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  1. Man and Superman 100 Page Super Spectacular: Wolfman says this is the best Superman story he's written and puts it in his top 5 scripts period. I just find it so boring when writers go back to young Clark/new Superman to tell stories. I feel like it's top 3 go-to story tropes. 

    Old Man Quill #1: Not bad. Just an excuse to tell a future GOTG story (Imagine that!) with a joke title. Intrigued.

    Red Sonja #1: Already don't like this iteration.

    Suicide Squad Black Files #4: Same old, same old. The supernatural story is GREAT and the Katana story is boring. C'mon. When ISN'T the Katana story boring?

    Sword Daughter #6: Nah...

    The Gunhawks #1:another Marvel 80th thing. Not bad.

    Uncanny X-Men #11: Did they miscalculate when they were doing the Age of X thing? This seems out of place.

    Vampirella vs Re-Animator #2: not great

    Vindication #1: Nah...

    Wolverine The Long Night #2: I'm really enjoying this series.

    X-23 #9: same as last time. This is running on empty for me.

    Pantheon #1-4: ANOTHER 90s Bill Willingham superhero series. Funny, for a famous comic writer, he's never been famous for superheroes. That's not for lack of trying. I was about to give up at issue two but didn't.t and three and four have been good. I'll probably finish it.Interesting way to introduce a whole superhero universe.

    and from the bedside table:

    Savage Dragon #253-7: Still killing it. Man, I should pitch a North Force miniseries to Larsen...

    Graphic Fantasy #1, 2: These issue reprint the first comics that Dragon appeared in when Larsen was twenty or so. Look, they aren't fantastic, but his visual storytelling at that time was en pointe. 

    Predator vs Magnus Robot Fighter #1,2: I've wanted to reread this for a long time. I forgot how early it is in the Valiant universe. Turok and X-O Manowar hadn't debuted yet! Lee Weeks' art on this is gorgeous.

    Captain America Epic Collection Blood and Glory: this is a bit of a dark spot in Gruenwald's Cap run. This begins with parts 1, 8, 15 and an epilogue to Operation Galactic Storm. You can tell that he isn't too happy about derailing his long-running storyline he probably thought Cap had little reason to be there. He plays with the epilogue as a seed to remove Cap from the Avengers. THEN it's the six-part CapWolf saga which features Wolverine, Cable, Doctor Druid, Wolfsbane, Werewolf-by-Night, three brand-new villains and other cameos. Really feels like a directive to use Wolverine or another X-Man to spice things up and Gruenwald said fuck it! Let's throw them all in! The long-running thread of Crossbones, Diamondback, D-Man, US Agent and Falcon is really the only stuff that keeps this in the realm of Gruenwald's run. For as little page count they got. Then it's rounded out by the godawful Cap/Punisher miniseries, Blood and Glory. Definite mixed bag here. I kind of dug Capwolf.

    Mister Miracle by Steve Englehart and Steve Gerber: this features five issues written by Englehart, three issues written by Gerber, and seemingly absent from the cover, three issues written by Bob Haney. None of them are particularly good. 

    Tales of the Batman Marv Wolfman volume 1: this is a tale of two stories. It starts with an issue from 71 and ten issues from the early eighties and none of it is good. Then, there is a fun two-part crossover between the Outsiders and Teen Titans from 83 which is delightful. Finally, it's rounded out by one of my favourite Batman stories: the four-part Year 3 from 1989. It's the middle part of the best Batman story continuum after Death in the Family and before Lonely Place of Dying. Late eighties, early nineties is my Golden Age of Batman comics.

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  2. And tonight we've binged the first half of Made For Love, which is great and has my new favourite actress Cristin Miloti (from Palm Springs, and that Black Mirror episode about toxic geek fandom as a Star Trek spoof). Good stuff.

    I'm also halfway through season 2 of Creepshow and am NOT liking it. I know Barbara Cramton shows up, so I'm watching that for sure. Otherwise, I'd probably bounce.

    I think my next "working from home lunch viewing" now that Archer is done will be the Spawn series. Got that on DVD a while back. Them is also on the docket.

  3. Run: girlfriend and I just finished Ratched and Sarah Paulsen is in this one, so we went for it. Pretty bog standard horror thriller elevated by some great performances from Paulsen, Kiera Allen who plays her daughter and Pat Healy as the hapless mailman. Haha! Decent.

    All Hail the Popcorn King: review forthcoming

    Barb and Star Go To Vista del Mar: this was a wild, weird comedy. I really enjoyed it. A couple lines that will stay with me. More than you can expect from most comedies.

    Next update:

    Savage Dawn: review forthcoming but holy shit!

    I Care A Lot: This is an excellent movie. On my year end list for sure. Everyone in it is a putrid person, but there's a shit-ton of great performances. 

    The King of Staten Island: youngest suggested this for the movie tonight, and I'm glad he did. I don't really like Pete Davidson, but I liked him in this, a little. But I also loved Marisa Tomei and Bill Burr and the Apatow kid who plays the sister. Good movie.

    Semi-Pro: dumb fun for movie night with the boys.

    Next update:

    Woman in the Window: this is a pretty rote and obvious rip of Rear Window with the added mental health issues of the unreliable narrator. Not the worst. Not very good.

    Army of the Dead/The Hand/The Reckoning/Witchfinder General: reviews forthcoming.

    Canada's Wrestling Elite: not quite feature length doc about an Canadian indie wrestling company and them doing a tour in the winter. It seems miserable. 

    The Trade: the summary said this was a documentary about deathmatch wrestling, but it's specifically about Sick Nick Mondo from CZW and his retirement. It starts to veer into a promo and then once it ends, it's absolutely just a promo piece, but it's still entertaining. He's a compelling character and a narcissist. I've seen a lot of shit in death matches, but I've never seen a weed whacker used on a guy and this movie has it twice.

    Dracula 2000/Dracula II: Ascension/Dracula III: Legacy/Dracula 3000: reviews forthcoming. Yikes.

    Am I the only person who's watched a movie in the past two months? C'mon guys!

    Wacken: a feature doc about the German metal festival of the same name. Decent.

    Bo Burnham: Inside: I don't usually like Burnham. I have always found him a little too...petulant? Is that the right word? I don't know. This was a cool exercise though. He certainly got really good at using his equipment to film his own "special." Some funny songs poke through the pretentiousness. "White Woman's Instagram" is the best by a mile.

    Boys from County Hell/Skull: The Mask: reviews forthcoming

    Still nobody else? Jeez you guys!

    Planes, Trains and Automobiles: a perfect film

    Deadpool: weirdly picked up on a  lot of things I never did in the three or four times I've already seen this one. All gags, but I don't remember hearing them before.

    Thor: Ragnarok: really fun movie. One of the MCU's very best and I don't care what Ian says about it.

    Climate of the Hunter/Fried Barry/Day of the Beast/The Amusement Park: reviews forthcoming

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  4. Just finished my watch-through of Archer. It took me about three years, but - having just finished it - it was absolutely worth it. I don't suppose it will ever return, but it ended on a great dumb joke, and that's perfect. More to say at another time.

    Until then:

    Does anybody have weird incomprehensible fictional crushes? No? Me neither.



  5. Jason vs. Leatherface #1-3: This mini from the mid-nineties is written by Nancy Collins, who knows exactly what a Jason vs. Leatherface movie would look like. She made this work. Dumb fun. 

    Immortal Hulk #26: This is so obviously the definitive run of the Hulk. It's wild. Like, it's not even a question.

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  6. 2 minutes ago, The Master said:

    And I hate to say it, but it was Kirby's Hunger Dogs book. 😱

    Yeah, for as much respect that DC treated Kirby with, fucking him over on an ending to the Fourth World was a shitty move. In my recollection, they cut the page count when he was half finished with it, too.

  7. Me and Joe Priest: a nigh unreadable DC graphic novel from 85. Awful

    Metalzoic: another awful DC gn from 86. Art from Kevin Eastman is the only saving grace.

    Space Clusters: yet another DC graphic novel from 86 that is also terrible. Trying REALLY hard to be Heavy Metal here. And failing big time.

    Bang Bang 1-3: Carlos Trillo and Jordi Bernet's erotic graphic novel series. The stories aren't great, but Bernet draws sexy women like few others.

    Immortal Hulk #20-5: Still playing catch-up here. This went from vague cosmic horror to actual dead centre definition of cosmic horror real quick.

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  8. Thought that it should be mentioned that writer, forumite (though he never posted much) and cohost of the E-2 podcast Better in the Dark, Derrick has passed away. I'm heartbroken. The world is worse off without him.

  9. On 4/4/2021 at 9:18 AM, The Master said:

    Valentino is such a crapshoot for me, but, admittedly, I've read very little of his work. Recently, though, I can say his Image X Month issue of Youngblood was nothing more than him having a moan about Hollywood, What If...? #3 is rudderless, What If...? #5 is a love letter to the classic Avengers, and What If...? #7 is an of-its-time Wolverine collaboration with Rob Liefeld. It seems like he sometimes needs a writing partner to firm up his ideas.

