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  1. I have re-read Death of WCW at least a dozen times. One of my favorite books ever.
  2. This is probably a good place to advertise that I'm now doing a lot of wrestling booking over at my Youtube channel.
  3. With Flair, the gimmick was that everyone accepted he was the leader, and they'd be well taken care of by hanging around him. They'd settle for a US title because being US champion was still a big deal. With Hogan, Savage had a love-hate relationship with him through the years, so it eventually did boil over to challenges (in fact, every single Savage world title run involves Hogan ruining it for him in some capacity). At that point in time, it would make sense for Savage to hold back on starting shit with Hogan since they had JUST gotten back to getting along. Everyone else that budded with Hogan was typically a lower card guy that never had a chance.
  4. It's realistically the only way the show can continue now. It's how I always wanted us to go eventually because I hate when it feels like work.
  5. The original storyline that explained Sting's transformation, along with the year he spent in the rafters, was some of the best wrestling storytelling ever. Of course, they bungled it all eventually, but having a guy just... not wrestle for that long and be this lingering presence was the most captivating shit ever.
  6. Crow Sting is the big one. DDP also credits a lot of the booking ideas that got him over to Hall.
  7. Because I'm tired of it getting randomly vandalized by any person that just stumbles into it not knowing about our show (and because he does more work on it than I've ever done outside of the very beginning when I built the thing), Cole is now an Admin for the Wiki. Feel free to direct all complaints to him from now on.
  8. I was like 20 or something but my life is exactly the same so whatever.
  9. I'm pretty sure that's just a SFW trailer for a porn.
  10. I don't care at all about these movies but I saw Cate Blanchett and holy smokes.
  11. I'd say once we finish 97, we'll consider just hitting the highlights of ECW till the end. Even if we do every PPV, that's like, 20 shows.
  12. I thought we were talking about Lance Storm.
  13. Yeah, we're going to stick with ECW for a bit. Don't need to jump right into stuff like inanimate objects winning titles.
  14. Rein and Lucio are the best characters to learn early on because they're always useful and you'll almost always find games that need a tank or a support. The general rule on PC is that there will be a least one Widowmaker per game, usually per team. People LOVE the idea of being an awesome sniper but 99% of them are horrible with her.
  15. It would be more action than I've seen in a while.
  16. By the time I got it, we were miles away.
  17. There are just... so many things to look at in that few seconds.
  18. I was reviewing wrestling when you were still learning how to SPELL YOUR NAME.
  19. He had to put something around that ever-swiveling waist.
  20. As promised, here's Raven as Scotty the Body.
  21. Did they add the laugh track or is that in the actual movie?
  22. I'm now an Amazon affiliate. If you order anything from there, use this link and I get a kick-back.
  23. Sometimes we cover great movies as a breather. This was a "great" movie.
  24. Of course it's a fucking apprentice. It's always an apprentice. Everyone in the goddamn universe is an apprentice.
  25. The major downside to Bray is that he's a complex character in a promotion that only cultivates simple ones. It feels like he's from a different universe altogether, and as such, they often have no idea what to do with him. Most of his feuds have been "attack guy, speak in riddles, lose to guy". They should have turned him face a year ago.