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  1. note: notjumping to conclusions here, just hypothesizing After having some time to soak this in (and sleep), I can't help but shake the feeling that this could be an Andre Waters like situation. For those who might not know, Andre Waters was a former professional football player who killed himself at the age of 44. Afterwords, an autopsy preformed on his brain revealed that its condition was similar to that of someone twice his age going through the latter stages of ahlzheimer's disease. Once again, just a theory, not meant to be taken as fact
  2. I honestly feel like my insides are being ripped out
  3. Is the title...................Street Fighter: Everyone Dies from a Heart Attck :laugh:
  4. An explanation on the punching: It's widely know that network Standard and Practices has rules that prevent the use of punching to the head or face on animated programs (Though the original Batman series did skirt this rule on sevral occasions) because they (the S & P people) don't want children too watch something that is easy to imitate. Coincidently, another rule that got Batman in trouble with the S & P people is over the use of real guns (ie. that fire bullets). This is usually why in most action cartoons, when a gun is fired, it's a laser beam of some kind, because those types of fireamrs really don't exsist.
  5. The thing is: This preview was actually show in this past month's issue of Wizard before hitting Newsarama.
  6. You are apparently not taking into account 1941, Always, and JP2 as Spielberg stinkers :grumble:
  7. 5. The Supes/Doomsday fight from "A Better World" part 1 4. The final scene from "Secret Orgins" part 3 3. The GL oath from "In Blackest Night" part 2 2. The Blackhawks appearing in "The Savage Time" part 2 1. Darkseid's first appearance in "Tools of the Trade" Yeah, I'm a little Justice League happy. However, that was the show I watched more often on a regular basis.
  8. I think I'm going to skip on the DVD (or DVDs) because there were parts of the two films (Planet Terror in particular) that just are not going to translate well to the DVD format (the whole missing reel thing for example).
  9. Man, my brother loved this movie, and I still wonder why. So, what was the bigger disgrace on Raul Julia's career: This or the MST3K staple, Overdrawn at the Memory Bank?
  10. Actually, it was the first or second part of the animated Dark Phoenix Saga. Also, she is in the Pryde of the X-Men pilot
  11. You know what. I think that's Dazzler No, No wait.........................................It's Shadowcat (got this from the wiki)
  12. I don't know about the rest of you guys, but so far the first couple of episodes have been really bland . Just the same naration and crappy camera-jiggling effects over and over and over
  13. On another note: THEY GOT THE MASK AAAAALLLLLLLLL WRONG!!!!!! I don't purport to be a director regardless of how much I'd love to do it but how can I trust this film when they got the EASIEST thing to do completely wrong. Shatner probably didn't sign off on the use of likeness :devil: :devil:
  14. Just saw the film this afternoon. By and large it was a 90 minute episode of the show. A majority of the jokes were of the "let's throw shit against the wall and see what sticks" variety :laugh: Overall the best part of the movie was the beginning (although I didn't get to here the first bit of it because the sound in the theater went kaput and of th 11 people watching the film about 5 got reaaly pissed off)
  15. Hears an answer to your trailer question: The term for an "R rated trailer" is the Red Band trailer and it can only be shown before an R rated film. I got this from the Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back dvd. :angel: