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  1. I wouldn't mind seeing Justice League Quarterly collected in there somewhere.
  2. I got this for Christmas, and it's still in the shrinkwrap. I'm dying to tear into it but this thing is fucking enormous and intimidating as hell. As for a second volume... yeah, Jones' stuff is going to be very quietly buried for a long time. If there was any way DC was ever going to try to figure out a way to rerelease his stuff, the recent announcement that he's agreed to plead guilty squashed that real quick.
  3. Apparently someone finally cut a check big enough for him to get the hell over himself, as it was announced that Christopher Eccleston is attending his first ever convention. I am seriously gobsmacked.
  4. Is this the one-shot from the late 80s-early 90s? I never read this but the hype around it was ENORMOUS for some reason.
  5. Yeah, this is what happens when I decide to check in on the forums before opening Twitter. The timing sucked, and I certainly hope he feels better.
  6. Short version: he's a hack who's fundamentally incapable of working on a project without inflating it full of references to his past work so that his fanboys can point and remember that Mallrats was a thing once. He's more intetested in selling himself as a brand than in directing, insulated himself from any actual criticism and never made any effort to grow as a writer and has become, at best, a technically competent TV director. All of this is supremely frustrating, as Clerks was legitimately gamechanging.
  7. Dan

    Animaniacs Thread

    I would seriously be shocked if they didn't all come back. Paulsen, especially, would start work tomorrow if he could.
  8. What'dja get? Wendee went WAY overboard and I have reaped the result. Twelve Doctors action figure set Annotated Watchmen Justice League International Omnibus Art of Atari Wolfenstein II Blu-ray set of all six TOS movies
  9. There's an awful lot of woman/POCs/LGBT characters and creators on that list, there.
  10. "Change is scary and I don't like it" is essentially 90% of the backlash. I'm old enough to remember people walking out of Empire really unhappy that it was so different from Star Wars and didn't even have an ending and are we seriously supposed to wait until 1983 to find out WTF is going on with Vader and Luke and etc. etc. etc. Also, we as fanboys have been trained to assume that anything we don't know is a deep and important mystery to be unraveled, and the idea that sometimes something we don't know yet isn't an elaborate puzzle box, but rather just a piece of semi-interesting information we haven't been given yet, people lose their shit and feel betrayed. Because entitled fanboys are the literal worst.
  11. You are Desmond Reddick and I claim my £5. In all seriousness, I thought this was terrific. I need to see it again, but I think this is going to be another Star Wars/Empire situation for me, where the second movie is, by almost any objective measure, a better film, but I think I find The Force Awakens to be a more fun and enjoyable experience. Kelly Marie Tran is a goddamn delight.
  12. San Diego Comic-Con won its court case and now holds the trademark for the term "comic con" in its entirety.
  13. I mean, Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers are the obvious picks. Dragnet, Sneakers, My Girl.
  14. They did an actual honest-to-God post-credits sequence on the MST3K Turkey Day marathon to announce season 12.
  15. There seems to be some back and forth as to just how finalized this is, but Jude Law has reportedly been cast as Walter Lawson/Captain Mar-Vell.
  16. In what may be the most correct decision ever, it looks like Doc Shaner will be taking over for Darwyn Cooke as the cover artist for DC's old-school Omnibuses.
  17. Justice League had the lowest domestic box-office weekend of any DCEU movie; MUCH lower than projected. (I'll post a link to the article when I'm not at work.)
  18. Oh, that's just not fair. The funniest stuff in Airplane! is funnier than anything in Naked Gun; Naked Gun is much more consistent. I'd go with the latter but it's not an easy call.
  19. Putting it in tags for anyone who hasn't seen/heard about it:
  20. This was so much fucking fun. Yeah, it's way goofier than either of the other Thor movies, but the other Thor movies range from "eh, it's alright" to "I can't remember, did I even see that one?" so it's all good. It was great to see the Hulk as an actual character, and not just the smash engine that gets turned on in Act 3. And I marked out so fucking hard for the Don Blake moment.
  21. Wizard World is hemorrhaging money and may not make it to 2019.
  22. The Twitter review embargo was lifted at noon today. What people are saying over and over: "It's fine."
  23. If she was signed to a three-picture deal, then Justice League would have fulfilled it. Also, even if she can't actually drop out, by doing this, WB needs to either A) publicly get rid of Ratner, or B) explain very, very carefully why they aren't getting rid of Ratner.