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    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    Good eye. I think that's new and I didn't even notice it. Spidey is in his red and blue outfit so has to be new, right?
  2. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    Good write-up about CW on IGN.
  3. I love them! They made Apu into a total Bollywood star! haha
  4. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    I don't know about that. I like to think I'm a fan of both DC and Marvel, as well as the others, and I still felt disappointed. Also, I understand they want to draw in more people, but they should never do that at the expense of their fan-base. See to me it's more the opposite of what you were saying. That "sequence" screams casual non-reader. What that person sees are all the marvel characters interacting with each other. A bunch of icons (heroes and villains) in one book. What the fanboy sees is inconsistencies with the characterizations.
  5. Who's going? I'll be there.
  6. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    I agree, 52 is paying off and CW really isn't.
  7. New, old, whatever... as long as we stick with it for an arc (unless issue 1/2 really sucks).
  8. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    Well, it stems more from my final vent. Maybe if the same outcome happened with more substance I would have been happy. It just seemed too quick. I would have liked to have seen Punisher in the final fight and then something happen. Give his interaction with the event a little more meaning. It feels like they just pulled the Punisher card and then threw it away. I feel that the way it was done... it could have been good, but instead it took away from the story.
  9. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    CW #6.... Really disappointing, it's starting to feel like they are taking the "dream" defense. I wouldn't be surprised if at the end of all this it's all a big Peter Parker dream and everything is back to normal. The Punisher outcome... one big cop-out. The Hulkling intervention... one big cop-out. The delayed issues... what was the deal with that? This whole event is starting to feel like that. It had such a good start and it's failing me big time. Maybe they needed more substance in the main title. Instead of spreading the story across books.
  10. Great. So, is anyone else down for the Comic Book Club? I want to say that we need at least 5 or 6 people and so far we're 4. If the 4 of us are cool with just 4... I'm ok with that. up to you guys.
  11. This has been tried... twice. And both times no one was interested. There used to be a section called The Trading Post (or something like that) and no one, save myself, posted items for sale / trade. If you wish, you can post something you have for sale / trade in the Banter section as a sort of test; if I see enough of those threads popping up, I might eventually (re)create a whole "for sale" / "for trade" / Trading Post section. Sounds like fun! If enough people join in I could see the "conversation" being posted on the mainpage as well. Before we move ahead, however, let's see what the general interest level is. Sounds good. I'm already putting together an informal list.
  12. YouTubes comments are always interesting.
  13. Bento

    New Trade

    K lets try this. So this is a test run. The only problem I foresee is shipping. Lets say we make it the cheapest possible shipping method. So, media mail and no fancy addons like delivery confirmation. This is totally honor system. I have faith in the community. Up for a trade is... Entire mini-series (issues 1-4) of Aliens vs. Predator vs. The Terminator (2000) Writer Mark Schultz Penciller Mel Rubi Inker Christopher Ivy Colorist David Stewart Letterer Pat Brosseau So, if anyone wants them just send me a trade. It can be anything, nothing fancy... within reason please (no VHS tapes :laugh:). And we're all friends here so a simple "no" to a suggested trade will do. No need for reasons you don't like the trade. Well, lets see where this goes and I don't need to be the first trade. If you think it's a good idea, post another trade of your own up. kk
  14. Was a little inspired this morning and thought of 2 suggestions for the community. Don't know if this first one will work but... 1) Start a trading system. Just between the community. Like the stuff you can't sell on Ebay, maybe one of us would want it then we would just straight up trade. If the items are of somewhat equal value and same shipping cost just trade and that's it. Of course lopsided shipping costs would be reimbursed. We just work together... honor system like. For example... I have Issues 1-36 of the X-Men vol. 2 with all and multiples of the #1 covers (Jim Lee). Which I do have and would like to trade. So I post that and if someone wants it offer me a trade you feel is appropriate and work from there. Obviously the details of this idea can be worked out later. No sense getting into it when everyone is like... "fuck that." 2) With the previews out for the new year... why don't we start a comic book club. We can post a list of a bunch of first issues and we vote on 1 book that we all, as a community, would read. We would then stick with it for the first arc and talk about it each issue. If it's good, we'd stick with it and if not we drop it. I think it would be fun. Anyways, just thought I'd throw those out there.
  15. No more than $10 a week right now, but when I'm having a good year I'd hit around $20 a week.
  16. My fav is when the Hulk comes back from space and kicks the shit out of Tony Stark so bad that Iron Mans new armor is equiped with a fucking bed pan. Oh wait, that's from the future. Um, just forget that.
  17. I think I'm going to try it out.
  18. Bento

    Games on the DS

    It's different. It's very linear and more about design and story than actual gameplay. It reminded me of those oldschool point and click sierra quest games (which I loved), but even more linear. If you really want to play it, try to find it on the cheap on ebay or something.
  19. The latter... I'll probably get the DD TPBs then. Starting with Parts of a Hole and go from there. I'd go with the HCs but for ever 1 of those I can grab 2 paperbacks.
  20. Thanks for the detailed breakdown. So, if there was only one TBP you could read and this question goes to all of you... which would it be? I want to start reading an entirely new TPB line. So far, it's between The Incredible Hulk - Bruce Jones DD - (I have the original Kevin Smith comics and thought I'd continue the line - that's why I asked). Walking Dead
  21. Why is there an issue break in the Daredevil TPBs?
  22. Very cool. I should do that to mine. Make a Rush'n Attack one or something.
  23. That is good news, although I've never seen the first one. Any of you ever seen Killing Zoe? Used to be a favorite of mine back in high-school. It was written and directed by Avary. Real good movie, highly recommended.
  24. Yes! Happy b-day to both! Give that kid an xbox 360...start him early! :laugh: