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  2. I enjoy the Icons. You know Brendan and Sarah Lane recently got married and will be traveling in Europe for the next year. They were the best part of the old show. The girl doing The Feed needs to work on her delivery... it's horrible!
  3. Bento

    Civil War *SPOILERS!*

    I have to say, it was worth the wait. Punisher is one of my fav characters, so I'm pretty psyched! I totally wanted more though! The art is top notch! I'm definitely more interested in this than 52. Did I miss something? Did you know the masked guy was Punisher before this issue?
  4. i am a dumb ass =)
  5. mine, check it out. unemployment is a bitch.
  6. This is awesome! Adult Swim is going to be airing the Voltron series. Brings me back to simpler times. Too bad it has a poor timeslot. 5:30AM!
  7. Seriously, this is the most ridiculous article. I've heard of this guy and I remember reading about the accident, but getting the full details... I can't even explain it, you just have to read.
  8. World of Warcraft and the awesome Pheonix Write for the DS lite (very linear but really fun).
  9. Punisher - The guy has no powers but has gone toe-to-toe with some heavy hitters. Black Widow (Natasha) - Has got that black-market connection, smart, and flippin deadly Havok - His uncertainty and lack of confidence could make for good story Kitty Pryde - humor, attitude
  10. Oh this one was hard. AW was awesome, but I enjoyed Fire Emblem more!
  11. Wario here! That game was just tons of fun.
  12. I have to say Pinhead as well. He's got the supernaturalness to stand up to freddy and jason... what sets him apart is that he's smarter. Although Jason did find his way around a fucking spaceship!
  13. In the spirit of halloween I propose a horror versus death-match! I tried to put this in the versus forum, but was having problems. k the contestants. Freddy Kruger - pizza-faced bedtime bastard Jason Voorhees - camp town killing goalie Michael Myers - juggernaut psycho killer Carrie - supernatural misunderstood prom-queen Pinhead - crazy rubix cube pain giver Leatherface - human-flesh mask murder Chucky - doll i don't know, let's just let this thing roll i guess.
  14. Batman - Great tactician and a perfect leader. No-nonsense, to the point problem solver. Midnighter - Why another Batman? You take the one guy that can take out Superman and double it... unstoppable. The behind the scenes assassin. Plus the interaction between the two could make for good story telling. Also, I just like those characters =). Hyperion - Superman powers (the heavy hitter), but not as boring and a little of a loose cannon. Dr. Strange - The alternate plane guy. Good for interrogation and information gathering. The magic guy who can do almost anything. She-Hulk - Heavy hitting lawyer who's been around the block. She can defend the team in court, cause they will probably be there a lot, and she can support Hyperion on the field. Witchblade - Another supernatural, able to support She-Hulk in society, and able to support Midnighter in the field. Godzilla
  15. Bento


    Just wanted to get your opinions on this new WS series. Carey is a good writer and I've always liked Portacio;s art. I wanted to get into something new and different, something completely out of the realm of Civil War and 52 (which is blowing my mind right now...and maybe not in a good way). I want something isolated or at least something without 20 different side stories. Anyways, I thought it was pretty good. The main character, Dane, seems interesting and his team of freaks are cool (vampire, some weird cyborg mummy, frankenstein like doctor and some goon like spirit shaman). I don't know, I just want some fun, intelligent, supernatural story and maybe this is it.
  16. Yeah, they gave me the Sprit twice. The first time I hit it on the nose, the smell alone was enough, but at the end of my test it was still sprit but it's taste changed. My co-workers theory was somewhat right. Drinking carbonated beverages changes your tastes to the point where the sodas taste an extent.
  17. So for the past week my co-worker and I have been arguing whether I could, without a doubt, tell the difference between Coke and Pepsi. His theory was that those old school Coke / Pepsi challenges were bullshit and once the carbonation went down your throat you would not be able to tell the difference, even with such glaring soda differences like Sprite and Sunkist! Mine was, "that's a crock of shit and I can tell with no problems, especially between Sprite and Pepsi." So, we decided to get a group of our co-workers together to take a good ol' soft drink challenge, blindfold and everything. It turned out to be really fun and I highly recommend it as a huge waste of time. So, here are the results. First, the drinks. Coke, Pepsi, Sprite, Sunkist Peach and Mountain Dew. Now the test. First drink they hand me, without even tasting it, is a Sprit. NO DOUBT! Second drink Coke...third Pepsi...fourth that shitty Sunkist Peach and finally, Mountain Dew but there was something strange with the Dew. I couldn't put my finger on it. It didn't quite taste like anything, but I said mountain dew anyways (it was the last one). Result 4 out of 5 CORRECT! The one that stumped me was the last one the Mountain Dew! It was actually the Sprit! WTF, what once was so distinct in the beginning of the test completely eluded me at the end. It just didn't taste quite the same. Did the carbonation actually effect my taste-buds? Did I trick myself by automatically assuming the last drink was in fact the only other option? Anyways, we all had a good time. The best part was this girl who was so confident completely messed up. When she tasted the Coke she said, "Eww Coke, I hate Coke," that was good and then when she tasted the Pepsi she said, "Pepsi, I'm a Pepsi girl," but the next drink we gave her was another Pepsi at which point she said, "Yuck Coke." Ummm, that was hilarious and when she took off the blindfold she was so proud of herself. HAHAHA
  18. I did not get this comic book. The story barely kept my attention and I thought the art was pretty poor. It was pretty, as Yoda explained, but there was no flow to the art. Many static shots that felt very stiff. There was one particular panel where the main character was jumping over a fence and it just seemed like he took two separate images, the fence and the character, and laied one over the other with out any proper interaction between the two. The only interesting part of it was the detail in the OCT manual at the end of the book and personally, for a premier issue, it should have been utilized more in the actual story. All in all thought it sucked.
  19. Have Samuel Jackson call your friends. I'm sure many of you know about this already. It wasted like an hour at work with my co-workers.
  20. UK ending she is reunited with her daughter essentially not paying penance for her sins (killing her friend or friends). Mother tormented by the death of her husband and daughter is then reunited at the end with her daughter = happy. US ending she kills her friend (friends) and the last shot is of her sitting in a car screaming in complete horror of what has happened and then... the friend she killed (all fucked up looking) is standing in the window of the passenger side of the car... scaring the shit out of her, and the audience, even more. No daughter and now she will forever be tormented by what she did. Much, much darker
  21. My friends and I saw it trashed. It was pretty fun. It helped that the entire theater was into the movie. They built up the drama very well. There were times when I actually felt claustrophobic. The UK version actually has a different, happier (somewhat), ending...lame.
  22. Campbell is back, with a pretty interesting concept. Role: Producer, Director, "Bruce Campbell" Status: In Development Release Date: 2007 "A small town, plagued by an ancient curse, makes the horrible mistake of recruiting a genre actor to help, thinking that his movie skills would apply. They don't. Be afraid, be very afraid. "In active pre-production now. Due out next year." -BC Press Release My Name Is Bruce is being produced by Dark Horse Indie, the new joint venture production company created by Dark Horse Entertainment and Image Entertainment. Popular actor and Oregon resident Bruce Campbell (Evil Dead, Army of Darkness) is set to star and direct. He will also produce the project with another Oregon resident, Dark Horse president Mike Richardson. My Name Is Bruce is the tale of a small town set upon by demons after a group of teen-agers unwittingly unleash an ancient curse. Campbell, playing himself, is kidnapped off the set of a B horror movie and, despite his protestations that he's just an actor, is forced to play the role of his heroic movie character in order to save the town. Mark Verheiden (The Mask, TimeCop) is writing the screenplay. Production is scheduled for early 2006 in southern Oregon.
  23. HAHA, Emperor Zombie: I'm going... to smoke you! [Zombie sits down at a giant hookah, which Fruen is trapped in] Last words before I spark it? I couldn't believe he actually smoked the guy. I hadn't laughed that hard since Venture Brothers.
  24. I watched the pilot of it last night on SciFi Pulse and it was awesome! I saw Yoda's avatar and it reminded me of it. Really funny and the art/animation direction came straight from the BPRD style. The main characters voice is Paul Giamatti who happened to give me the look of death once. So I was at a NY Barnes & Noble and as I was leaving I held the door open for Giamatti, who was right behind me. Anyways he said thank you and I as did a double take he gave me the most evil look of death I've ever seen...and I'm Italian. I'm sure he just didn't want me to make a scene, but dang...I think I lost a few years off my life. With that said, this cartoon is awsome and you all have to go to and watch it and then go to and take the survey and RAVE about it so they bring it to fruition! IT MUST BE DONE!