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  1. Thanks for looking! Ultimate X-Men — Huge Lot, Almost Full Run (55 issues)
  2. Thanks Yoda, I definitely loved the game, probably the best game I've played in a while. I could feel my heart racing and my anxiety growing throughout the cut scenes. I was slightly panicky and had hypertension for the month or so I was playing it.
  3. Check 'em out and don't hate me because I'm cheap and so are the games. Thanks, Rich Resident Evil 4 X-Men: The Official Game
  4. Yes. And all of them are hilarious. On a side note I can't wait for 'Reaper.'
  5. I'm using a few different people. Deadpool Spidey Capt. America Iron Man Wolverine Moon Knight occasionally: Ghost Rider & Colossus) How do you get Silver Surfer? Don't you need a special code for him, or do you need to beat the game?
  6. I got the game for the Wii and I love it. It wraps the whole Marvel Universe together in a somewhat cohesive game, considering all the characters and locations. I've put about 20 hours in and I'm starting to get the hang of it, the controls are quirky and hard to get familiar with if you've played any of the X-Men Legends games. Pros: Sheer number of characters and powers Ability to change costumes Similarities to the real Marvel universe Team Building feature Camera control (twist Nunchuk left or Right) Cons: If you've played the XML I or II the button presses vs. hand gesturing f
  7. I added you to my Wii and now that we both have done it we can exchange Mii charaters and instant messages. I'm playing Zelda right now but I'll be sure to send you my Mii character later. If you go to the 'Mii plaza' you should be able to see other people's Miis walking around. You can upload them to your system if they are set to 'Mingle.' Let me know if you can get this to work. PS. So what's the secret Mike, did you get a job offer from a company whose name is yet to be named?
  8. I add all of you when I get home tonight. I'll also send all of you my Mii and maybe some of the Miis I've made. Ron Burgundy and Chef are two of them. Sweet!
  9. On the main screen click on Wii Message Board (lower right corner) and then go to 'Create Message' – if you flip to the first page you will see your 4x4 digit code.
  10. I didn't see a thread started on this topic so I figured I would make an official Wii Friend Code Thread. There is one already started on Geekdrome but everyone always wants more Miis running around on their Wiis. You can add me by getting into your messages and going to your address book. Enter in people's 'Mii' codes and they can migrate to your 'Wii' (if they add you also). It's fun to see people in the background or stepping up to bat. So let's get this party started. Add your Wii code below and see other people's Miis in the 'Mii Parade.' slickrick - 7659 7913 8929 0403
  11. Gen-X, X-Men and Uncanny X-Men auction Another shameless plug. If you buy it and you heard it from this thread let me know and I'll send at least 3 additional various comics. Thanks, Rich
  12. I agree. But Snarf and a rock band actually make me very upset. I think this emoticon says it all.
  13. I think the arcade was by far the best. I just remember the Mousers and hating the with a vengence. Ahh what a great time it tis' remembering old quarter-play arcade games, before they were like $1.00 per play.
  14. I loved the episode. I actually haven't even deleted it which is what I do after each episodie. Probably because when I'm getting into a 'mode' at work and plugging in text and images the best thing to do is zone out and listen to a excellent podcast. That podcast would be my favorite podcast on Earth(2), Earth-s.net's podcast. Anyway, I wished I could remeber all the things that made my childhood what it was. Your episode made remember them and appreciate them. I'd have to say that Saturday morning cartoons made my childhood the most enjoyable. The Snorks, G.I. Joe, Go-Bots, Transformers,
  15. See, I wish they made that more clear in the movie. Usually I pick up on stuff like that but I sense the action had me overwhelmed. Now that you clarify the necklace and the saying on it, Yoda, I think that you may be right, although during the movie it seemed that Sarah axed Juno in the leg because Juno didn't help anyone when they were in desperate need. Also, I may have missed it but do the majority of people think this is a good horror movie? An amazingly great horror movie?