter and Shuri on the same screen so I think he's searching for other scientists that can help. Does he make a deal with Hulk to keep control so they still have a scientist? Could this be a way of introducing Reed Richards?
  14. Well Scott is listed as missing as well and he survived so it's not 100%, but probably.
  15. I expected a pussy joke from Fury.
  16. Arrow. I couldn't give less shits about the villains on that show. I can't even remember most of them. Also, the side characters are terrible. Team Arrow ruined that show.