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  1. No problem on the edits. I'll be better with spoiler alerting.

    W v H, your right...I got it confused with the Origins schedule.

    As for the hulk, I did not know all of that shit, but you've got to admit...having him come back right now would be pretty interesting. Actually, I'm a Hulk fan so I just want him to come back and fuck things up.

  2. Hey everybody...being that last week completely bitch slapped my wallet around, having only picked up two comics this week felt kinda nice (52 and Frontline). I guess my question is...where is Wolverine vs. Hulk? Is it me or is it severally late? I know when it comes to those types of collaborations schedules take some serious hits, but it started out so strong. Oh well.


    Now some thoughts on Civil War. AWESOME! Damn, seeing that money shot of Thor dropping the hammer was dope! Seems like Cap is getting the smack down a lot lately (Origins / Civ War). I was pissed Iron Man was taking it to him. I really want someone to just beat the shit out of that drunken robot and I have a theory about that. Okay, so up until now we've had a fairly balanced scenario, but with Thor on the scene the scales definitely tip (in which way...not sure yet). So, another variable has to come in and balance the scales again and that variable is big, balls tough and you wouldn't want to make him angry. THE HULK IS COMING BACK! At least I hope. That would be great. Anyways, just a thought...

  3. All I could think of when Superman leaves the kid in the bed at the end was...there goes another deadbeat dad. Heard the next superman was going to be about him dodging alimony faster than a bullet. Think about it, all the guy needs to do is put on fucking glasses and all the sudden the father is gone! It's a Jerry Springer show waiting to happen.

  4. Kinda worried where Marvel is taking this Civil War thing. As I've stated before, seeing old time favorites reveal themselves to the public is a bit shocking. Is it the kind of story I want? I'm not sure, but there are interesting avenues to pursue. Personally, one of the best plot lines they can possibly, will, explore is the formation of the resistance. The new brotherhood are some of our favorite heros. Are they still heros? Cap, Daredevil, Cable, according to traditional society are more terrorists than anything. Their efforts, no matter what they may be, no longer benefit society. They are a hinderance toward the good of the cause. It's a story as old as American history itself. As much as I hate to say it, but according to current American beliefs George Washington was a terrorist. Fighting against oppression and fighting for freedom. So far all we've seen is the resistance fighting back against the police state, but I can't wait for the frame where our heros actually collide! To see Captain America drop Spider-Man like a sack of potatoes or see Cable kick the shit out of Mister Fantastic. I beg Marvel to take this path.

    What I do not want, is Marvel seeing they fucked up and reset the whole thing someway. That would be the lamest thing they could possibly do.

  5. I read it as: "I'm Tony Stark. (I'm beyond rich. Famous doesn't begin to describe me. If I wanted to, I could shag any of you, your wives and mothers without much effort. The only living person smarter than me is Reed Richards. But I'm not perfect.) And I'm an alcoholic."

    It was Tony trying to make the worldwide audience realize he's just as human (RE: fallible) as the rest of us.

    I agree, plus he has very little personal ties. But, spiders unmasking is just going to make his life so much worse.

    So you think anyone is going to call it quits? I see some of these guys just giving up the fight when it comes down to it.

    BTW, work was so fucking boring today! You roadtrip podcast totally helped me out.

  6. I just think it's very interesting that a year ago DC made a big deal with keeping identities secret (Identity Crisis) and this year it's Marvel making an identity statement. I liked DC's take and I'm also liking Marvel's.

    I'm pretty much on the side of not revealing identities, but I understand why Tony did what he did. My question is. Why say anything about your alchohol addiction? Isn't he consisdered one of the smartest individuals in the Marvel U? I feel revealing his identity was bad, but potentially giving your enemy's your one weakness...well, was just dumb. Doesn't seem like a smart move for one of the smartest men on the planet.

  7. The registration act is just another quasi state controled sceme to keep a close eye on its sheep. It's another way for the government to take away our identities and replace them with yes men, and women, pacifist attitudes. Nothing good can come out of this. Not when there are threats like Doom, Hobgoblin, and the general run-of-the-mill cosmic destruction afoot. This will just tip the scales of power in favor of the bad guy. Vigilanty justice is way too frowned apon in this day and age! Why don't we have them walk around with superhero name tags while we're at it. You know those ones with "Hi My Name Is" already typed and all you have to do is fill in your name. They will only need one name. "Hey, who was that masked avenger who prevented my man-purse from being stolen? Oh wait it's Peter and he's not wearing a mask." There is nothing wrong with a man-purse! They are the perfect accessory to hold your worldly possessions and only a supervilian would be able to remove it unlike a wallet which could be removed by the common thug. All in all, it's a bad idea.

  8. I know this is a tad late in the pods, but I listened to your Smallville episode where you guys talked about the death of clarks dad and I completely remembered something I read. Where I read this I cannot rememeber, but it was regarding the fact that John Schneider wanted to leave the show hence the write off and death of supermans dad. Did anyone else hear this? I just thought it was interesting.


  9. I'm only on episode 8 (you both really make the work day go by...thanks) so I'm not sure if this has come up as an option. What about some of the Hellboy stuff or even the BPRD stories? Enjoyable stories with great mythology, mixed in with some light hearted humor. Fairly quick reads which can get kinda freaky at times. You can't go wrong.