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  1. "Davis Guggenheim who?" we hear you ask. Why, it's no less than the critically acclaimed documentary film-maker behind Al Gore's Oscar winning, carbon-based thriller An Inconvenient Truth and guitar-fetish piece It Might Get Loud. The brothers have great fun discussing their musical ability, their spin on American party politics, and the charisma of the former "next President of the United States of America." If that was not excitement enough, this Yuletide edition includes a customary seasonal triple whammy of delights: The Brothers dip into their outtake collection, the third annual Tomlinson awards, and it's a Pandy editing special! Merry Christmas one and all! [ 2:33:41 || 74.2 MB ]


  2. Merry Christma-hanna-kwanzaa-solsti-ka! Pass the turkey leg! This week, Dread Media throws three reviews of Christmas horror at you. First Desmond and Duane take on the remarkably misguided The Elf. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid checks out the latest in a long line of Christmas slashers: All Through the House. Finally, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives a look at the Christmas thriller The Body. Take these carols a wassailin': "Christmas Devil" by Schizoid Lloyd, "Messed Up Xmas" by The Dollyrots, "Christmas with the Devil" by Spinal Tap, "Evil Friends" by Portugal, The Man, and "Silent Night, Deadly Night (acoustic)" by The Browns. Enjoy and be merry! [ 1:06:19 || 32.1 MB ]


  3. Dave and Ian invite you to join them for a vaguely seasonal episode as the watch the somewhat notorious Doctor Who spinoff attempt K9 and Company. Sarah Jane Smith is set to spend time at her aunt's country home but when she arrives she finds her aunt has left in suspicious circumstances, she has to look after her aunt's ward who is back from boarding school, and a crate that has been waiting for her for three years contains a gift from The Doctor in the shape of K9 Mark III. If all that wasn't enough, it seems that there is a pagan cult at work in the village of Morton Harwood that could have dire consequences for Aunt Lavina's market garden business. Sarah Jane and K9 must solve the mystery and rescue Brendan from a sacrificial alter. They also discuss what connects this to Hellraiser, how the BBC viewed anywhere west of Reading, and who are the ringleaders of the Morton Harwood swinger set.


  4. Hannah and Jim drop by to talk about comics (Paper Girls, Land of the Lustrous, Psycho Pass, Unknown Soldier), video games (Destiny 2 and Wolfenstein: The New Order), and books (The Big Book of Sci-Fi, The Book of Dust, Empty Set, and War of the Foxes). [ 1:17:09 || 38.7 MB ]


  5. This week, we're warming up for Christmas with a review-filled episode. First, Duane and Desmond take a look at the Bob Clark classic about coming home to your parents: Deathdream. Then, Rich the Monster Movie Kid reviews the first of his two Christmas season films: Better Watch Out. Finally, Chris and Desmond sit down and gush over Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End. Tunes included: "Love Bites" by Judas Priest, "Dead of Night" by New Math, "Santa Claus Is Coming to Town" by Alice Cooper, "Wolf Rape" from Todd and the Book of Pure Evil, and "Bible Black" by Heaven and Hell. [ 1:29:09 || 43.0 MB ]

  6. A little while back we discussed adaptations of his work with handsome author Ed Kurtz. This week, we're talking to the guy doing those adaptations: director Paul von Stoetzel. Paul and Desmond discuss documentaries, Japanese horror, the modern age of streaming, and his work on Bleed as well as an exciting upcoming film announcement. Then, toxic masculinity is on display at its worst in Devil Dinosaur Jr.'s review of The Corpse of Anna Fritz. The toxic masculinity refers to the film not the review, by the way. And, of course, there are tunes: "Snuff" by Slayer, "Blood on Your Hands" by Killing Joke, "Tired and True" by Thrush Hermit, and "Dysphoria" by X.A.O.S. [ 1:34:19 || 45.5 MB ]


  7. This week, Desmond is excited to present an interview with the filmmakers behind the animated feature Todd and the Book of Pure Evil: The End of the End, the follow-up to the amazing Canadian horror TV series Todd and the Book of Pure Evil. Co-directors Craig David Wallace and Richard Duhaney stop by to chat about the origins of the show, heavy metal, and animation style. Then, as if that wasn't enough, Darryll and Desmond check out the 80s horror classic The Gate. Of course, there are tons of metal tunes: "Rosemary's Baby" by Fantomas, "Needled 24/7" by Children of Bodom, "Gates of Tomorrow" by Iron Maiden, and "Eighties" by Killing Joke. [ 1:27:23 || 42.2 MB ]


  8. Harkening back to the podcast's Year of Grey, The Brothers Wilson profile one of Hollywood's biggest icons: Marilyn Monroe. First up is the oxymoronic Technicolor noir film Niagara, where the hosts consider mysterious shoes and the crossover between Dick Van Dyke and British satirist Chris Morris. After that There's No Business Like Show Business gives Pandy an excuse to explore his fascination with Ethel Merman and Ian an excuse to rail against Singin' in the Rain once again. But the featured presentation is the comedy classic Some Like It Hot, with numerous literal actor names. Our hosts also consider classic adverts about crisps, Hugh Hefner being a Horcrux, the city of Boston, and the mindsets of 1950s Hollywood producers. Surely, it's the perfect lead in to the final episode of the year and the next round of Tomlinson awards! [ 2:43:29 || 78.8 MB ]


  9. Ian and Dave conclude their look at The Persuaders with three more episodes. In "The Morning After," Brett wakes with a sore head to discover that he is married, while Danny's investigations lead him to Brett being used to derail international peace talks. In "A Death in the Family," someone is killing off Brett's relatives one by one and suspicion falls on other members of his family. And in "To the Death, Baby," Danny and Brett decide to step in when a known con man attempts to inveigle his way into the affections of a young heiress, but things are not what they seem. They also discuss the number of guest stars who have been in Doctor Who, marvel at Roger Moore as a master of disguise, and stumble across an odd IMDB biography. Statistician Ian also returns to inform them what they will be covering for the next episode. [ 2:23:14 || 56.0 MB ]

  10. This week, we try something a little different. You see, Desmond and Duane planned on reviewing the Netflix original horror comedy directed by McG: The Babysitter. Then former Married to Movies cohost (and Desmond's wife) asked to watch it with him. Not one to turn down watching a horror film with his non-horror fan wife, Desmond obliged. So, Desmond and Duane review the film, with Megan interjecting throughout. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives us a Stay Scary on the Aussie revenge film The Horseman. Songs included: "Innocent Blood" by Ringworm, "I Just Want to Make Love to You" by Foghat, "Revenge" by Archers of Loaf, and "Justice Keepers" by Bad Brains. [ 1:07:57 || 32.8 MB ]


  11. Spock finds love 5000 years in the past ("All Our Yesterdays"), and Kirk is body-swapped with an ex-girlfriend ("Turnabout Intruder"). Not only do the guys look back at the whole of season three of Star Trek, they reveal the upcoming The Edge of Forever / Bigger on the Inside schedule, and eat tasty treats. They also dive headfirst into the pure, unmitigated misogyny of one of the episodes. And Mike kills any chance of gaining a particular sponsor thanks to the outtake. [ 1:32:30 || 44.9 MB ]


  12. This week, Dread Media is proud to present an interview with actor and professional wrestler John Hennigan (AKA John Morrison, Johnny Impact, and Johnny Mundo) about his new films, Never Leave Alive and Boone: The Bounty Hunter, as well as his work with Lucha Underground and Impact Wrestling. Then Devil Dinosaur Jr. gives a Stay Scary segment on the film The Zero Boys. There are songs as well: "Slam Anthem" by Gama Bomb, "Bent (Sudden Impact)" by Propagandhi, "Civilization's Dying" by Zero Boys, and "Night Prowler" by AC/DC. RIP Malcolm Young. [ 57:23 || 27.8 MB ]


  13. In this edition of Earth-2-in-1, Dan and Mike tackle two... interesting issues. First, a mind-controlled Thor attacks The Thing and his teammates (Marvel Two-in-One #9), then Superman and Batman tell off their super-sons after the boys make a few errors in judgment (World's Finest Comics #230). [ 58:51 || 31.0 MB ]


  14. This week, Darryll and Desmond return to the oeuvre of Dutch action-horror maestro Dick Maas by taking a look at two of his killer elevator movies. First up, the 1983 understated Dutch flick Der Lift, and then his own American remake in 2001's Down. Actually, they only like one of these movies so they end up talking about it a lot. Then, Devil Dinosaur Jr. invades your home with his Stay Scary of Torment. Tunes included: "Going Down" by The Creepshow, "Waydown" by Catherine Wheel, "Wild Rabbit" by Sean Spillane, and "As the Worm Turns" by Faith No More. RIP Chuck Mosley. [ 1:02:18 || 30.1 MB ]


  15. Redheads aplenty as Hey, an Actor! profiles one of modern cinema's more acclaimed actresses: Nicole Kidman. The Brothers Wilson chart her starring role in Baz Luhrmann's love-letter to his nation, Australia; her dark comedy career steppingstone, To Die For; and her Oscar-winning performance in The Hours, opposite previous HAA subjects Meryl Streep and Julianne Moore. Our hosts spend time reminiscing about a teacher's wall, and bracing themselves for the return of sound effects brought on by covering a film co-starring Joaquim Bottom. Plus: Pandy fails to immediately recognize actors who have had roles in Game of Thrones, David Wenham drops in for a chat, and one host embarrasses himself by concluding that a real-life author once had superpowers. [ 3:03:39 || 88.6 MB ]


  16. This week, Dread Media presents an interview 10 years in the making! Filmmaker Joe Lynch is here to talk about his brand new movie: Mayhem. It's awesome and it comes out this Friday, so go see it. Listen to the interview first. There's also a Stay Scary where Devil Dinosaur Jr. uncomfortably talks about ridiculous sex moves and even sings a song in his review of Donkey Punch. Then, we still don't have all the details on what crime Rich the Monster Movie Kid committed, but we know his community service was watching and reviewing The Snowman. And of, course, there are songs: "Abyss of Woe" by GWAR, "Motherfucker" by Faith No More, "Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn and John, "Snowblind" by Styx, and "This Ends Now" by Steve Moore. [ 1:23:26 || 40.3 MB ]


  17. During a medical crisis, Kirk and Spock find themselves battling an oppressive society ("The Cloud Minders"). Then the duo teams with Space Lincoln and Vulcan Jesus in a battle of ultimate good versus ultimate evil ("The Savage Curtain"). (Note: Mike mistakenly said "Kahless of Vulcan" when he meant "Kahless of Qo'noS.") [ 1:06:10 || 32.2 MB ]