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  1. Wait. If it's a prequel, he can't have the mask. That wouldn't make any sense, since he took the mask after killing Shelly in Part 3. And if it's a remake, what is it exactly a remake of? Part 1 he was just a kid. Anything from Part 6 on (when he became zombie Jason) would make sense, but nothing really before that. Well, I'm right confused. Here's hoping they get Kane Hodder to play Jason again, though.
  2. D.W.

    Misc. Trivia

    Name the last battle of the Napoleonic Wars.
  3. Neo Geo and Jaguar are correct. The Saturn was easy to import for but still needed slight modding. Still need one more.
  4. Home. Handhelds are way too easy. Sorry, I should have specified.
  5. Alright, name three gaming consoles that are region free (meaning they can play imported games without any modding or a cheat device).
  6. I'm going to guess either Neon Genesis Evangelion or Ghost in the Shell. My anime knowledge is sadly quite limited.
  7. The original Sub-Zero (from MK1). Score one for Mr. Xenogears.
  8. Alright, in Mortal Kombat, who was Noob Saibot before he died and went to the Netherrealm?
  9. Well, don't I feel stupid. Naked Snake.
  10. Well, there were two. Virtuous Mission and Operation: Snake Eater.
  11. D.W.

    Misc. Trivia

    What is the first law of thermodynamics?
  12. You had to be big Mario, then grab the flower and get hit by an enemy at the same time, I believe.
  13. Alrighty. I'll see what I can put together then.
  14. D.W.

    Misc. Trivia

    Japan, Bangladesh, and Palau.
  15. Hmm... would a Castlevania retrospective count?
  16. First time I've listened to the show, Yoda, good stuff. You definately raised some points about FD3 that I didn't realize, like the whole camera loophole. Still liked the movie as a whole though. As for your question about when the whole 'gore movement' started, I think it more of less began in the late 70's/early 80's with Tom Savini and his work in Dawn of the Dead and the Friday the Thirteenth movies. It really raised the bar in terms of explicit blood and guts in horror and now it's sort of gone through a resurrection of sorts with movies like Saw and Hostel (not to say they were "good movies", but they definately had that level of violence to them.) The only difference nowadays is that pretty much all of Savini's work was in practical casting and makeup as opposed to the work in say, Final Destination 3, which is about 90% CGI. But yeah, good show definately. Wish I would've registered here sooner.
  17. That's pretty awesome. I'm really loving all these classic rereleases that are coming out, even if they are just making easy money off of old material.