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  1. Zelda would be an interesting one, as it's a series I have very differing opinions on from game to game.
  2. Super sad but not at all surprising. Dude was a wreck. He was supposed to be my wrestling trainer but rarely showed up. Was a sweet guy the few times I did meet him.
  3. And from one of the only sci-fi universes I care about, no less.
  4. It would probably just be a series of whatever letters are typed by my head resting on the keyboard in boredom, honestly. I do intend on getting out of my comfort zone more in the future though.
  5. I actually still have the master list from the various iterations this thread has gone through, minus the ones I know we're never going to do and it's generally the first thing I go to when putting together the schedule for the new year. I can confirm that a few from the list above have made it in this year. We're looking at 8 or 9 of the movies this year coming from requests. Not as consistent as last year, but we had some mandatory ones we needed to get to. As for Judge Dredd, it's never been a huge priority. It's silly, but neither of us have any real ties to the source material.
  6. At some point in the year, I'll be doing a week of Silent Hill on my blog. Armageddon would be retreading the same ground too much, I think.
  7. Sure. I have access to everything before the current gen, so no XBone, PS4, Wii U games. That won't change this year unless I suddenly get a torrent of donations from readers. Anything before that is fair game though. Obviously, the shorter the game, the quicker I'll be able to get to it.
  8. I prefer asking them what their favorite TV show is and then responding "you know that's all fake, too?"
  9. Most of what I play is on the PC now, so it's typically going to be the opposite, on average.
  10. Reservoir Dogs is the only thing he's made that I care for. Everything else may as well be him jacking off for two hours on film.
  11. I'd say he's awful, but I'm me.
  12. To clarify, I meant Best Picture. And Des, you're doing that thing where you're saying stuff I agree with again.
  13. I'm seeing way too many people upset that Star Wars, of all things, isn't up for an Oscar. I get that everyone really loves feeling like they're 7 years old again, but christ.
  14. I've actually completed an entire week! Just 52 more to go! Day Three: Her Story Day Four: Mountain Day Five: Street Racing Syndicate Day Six: Cook, Serve, Delicious Day Seven: Dark Souls
  15. Day One: Rocksmith 2014 Day Two: Tomb Raider
  16. Jonah Hex and The Spirit are on the shortlist. One day I'll get off my ass and clean the thread up again to show it to you guys.
  17. Mac & Me has been on the shortlist since the show started. We've just never gotten around to it.
  18. Mike has been trying to get James and I together for a review of The Wizard for years. Also let it be known that I fucking love The Wizard.
  19. I haven't watched it yet, so this should be interesting.
  20. I'm going to write about a different video game every single day next year. The appearance of the site will most likely change. The theme is really hard to work with, but it'll do for now.
  21. There's a Melissa Joan Hart movie called Nine Dead that has this exact same plot. I legit thought you watched the same movie until I double checked the title.
  22. On the topic of game of the year, here's my top ten for 2015, if anyone cares. 1) MGSV 2) Undertale 3) Soma 4) Bloodborne 5) Cradle 6) Ori and the Blind Forest 7) Her Story 8) Albino Lullaby 9) Crypt of the Necrodancer 10) Lakeview Cabin Honorable Mentions: Viscera Cleanup Detail, Ubermosh, Dropsy, Deception IV, Neon Struct
  23. Now they're conducting a vote to see if he should be brought back. And he's already tried to create several sockpuppet accounts to vote in his favor. Every time I think this is over, they pull me back in.
  24. LSD: The Dream Emulator now has a PC remake.