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    The Dark Tower

    While I haven't read Stephen King's original series I have to say that this first issue of The Dark Tower: The Gunsliger Born" was excellent. They really put together the perfect team in Peter David, Jae Lee, Richard Isanove and Robin Furth. It's been a long time since I've picked up a comic that melded story and art so well. It had a great pace and I'm really excited for the rest of the series. Has anyone read the novels? King is generally very on and off for me.
  2. "This radiation exposure had a drastic effect on Jennifer: she could no longer transform back into her original form." Maybe the "not being able to transform back into her original form" plot line will happen within the first 5 minutes of the movie. That way the CG She-Hulk will be there for the rest of the movie. The CG She-Hulk will be a way better actor than Eva anyways.
  3. Bento

    Xbox Live

    I sent a bunch of friend requests. Bent0
  4. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    ***SNIP*** ***SNIP*** It's a tough call. I'd like to think that I would step in on a situation like that and 4 years ago maybe I would have, but now I have to think of others like my wife. Plus, nothing is guaranteed anymore. There used to be a time when heroic deeds would be applauded. Now, anyone can be sued (except the rich and famous), even the defendant. In a way, I do blame the government because all they've managed to do is scare the sane people into not speaking out. The insane people don't give a shit about the consequences and by the time official help arrives it's often too late. As far as comics go... I look to them and sci-fi for that escape from reality. For me, I don't want my fictional characters to cross over to reality, cause then it just becomes a soap opera. Writers walk a fine line when dealing with that.
  5. I almost puked watching it.
  6. I'm on Kil'Jaden. I feel the itch, but I don't think I'll get back into it... at least not for another month or 2.
  7. What relm are you on? I quit like a month ago. I needed a break.
  8. In the spirit of GB
  9. Gears of War Fables FF1 By the way my Game tag is Bent0 (that's with the number zero at the end)
  10. I'm in advertising and while I'm on the side of Time Warner, I have to say that they also have a lot of resources. It wouldn't have been very difficult to notify authorities about the ad campaign. Look at Sony's PSP viral campaign. I haven't heard of anyone being arrested for damage to public property, because Sony took the right steps.
  11. Kinda bummed there's no Shredder. "We want it to be fun, not too crazy, but believable." They are fucking Ninja Turtles!!! A lot of these remakes (transformers/turtles) come down to one thing, mass appeal and something is lost when the studio (often not the creator) think that way. I'd like to make a suggestion. Anyone can be creative and develop interesting ideas, but it's the people (the kids of the 80s in this case) who take that idea and make it into this spiritual thing that stands the test of time. Can we please stick with that fanbase? Example, Casablanca is a good movie. If a studio thinks a remake is needed, respect the people and fans who truly appreciate it... not me a late-20's sci-fi nerd or my wife a late-20's chick flick lover. just ranting
  12. Well, looks like it's over.
  14. Bento

    World War Hulk

    I never really thought about that but it is a really good point. You talk about all the science-minds but Wolverine would be a sociology and anthropology genius. Back to WWHulk; The more I think about it the more I come to this decision: Hulk needs to win to keep credibility and to not make the story anti-climatic. I fear if he doesn't win he would go the way of Aquaman/Namor. DC/Marvel always tell us how powerful they could be but they never suceed. I've pretty much decided that for me to take them seriously again, they would have to make an attempt to take over the land-world and pretty much suceed. The Hulk is pissed at Reed and Tony. To satisfy my hopeful requirements, he would have to "take out" at least one of them. I'm not really sure how he could rock Reed without just putting him in the hospital for... then length of time that the alternate FF fills the FF books. For Tony, it could appear like Hulk takes out Ironman and Tony just goes into hiding and runs shield full-time and Hulk is none-the-wiser. I like that idea and the potential for some deep characterization would be great. I really just ask that they focus. From what I'm reading it looks like the story will spread into the main series and for now that's it. That's good, I like that, but lets keep it that way at least until the end of WWH. Build some momentum. WWH could be a good place to start the comic book club. Seems like a lot of people are into it. What ya all think?
  15. Some pics
  16. I loved this series and believe it or not... this story has clearly defined my dilema about which console to get. Although, I have to say I was 90% sure my nextgen purchase was going to be the 360. One more week and it will be mine !
  17. I just don't understand how the "Original Ghostbusters" cartoon had a talking ape and other shit that didn't jive with the movie. Like, where did the ape come from? By original did they mean completely different from the movie or the idea before the movie?
  18. Talk show hosts! Has this been done yet? Although, I bet Oprah would kick some ass and then eat their bones!
  19. I never expected it to actually happen. But we are fanboys, this is what we do. Let us dream, man! I live in a nerd-based hypothetical realm. haha true, true =)
  20. Hate to say this but, it's probably never going to be done. They are having serious problems with licensing and when was the last time Zootfly actually released a game?
  21. That might be cool. I'd really like to see them take a character and throw them into the future. No more present day comic book programming. Kinda like Batman year 100. A series that lets our imagination work a little.