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  1. Hah, maybe what we need is a Star Trek reality show. SMELL THE RATINGS!
  2. I was just coming here to post this. It's sad. I mean, I'm far from the show's biggest fan, but the stuff I've seen recently has been pretty good. And, y'know, 2.5 million viewers is still bloody impressive to me. And that was their lowest rated show! Insanity. Something is fucked at UPN - first the Smackdown rumours and now this. Hepefully they can wrap everything up in the next 12 episodes.
  3. I think it's a good idea. If you were permanently connected to Steam while playing, I might be a bit wary, but because the registration is once off, it's no bother. But c'mon, this is the virtual world! I give it a month tops before someone cracks HL2.
  4. But...but...I LIKED The Spirits Within!
  5. Well that's a relief, my brother had had me convinced that I was just crap at the gang warfare stuff Shame really, 'cause I thought the targeting in Vice was really good...this is kinda a backwards step, when everything else has taken a quantum leap forward.
  6. Oh I agree. His interview with Lazlow is magic. Is anyone else finding the targeting system a little wanged? It locks onto the wrong people ALL the time, and at the place I'm at, it's the last thing I need to go wrong.
  7. "Og Lock?! Its OH GEE LOC! Playa!"
  8. ...and no-one's replied because we're all so busy playing it
  9. There is SO MUCH to do in San Andreas. I'm honestly not sure SvR can come even remotely close to the scope and depth of GTA.
  10. From - Take-2 Interactive As for the music itself - we know very little at the moment. Death Row Records announced that 3 of their songs will appear in San Andreas, although, the announcement was later removed (without a doubt, requested by Rockstar Games). - Death Row Records Website Regarding Lazlow, the faq section of the site says he is, and I see no reason not to believe them, but who knows? I hope so though.
  11. Pssssshhh...sometimes I think you have no sense of fun James The TV show is Dad and I would watch it and see if we could predict which noise would come next: BANG, WHACK or KAPOW! But with that said, Dark Knight sounds really fucking cool, and that's why it wins.
  12. Glen

    Burton Fans Rejoice! How awesome will THIS be!
  13. I'm actually really interested in the 'who commissioned the clones' thread. It'll probably be quite obvious, but hey, it's sufficiently mysterious enough for me. I think it's a wise idea to have Tarkin in the movie in some way, shape or form. He was a pretty important character in Ep IV, but that's all. He could use a bit of depth. What are we at, 7 months to go now?
  14. * The Monkey Island series (In some cases I'm gonna lump whole series' together. Otherwise my list would be pretty much over between Silent Hill, Monkey Island) * The Silent Hill series * Interstate '76 * WWE Smackdown * Half-Life * Deus Ex * The Final Fantasy series * The Grand Theft Auto series * Tetris * Kingdom Hearts
  15. Glen

    Redesigned Ps2

    The thing is barely larger than a DVD case. Crazy. Makes you think though, if Sony can shrink a PS2 to, like, 25% of it's original size, then things are looking pretty good for the PSP.
  16. Exactly. The changes are still not a big deal to me, and considering the amount of his life he's invested in these films (He fronted up the entire Empire and Jedi budgets...that shit's insane), he's MORE than welcome to make changes. The box set is AWESOME, by the way.
  17. I vote for the GAAAMME-UHH
  18. I don't know a thing about the book, but I saw that trailer yesterday, and for the first time evar, Alexis Bledel looks hotter than Lauren Graham :OMG:
  19. Direct linking to Gamefaqs is a no-no, but it might work if you copy and paste. If it still doesn't work, click here, then select the plot guide.
  20. Behold, as IGN doth review thy box set...erm...eth Only two weeks to go!
  21. Hah, they'll probably ask you to return them if you give the game a low score Put my pre-order down today, 'cause I'll get a 10% discount. Cannae wait
  22. Lucky you. I got SSII Hyper Fighting and the Animated movie. Not even Third Strike. Not that I mind too much, because it's Street Fighter motherfucking II, but still.
  23. Australia, ese. Exchange rate + shipping costs + money hungry bastards = poor Strayan Trekkers.
  24. But, but, I can't afford the $150-$250 price tag they'll charge. GRRR.