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  1. I'm not surprised about Lucifer. This season was awful.
  2. Fox has cancelled The Last Man on Earth, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Mick. http://variety.com/2018/tv/news/the-last-man-on-earth-the-mick-brooklyn-nine-nine-canceled-fox-1202800397/
  3. Hasbro now owns the Power Rangers franchise.
  4. Such a good movie. Thanos is a great villain that actually comes off believable instead of cheesy. I don't know if it's my favorite, but it's up there. I do have a couple of questions though, but I'll wait until more people have seen it to bring them up.
  5. It's been pushed back to 2019. The rumor is that Jessica Chastain is playing
  6. So they pushed it back to 2019 and are re-shooting more than 50% of it. The cover story is that they want to change it to full horror due to the success of It. The word on the street is that the screenings were terrible.
  7. Solo has the most ridiculous Star Wars character name I've ever seen.
  8. CW has renewed a bunch of shows: Supernatural Riverdale Arrow Legends of Tomorrow The Flash Supergirl Black Lightning Jane the Virgin Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Dynasty I think Black Lightning is terrible, but I admit it wasn't made for me. The suit is garbage. The acting is garbage. The effects are garbage. I still watch it every week for some reason. Is Supernatural ever going to end? I've been trying to catch up on Netflix for years and lose interest every couple of seasons.
  9. Bad wigs aside, It looks like what you would expect from a Daphne/Velma movie. I like that they didn't cast a super skinny model as Daphne.
  10. I think they scrapped Suicide Squad being in the same universe. At the very least they are distancing the Justice League universe from it.
  11. Wouldn't they need to get a business license for anyone that sells on ebay also?
  12. I loved it as well. I didn't like the ending, but looking back I should have seen it coming. Where else were they going to go?
  13. Cheadle talks about it here and it's a minor spoiler about how he has changed after the accident.
  14. Paramount has dropped Transformers 6 from it's slate and the speculation is that they are rebooting the series.
  15. Killmonger is great when he's not in the suit. When he puts it on it feels like Iron Man vs Iron Monger, or Hulk vs Abomination. You guys seem to think I don't like Killmonger. I do. I'm just tired of seeing the hero fight the bad guy version of himself. If he had changed the suit so it wasn't just a gold version of it that would be fine. This has nothing to do with the story or the characters. It's optics.
  16. He has the same powers and suit, and he's the bad guy. What about that isn't what I said? Whatever his motivations and character traits are, it still comes down to Black Panther fighting evil Black Panther. It's something we have seen multiple times in Marvel movies.
  17. Stargate Origins came out, and they released the original movie on Youtube for free. The episodes are only 8-12 minutes long and the first 3 are free. P.S.
  18. Everyone is there to see Venom, not watch Tom Hardy walk around. They could have just had a shot of the dark with the eyes glowing or something. They didn't even put the name of the movie on this thing. Are they teasing the title as well?
  19. It's called Venom so of course they didn't even show Venom in the teaser.
  20. Yeah I just don't see how you can do Venom without Spider-Man. Even if they do a thing like Suicide Squad where he is only in flashbacks I don't see how it would work. It is such a huge part of his story you can't ignore it.