    I pretty much agree with everything you said, but I have to say the early work on GOTG was pretty great space opera.

    Injustice Gods Among Us Year 5 Complete Collection: This shit keeps getting wilder and wilder.

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  10. Godzilla vs Kong: Like all these movies, things are best when monsters are onscreen. I geeked out several times. It's fun on almost every level. I did leave feeling a little empty. Perhaps that's because money is tight and I rented this on Prime, but I don't know. Amazing effects, especially in the ... third act. Sorry, didn't realize there was no longer spoiler code.

    Villains/Downrange: reviews forthcoming

    Without Name: this was supposed to be for a review, but it's just 90 minutes of a guy going to a weird place and getting high and seeing weird shit. I've done that on my own. Lame.

    The House on Haunted Hill/Lucky: review forthcoming

    White Boy Rick: great crime film based on a true story. Great acting all around. It's a breezy 2 hours and teeters on excess.

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  11. Immortal Hulk #17-19: trying to catch up on this great series.

    The Borgias: even in the early 2000s it's pretty insane that a prominent Chilean and Italian published something so brazenly blasphemous. Of course they did it as a "historical document" about the evil Borgia family. It's vile and beautiful at the same time. This DH book collects all four graphic novels and I'd never read the fourth before. Holy shit. It's dark. Haha! I guess I'll count this as a TPB as it collects four GNs?

    Jim Valentino's Shadowhawk Chronicles: what a weird collection. It escapes people sometimes how high Valentino's work sold at Marvel. More than some of the other Image guys, even. Look at sales figures from the time and Guardians of the Galaxy was on the top ten list of comics sales more often than it wasn't. Shadowhawk's a mixed bag. I recall the "mystery" of who he was under the mask was big at the time. But reading through, it's not even attempting a mystery. There's just some people who aren't Shadowhawk and Shadowhawk. But the cops and press aren't even like "Who is Shadowhawk?" They just want to arrest him. This has almost everything with him in it except the two Youngblood issues. But characters from all over the Imageverse appear. Savage Dragon (I had the cover for Shadowhawk #4 poster), Spawn, Chapel, hell, even the 1963 characters. Still, kind of weird for the WildCATs to be here seeing as they're DC characters now. The book is in black and white and poorly formatted. In fact, the pages seem blown up to the point that at some times, word balloons run off the page. Perhaps that's one of the things that had to happen fro him to reprint the characters of so many other creators (including those who no longer work for Image). Interesting. Once they tell us who Shadowhawk is, there's more than 7 issues of him going across the Imageverse to find a cure for his HIV. So wild. In fact, I think the only thing other than the Youngblood issues were the two issues where he crossed over with Vampirella. I remember those being pretty good.

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  12. Age of X-Man Marvellous X-Men #1: this is solid. Everyone is mutants now so it makes sense that the X-Men are celebrities. Fun first issue.

    Asgardians of the Galaxy #6: this might be the best issue of the bunch thus far.

    Conan the Barbarian #3: this is really fucking good.

    Daredevil #1: the first issue of the Zdarsky run. Holy shit. It's good. Also, yes lady, don't get involved with Matt. It won't end well.

    Female Furies #1: strap in. This is fucking garbage. I get that they're going for sexual politics in this, but it's really hard to go from Darkseid forcing Granny Goodness to sleep with him and spurning her to making the Furies go through a contest involving cooking, evening gowns and swimsuits. It's fucking dumb. And SO MANY artists who try to grasp a little of Kirby's magic (as this one does in flashbacks) end up giving work that looks like the shitty Topps Comics Kirbyverse with guys like McFarlane inking sketches Kirby had and trying to place them in sequence to make a comic. If I could remember the fuckwad's name who wrote this, I'd put him on my list of people to never read again, but I have a feeling his career in comics won't be long. Give me the Female Furies and I'll fill it with sexual politics and the horrors of war and make a comic no one would think you can do with these characters. But this, this is horseshit.

    Black River: this is a graphic novel by Josh Simmons. Perhaps he has some trouble with long form work, but it felt like a lot of wasted space. Still, it's chock full of nihilism, fucked up comedy and just pure bleakness of the human condition, so it fits with his other work.

