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  1. It has all of them, yup.
  2. People have been calling for Roman to go heel for ages now. It may be happening soon since his rumored Wrestlemania match is with Undertaker. And he WILL get booed against Taker. As far as who's good in WWE, this is probably the best they've had in terms of pure talent. Here's a few. AJ Styles (Best guy in the company. Almost 40 and still having great matches. Just lost the Smackdown World Title. ) Kevin Owens (RAW world champ. Fat guy that can move. Great promo guy.) Cesaro (Big dude they don't do nearly enough with. Has good matches with everyone. Kind of a Swiss James Bond.) Bray Wyatt (If he debuted 20 years ago, he'd be killing it in ECW. Does a backwoods cult-leader thing.) Others: Sami Zayn, Seth Rollins, Neville, American Alpha, Samoa Joe, Shinsuke Nakamura As for a show to watch, it depends. You should be eligable for a free month of the Network to check out the stuff they have on there. For WWE stuff, I'd say either NXT or Smackdown. Both are short and easy viewing. RAW is fucking terrible most weeks and it's three hours long. Lucha Underground started off really strong but has really fallen off a cliff lately. They're obsessed with man-on-woman violence and the storylines aren't nearly as interesting as they were in the first two seasons. Those would be worth checking out, though.
  3. He came in as part of a hot group known as the Shield, flanked by two much better guys to mostly hide the fact that he wasn't very good. He got better, but by the time the company decided to make him the new Hulk Hogan, the fans had already decided that was going to be someone else (plucky underdog Daniel Bryan). They responded by shoving Roman Reigns down everyone's throats (including having him beat Bryan), which just enhanced the idea of him being an undeserving guy in a top position because Vince McMahon thinks he looks good. It's been years and years of them trying to make him into this big thing and he's just flopped over and over. Doesn't matter, they keep trying. He still wins all of the time and comes off as an unlikable prick pretty much every time he speaks. Him appearing in this years Rumble was a huge troll because he basically made the last two years unwatchable.
  4. Should have used this, in retrospect.
  5. Request denied. I wouldn't wish my life on my worst enemy.
  6. Cole, if you were planning on murdering me and taking over as the new Damien, all you had to do was ask.
  7. I IP banned them last time. I don't know why random people that have no idea what our show is come to our wiki and edit it, let alone make new pages for episodes that don't exist.
  8. New domain, though all of the old links will work. I am now the owner of whatiplayed.com
  9. The only ones that really stand out to me were Jem and Eclipse, but I'm in a weird position to judge because I'm usually sick of the shows by the time all of you hear them.
  10. One week left. I'm actually going to do it.
  11. I like it more than most people, though I wish he'd been allowed to release the movie he wanted.
  12. No. In the words of Stephen Hawking, people that boast about their IQ are losers.
  13. It's Austin by miles. Savage was made before then. Bret's first win was untelevised, and by the second he was already the guy. Edge got over from the Angle feud and then the Lita stuff. We know where Hunter's push came from. Edit: I'd agree mostly with Tom.
  14. I just have a few questions. 1) Does it have a Blood Widow in it? 2) What the fuck is a Blood Widow?
  15. I'm going to make sure I get an inflatable chair as part of my Summerslam contract. Fighter's Megamix is fine. Takes forever to unlock all of the characters, though. To play as the tree, you have to log in over 80 hours.
  16. I have some ideas for when my schedule opens up next year.
  17. It's interesting but there are a ton of holes in it. It was also officially debunked, I want to say.
  18. Yeah, the whole debacle really just boiled down to executive meddling and from my end, I felt like there was just a lack of respect for what the series built up to that point. The world building was so on point and everything was consistent and then all of the sudden, none of it mattered and someone leaned on the big red idiot button. The Extended Cut was better, for sure, but even parts of that came off like petty reactions to the criticism. The Leviathan stuff though... learning about that just completely broke my faith in their ability to tell a good story again. Hopefully Andromeda scales back and makes it all work again, but that thing's out in March and we've heard nothing about it.
  19. On the topic of "should have been in the main game", go watch video or read a synopsis of the Leviathan DLC and proceed to scream.
  20. Cheat Engine. Works on literally everything, you just have to watch a few tutorials to learn how it works.
  21. Des and I need to review an ECW show together. Even if it's just once.
  22. Like I'm seriously reading this trying to figure out a way for Des and I do to a podcast on it. ECW fan Des is so surreal but makes so much sense at the same time.