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  1. I haven't seen it either. At least not in the sense of sitting down to watch it. It's been on but I was a kid and paying attention to anything else but the film. I don't really feel the need to correct that.
  2. You already equalled me anyway as in the prior post.
  3. Suddenly realised that Ian has a Bacon number of three. Ian was on The Chase with Bradley Walsh who was in To Each his own Cinema with Josh Brolin who was in Hollow Man with Kevin Bacon edit- and so is mine! I was in Casualty episode Hidden Truths alongside blind fiancée character and then unknown Paterson Joseph who was in Aeon Flux with Charlize Theron who was in Trapped with Kevin Bacon.
  4. Sounds good. I like the long term approach (obviously). I just wouldn't mind the odd detour, especially with Des taking his first steps into LU.
  5. What film were John Astin and Sean Astin in together?
  6. Also finished this today. I'd like to hear more ECW but I'd also like more of other promotions as well, specifically Lucha Underground or TNA. It'd be fun to hear you guys jump around those secondary promotions.
  7. Finally finished this. Good stuff guys. BTW my Bacon number is 4 Me Clive Mantle Dawn French James McAvoy Kevin Bacon Or you could go. Me Derek Thompson Kate Winslet Bill Paxton Kevin Bacon
  8. Agreed. Big fan of the show and the fact that you both like it's main characters and yet their actions leave you completely cringing.
  9. Man, I wish it was on UK Netflix. That first season is tremendous and Cuerno quickly became on of my favourite guys. That Arrow from the depths of hell is one of the best dives I've ever seen.
  10. The thing is, he actually has stolen my moves. I wish I was lying. I'm pretty sure I've done all of those things on the dance floor.
  11. I'll think of something for this but dude, I'd you take away all non mutant specific stories from X-men they've got very few good ones left. Whedons run is cut in half. I mean, remove all space, magic and asgard and your entire run of New Mutants is about 6 issues at best. Then again, I wasn't a fan of the meteor demon in Buffy.
  12. It's got an H in there somewhere right?
  13. Oh good god. And I thought Brodus Clay didn't suit that gimmick. Raven doing it with like a Rick Rude edge is just surreal.
  14. Very excited to listen to this. Couple of my favourite hosts on a subject that's right in my wheelhouse. Plus now us grizzled veterans get to pass down all our wisdom about the wrestling podcasting game to you young whippersnappers. 1. Make sure you know the house so Mike pays you properly. 2. Protect the business at all times, people have to believe you're a real wrestling podcast host. If someone walks up to you in real life you're only allowed to answer them with an anecdote about Paul Heyman's booking or Terry Funk being a crazy old man.
  15. Fairly rough list. Probably missed stuff. 2006 is very much dependent on which day you catch me. 1983- Return of the Jedi 1984- Amadeus 1985- Back to the Future 1986- Laputa- Castle in the Sky 1987- Predator 1988- Die Hard 1989- Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade 1990- Goodfellas 1991- Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 1992- Unforgiven 1993- Jurassic Park (Still have my old JP mug) 1994- Shawshank Redemption 1995- Desperado 1996- Beavis and Butthead Do America 1997- Princess Mononoke (god damn it's a knife edge between this and my love of Face/off 1998- The Truman Show 1999- Being John Malkovich 2000- O' Brother Where Art Thou 2001- Spirited Away 2002- Adaptation 2003- Finding Nemo 2004- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 2005- Serenity 2006- Pan's Labyrinth (Monday and Tuesday, The Prestige (Wednesday and Thursday), The Fountain (Friday and Saturday) and then rotating on Sunday. 2007- Hot Fuzz 2008- Wall-E 2009- Up 2010- The Social Network 2011- Drive, with special mention of 50/50 2012- Looper 2013- Tale of the Princess Kaguya 2014- The Grand Budapest Hotel 2015- Mad Max 2016- Moana 2017- So far Logan
  16. Truth and Whimsy: The Ian Wilson Story. Read by Adham Fisher.
  17. Ben Kingsley month- Thunderbirds, Enders Game, Bloodrayne. And yeah, Donomark, I've learned first hand that the Wilson brothers do not negotiate with terrorists.
  18. Whilst the show is more about career than quality American Gangster left very little impression on me. I'm sure you guys can find other options.
  19. The Hurricane is good. Boxing movies are always a good barometer.