    Defenders Epic Collection The End of All Songs: this is the final chunk of the Defenders book written beautifully by DeMatteis. You'd think the weirdest stories on any book that has been written by Steve Gerber to be written by Gerber, but no. These are wild and great. Manslaughter and Interloper are two of my all-time favourite C-list Marvel characters and they get a lot of page time here. Perlin's work is sometimes rough, but at other times great. Solid.

    Man-Thing by Steve Gerber The Complete Collection vol. 2: speaking of Gerber...been reading this along with the Defenders Dialogue podcast. Great stuff overall. Amazing art and fun stories.

    Hack/Slash Omnibus Volume 6: the relationship between Vlad and Vampirella is hilarious. Fun comics. 

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  13. Uncle Peckerhead: review forthcoming

    Sorry to Bother You: I wish I'd seen this sooner. I was under the impression this was bitingly satiric (which it is), but not that it would be a nightmarish sci-fi/horror film. What a wild fun ride this movie is. Great acting by actors I already loved, and a few of the wildest moments I've ever seen on screen. I loved it. Also, continuing the trend of my girlfriend and I not being able to pick out a movie that doesn't turn out to be super fucking weird.

    The Dirt: man, I'm bad at keeping track of movies this year. This is decent for what it is. They change the timeline around from what actually happened, but it makes sense. Iwan Rheon and Machine Gun Kelly in particular did a great job. And oh lordy, I don't know who the actress is that played young Heather Locklear but holy 😍


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  14. Justice League The Snyder Cut: it contains all my favourite parts of the theatrical and more. Hangs together as a film WAY better. Though, there's no way this would have been his original vision, because WB wouldn't have gone for a four hour theatrical release. I'll be grabbing this on blu ray to see it in widescreen.

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  15. Coming 2 America: Not as funny as the original, but it absolutely can't be expected to be. It's fun. New prince was annoying at first, but I ended up enjoying the younger generation by the end.

    Don't Worry, He Won't Get Far on Foot: darkly comic biopic about an alcoholic quadriplegic cartoonist. Joaquin Phoenix is amazing in it. So is everyone else. Never saw this on anyone's year end list podcast-wise a few years back, so I'm to assume it's very underrated. Great movie.

    Black Mountain Side/High Moon/Outcast/Open 24 Hours/Sword of God/Landmine Goes Click/Butcher, Baker, Nightmare Maker: reviews forthcoming.


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  16. The Punisher #7: I'll say it again, Rosenberg is the best Punisher writer inside the Marvel U. 

    Weapon H #12: Great series overall. Fantastic ending. 

    Wyrd #1: solid start. I'll check out more.

    X-Force #2: decent.

    FINALLY getting to the stack on my bedside table. These are books I've read over the last three months that I've been too lazy to log:

    Richard Corben's CHILDREN OF FIRE #1-3: When Corben died, I wanted to read some stuff of his and this miniseries I'd never read before was already on my TBR pile. It isn't fantastic. Three issues of anthology books. I should read the Den books next. Or reread his Marvel horror stuff or the DarkHorse releases. Amazing artist.

    Event Leviathan: This is far better than the other DC work by Bendis that I've read. A fun super-spy mystery that has a great group of characters. But I have to ask: if Batman is putting together the best group of Detectives he can find, why is Plastic Man one of them? Why not Dibny? Seems odd.

    Frankenstein Underground: Ben Steinbeck's art is so killer on this. The story dips when they start explaining the hollow earth conspiracy stuff. Yawn...but great character work and amazing art.

    Birthright vol. 9 War of the Worlds:one of the finest fantasy books ever. Still refreshing and exciting 45 issues in. 

    The Medusa Chain: a DC graphic novel from way back. It's awful. Yikes.

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  17. War is Hell #1: Another 80 years of Marvel one shot, but holy fuck, I absolutely cannot with Chaykin's Cabbage Patch Kid art anymore.

    Age of X-Man Alpha: This is fucking exciting.

    Captain America #7: Coates keeps me dancing on the edge of giving this up. 

    Dead Man Logan #3: not bad

    Heroes in Crisis #5: I know this isn't popular, but I think this is one of the most unique ways of creating an event in an established superhero universe. It feels more like Wildstorm than it does DC.

    Ice Cream Man #9: continuing its march as being the best anthology horror comic of the modern age.

    Journey Into Unknown Worlds #1: another 80 years of Marvel thing. Unremarkable.

    Marvel Knights 20th #6: huh...that's it?

    Mysteries of Love in Space #1: a dumb fun DC special. A couple good stories.

    Quantum Age #6: not the greatest ending, but still a good story overall.

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