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  1. JJJ has two connections to your FF team: Mattie, obviously, but his son is also married to She-Hulk. I forgot that! Man that would drive Jonah crazy. I think She-Hulk could be the joint leader along with Beast. She has the experiance to make a go of it, and definitly the personal authority.
  2. Who do you wish continuity to be altered for? Which dead character deserves another shot? Choose as many as you like- Ben Reilly- Its not his fault the clone saga was unpopular, its a tad harsh that they killed him to try and erase it from continuity. Ben could easily have gone away for a while and come back during one of the banner modern events, and I'm pretty sure he could have his own successful comic. Hes a great counter-character to Spiderman, it means Peter has more than just May and MJ. I want Ben Reilly back, preferably as the Scarlet Spider. Maybe Reed could work a little cyber-clone magic and Strange could reunite the spirit with the body? Genis-Vell- I liked the batshit insane Captain Marvel, then the book went downhill and he got stuffed into the Photon persona and utterly destroyed with his remains spread across the universe. He could have been useful, especially as a New Avenger in the place of the repetitive timid Sentry. Genis should have been big-time. Blue Beetle- Yes is shocking to kill him to start the Crisis, but its also a criminal waste to have a big bumper issue finally detailing how awesome Kord was and his potential, and then have his brains blown out by Wonder Womans kill-fodder. Boo the new hip techno-mythological Blue Beetle, I want Booster and Ted back together.
  3. Usually when World of Warcraft crashes when I'm in the middle of fighting a bunch of bad guys. That "ah, I have to do that all again" feeling comes from having to restart my PC, restart the game, sign in, select character, etc, and by the time I'm back he's dead and needs recharged armour anyway.
  4. I'd probably go with an group of characters who are somewhat less godlike than Surfer or Sentry, perhaps with an old-school Avengers feel. I would say that all the members had to have actual abilities though, no norms. Beast- Brains AND brawn. Plus he's blue, so that saves on uniforms. Hanks pretty much at or above the Hank pym/Reed Richards/ Tony Stark level of intellect, although this might result in less adventures since his experiments might actually go right. Madrox- Detective, joker, multiple man, Madrox coud relly benefit from a semi-big time gig. She-Hulk- Sass and brawn, although the property damage involved i. superteams its good to have a lawyer. Spider-woman (Mattie Franklin)- A chance at redemption after the events in ALIAS. Nice to have another chick on the team as well, especially one who can bring Jonah Jameson into the controvery of public super-heroics.
  5. £20- £30 a week at the moment, thats usually my weeks comics and a TPB.
  6. I don't know man, Indian accents have come a long way since 1986.
  7. Every team HAS Wolverine. He's probably going to be in the Fantastic 4 next year just to complete his membership badge collection.
  8. Motoko Kusanagi and Batou (Gits:SAC)
  9. How can I put this? Moon Knight is a JOKE CHARACTER! He's the bastard offspring of Batman, and whilst I have no objections to his ongoing series or the character, he's Batman with a religious bent. Hes Azbats, the Jean Paul Valley Batman. Honestly, how can they possbily make a character dressed all in white throwing moon shaped objects at people work in a series. Everyone and their mother is going to call him Batmans "special" cousin! At least Batman does it all in black. This is like trying to make a Hyperion TV series, its too blatant a rip on an Iconic character.
  10. Holder Carver (Sleeper- Wildstorm)- Near invincible, feels little pain and has a mission-based objective working method. Is probably a far more effective team assasin than Wolverine could hope to be, with 1/10th of the baggage. Green Lantern Alan Scott (DC)- All the powers of a Green Lantern without the problems of working for Oa. A legendary figure, he represents the history of heroism. Black Canary (DC)- Great Martial Artist, sonic scream and a long time team player. Would Partner well with Carver on mission based adventures. Also prevents the Justice Avengers from being a total sausage-fest. The Flash Wally West (DC)- You need a Speedster, and this was that guy for years on end. Probably the only sidekick to successfully succeed his mentor in comics, Wally has all the ability and little to prove. Hank McCoy (Marvel)- Science-guy combined with incredible agility. Hank has been a team player since the early days of the Avengers, there are few who can match his experiance in teamwork and problem solving. Genis Mar'Vell (Marvel)- Cosmic-guy. I figure a cosmic-guy beats a magic guy and Genis, whilst bringing a certain amount of insanity on occasions, was probably one of the most powerful individuals in the Marvel Universe. He seems to be more mentally stable in a team environment without Rick Jones in his head. Blue Beetle (DC)- Batman without the broodiness, Ted brings wealth, technology and great skills of deduction to the team. Unjustly slaughtered and replaced with someone who has yet to aknowlage the existance of the lineage of the name, Blue Beetle deserves another chance.
  11. Its interesting, but the squad feels too much of an A team to be a believable team. They lack the charm of the Secret 6. On the other hand, it makes for a nice alternative to the Avengers. I just don't see it lasting, it just a way to end another issue of Civil war on a cliffhanger moment.