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  1. I agree he's talented, but his bits and style are so hackneyed right now. It's just nostalgia and observational stuff, his comedy isn't really about anything.
  2. Pass. It's hardly Galaxy Quest. And Seth McFarlane ran out of jokes years ago. The ones had were good, he just burned through them too fast.
  3. Could be interesting. I hope it's successful.
  4. actactually thethe music I was thinthinking of waswas more this-
  5. I had a real soft spot for Crazy/beautiful at the time. But yeah, Interview, Bring it on and a modern one. Cruise and Pitt don't need Interview for their episodes. Oh Eliza...(music plays)...
  6. Please make it super creepy.
  7. Oh wow, that's awesome! I'll keep an eye out for her.
  8. Iron fist was a good show. The early reviews were way off base. Not like it changed my life but it was one of the more consistently good shows, no outrageous highs but none of the lows the DD2 and Luke Cage fell into in the second half. This looks good. I'm sufficiently hyped.
  9. Well yes. The show pace is literally dictated by the pattern of raiding on the English coast. Each raid is multiple episodes per season and requires similar lead up and recover periods. It's what drives the entire thing. I was being very literal.
  10. Loving Vikings. Just good old fashioned Game of Thrones methadone with a slow but not ponderous pace dictated by seasonal raiding cycles. It's not really into its sexploitaton either, sex is there but doesn't feel like a focal point for the show. It's mostly just about culture clashes, responsibility and violence. It's not a can't miss show but it does what it does well, and to a higher standard than I expected.
  11. Haha! Vindication! It's 2-1 Kellen, a result that wins me the three stages of debate about that match. Not gonna lie, Clumsy is now on my ipod.
  12. Glad you're all OK. Sudden car faults whilst in motion can be terrifying.
  13. My friends kid is now older than we all were when I first met them.
  14. The Cable Guy remains one of the more unfairly maligned films of the 90s. The duel scene alone is classic.
  15. Will, expelled from the womb but not from our hearts. Happy Birthday.
  16. If you'd been paying attention, Ian already released a picture of himself hard at work on the new episode.
  17. Haven't listened yet. But Mandy Moore is my favourite Scrubs small arc love interest. I will hear nothing bad about her!
  18. I'm sure this at least partially belongs in the 'I feel old' thread.
  19. Ditto. Honestly, it was always way too schmaltzy. It suffered from what I like to call The Grease Effect. It's when you take a source that was highly critical of the past, hand it to someone who then sands the rough edges of and now it's a loving look at a bygone age. It doesn't help that Forrest is infallible in the film which gives Tom Hanks little to work with as far as putting out a nuanced performance. It's also a film where they're clearly way too impressed with the technology involved. Stuff that was a selling point in the 90s looks pretty bad now.
  20. Great fun. Real GotG flavour obviously. I'm on board.
  21. Philadelphia, Saving Private Ryan, and for a silly one, Cloud Atlas or one of the Dan Brown trilogy. Not a big fan of the Gump. It was a blind spot for years but after finally seeing it I didn't feel like I'd missed anything all those years.
  22. Entirely fair. Just an idea to throw in for the odd special, ECW has more than enough material for the meat of your show. And yeah, that first season of LU is fantastic. I did get wacky-fatigue though, I don't think I even saw most of season 3.