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  1. Now I can't shake the visual of Des sitting back and watching old ECW in a comfy chair with his dog on his lap and a fancy drink in hand.
  2. Hmm. Very interesting. Interesting in the "if you say anything negative about Audrey Hepburn, Zardoz as my witness I will FIND YOU" sense.
  3. So I've been writing about free indie games all week and came upon a game called GasoSta. I started it up, fully prepared to write some gripping analysis until I realized that it was kinda hard to put into words. Instead, I made a brief video.
  4. I was going to edit in "YEAAHHHH" after the fact... but I didn't have... time.
  5. I have my made my Let's Play debut... by explaining a pro wrestling booking simulator for two hours.
  6. I don't know if I could watch Dolph Ziggler for over an hour straight. He's easily my least favorite wrestler in the world right now.
  7. Blogspot has a lot of other issues, unfortunately. Its search engine visibility, ironically enough, isn't anywhere near as good and it's pretty lacking in the feature department for my tastes. For what my goals are (exposure and income), I'm stuck with Wordpress for the time being.
  8. It's probably been a solid year or so since I've read anything, honestly.
  9. Punisher and Jughead. Yup. That's it.
  10. I'm keeping my expectations realistic, but there is now a Patreon.
  11. I don't think I've ever met a single female Superman fan. Ever. Trust me. I've looked. I do know at least two with Batman tattoos though. They also seem to be capable of enjoying things other than wearing pink and talking about boys. They're weird like that.
  12. Wordpress is a headache, all around. It took me days to figure out how the hell to put widgets where I wanted them.
  13. D.W.

    Happy birthday, Mike!

    Hope it's a good one, man.
  14. An amazing display of disrespect for non-threatening radio rock here.
  15. I'm actually sort of excited to see what a Transformers 7 could possibly be. They've got to be running out of villains for Optimus to viciously murder.
  16. Nah. It looks like Samurai Cop tier, so it's fair game.
  17. It's the backup for this month if Deadfall doesn't work out.
  18. I couldn't imagine they'd get something like that through translators, though it is funny. Also, FF is much bigger in the States than it's ever been in Japan and saved their company, so they love us... erm... I mean you guys.