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  1. Die Kitty Die #1-4: Dan Parent (Archie) doing fun sexy comics is good. Suicide Squad Black Files #2: not as in to the Katana story as the other magic-based one, but that tracks for my regular thoughts. Not too bad, Not as good as #1. I'll give it one more. The Freeze #1: the first high-concept sci fi comic to catch my attention in issue one in ages. I'll check out more. Uncanny X-Men #4: this shit is bonkers and I love it. Winter Soldier #1: not bad, but not good enough to read more. X-Men The Exterminated #1: not bad. Asgardians of the Galaxy #4: still really fun. Black Hammer: Cthu-Louise: Jesus, I wish this was a miniseries. What a beautiful story. I wish I had more time to live in this character. Champions #27: this series really went off the rails. Come Into Me #4: dies with a whimper. Daughters of the Dragon #2: another issue collecting two digital books (?) but this one was quite good. Doctor Strange : The Best Defence: what the fuck is happening? Fantastic Four Wedding Special: how do they not actually have the wedding in this issue? Weird. Issues: 283 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 5 Graphic Novel: 7
  2. Captain Fantastic: funny, charming, smart, beautifully acted and shot, and achingly painful. Beautiful. Watched this with the girlfriend last night and we both cried several times throughout. To say it's beautifully-acted with Viggo Mortensen is involved is obvious, and there's probably no other actor who emotes with their face as well as him, but there isn't a single actor in this movie who doesn't kill it from beginning to end., Yes, Frank Langella, and Ann Dowd, but all the kids are great too. Lovely film. Stacy also said that Viggo's character "is totally you if you liked the outdoors." Haha! Features: 109 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  3. Naked Gun: holy fuck, this movie rules. Both sons laughed their asses off. It holds up incredibly well. Features: 108 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  4. Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm: Sidesteps how impossible it is for him to ambush people in America anymore pretty well. I heard bad things, but I thought it was pretty great. Not as funny as the first, but this has a story, and it's a pretty good one. The real star is Maria Bakalova. Man! She's great. Features: 107 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  5. Wish Upon: the Halloween night movie with the girlfriend. It was pretty inert throughout. Basically what you expect with a "wishes go bad" movie. Still: brings up a Chinese demon that never appears and that's bullshit. Give me a monster to look at, motherfuckers. Borat: will probably watch the new one tomorrow. But this was hilarious. Features: 106 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  6. Knives Out: seeing Ready or Not prompted me finally watching this, and man! I could live in this cast forever. Great movie. And I generally hate whodunnits. Blood Quantum: review forthcoming Features: 104 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  7. Fuck. That's brutal. I'm sorry.
  8. Am I the only one who's seen the horror workout video with Quigley? I mean, it's the only workout video I've seen that starts out with a shower scene and devolves into a zombie attack.
  9. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes: seriously, the only thing wrong with this movie is that its title might as well be a translation of the first film's title. That's it. War for the Planet of the Apes: brilliant. Honestly,if a green screen actor was ever going to get an Oscar, it would have had to be Serkis for this one. Features: 102 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  10. Spontaneous: it has to be one of the best movies of the year. Underwater: this is like The Descent meets Alien underwater (duh). It's solid and occasionally surprising. Very well-acted. Rise of the Planet of the Apes: Been a while since I'd seen this one, but rewatched it with the boys last night. It holds up really well. Shocking that it's the worst of the trilogy, but it's still so good. Features: 100 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  11. At this point, I've seen that movie, probably 30 times and the nurse station jump scare still gets me. It's PERFECT. Ready or Not: review forthcoming Features: 97 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  12. Uncanny X-Men #3: Man, this series is killing it. I still haven't gotten to the "X of" event, but the X-books are rocking in 2019 Border Town #4: eh...kind of boring and then a hammer smash of an ending. Doomsday Clock #8: still pretty great. Grumble #1: couldn't even finish it. Hack/Slash vs. Chaos #1: Jesus, this is trash. Maybe I'll read the rest if it makes the next H/S compendium. But not otherwise. Immortal Hulk The Best Defense #1: this is great Marvel Knights #3: this was the worst of the three so far, but the others were amazing, so I'm sticking with it. Namor: The Best Defense #1: WTF is happening here? Ninja-K #14:Fuck. This has been the best run that Valiant has done since its rebirth. Looking forward to see what spins out of this. Prodigy #1: A Millarworld thing that I'll probably give another issue. Shatterstar #3: not great. I'll give it one more. Shazam! #1: this is basically a direct sequel to the movie, but they whitewashed the foster parents,, which I found weird. Still good. Issues: 267 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 5 Graphic Novel: 7
  13. The Church: review forthcoming. Hubie Halloween: this was stupid but fun. About as enjoyable as Happy Gilmore, which I've rewatched relatively recently. I still don't like Sandler, but my kids really do. Kick-Ass: this movie is fucking great. I don't care what anyone says. It's wonderfully acted, choreographed and violent. In fact, the fight choreography is some of the best I've seen in an American film in the past 20 years. Certainly big blockbuster films. Kick-Ass 2: I hadn't seen this before, but I liked it too. There's a major step down from the first film, but that's not out of the question for sequels. Dig it. Features: 96 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  14. DC Nuclear Winter Special: last Christmas DC put this out instead of a Christmas special, because they saw 2020 coming. It's post-apocalyptic. The art is great for the most part and some of the stories are great. Daredevil #612: still pretty great. Dead Man Logan #1: not bad Fantastic Four #4: This is the most I've ever liked Dan Slott's writing. It's concerning. Heroes in Crisis #3: still good. Ironheart #1: not a fan of the art, or the character redesign. I'm out. Justice League Odyssey #3: I was really under the impression that Sejic did the art on all of these. He doesn't I'm out. Marvel Two In One #12: a sweet story of Invisible Woman and Human Torch. Old Man Hawkeye #11: really good. Return of Wolverine #3: pretty good. The Warning #1: This was pretty good. I'll give it one more. Issues: 255 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 5 Graphic Novel: 7
  15. The scene in front of the mirror was actually entirely Ted Levine's idea. He auditioned and they were like "thank you." Walking out, he was like "I did have another angle," and they were like "show us." He left the room and came back in naked with that moment.
  16. Possessor/Hellbenders/Scare Me/ The Shed: reviews forthcoming. Features: 92 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  17. Train of the Dead: review forthcoming, but yikes. Paper Tiger: this is classic Bill Burr. So good. Lucy: somehow managed to never watch it. The premise turned me off because the "humans only use 10% of their brain capacity" thing is just plain made-up bullshit. If I recall, this was around the time of Under the Skin, so I guess Scarlett wanted to go for the "alien" character during this era of her career. It's a stupid movie, but it's beautiful. It's also very scattershot in its editing. I guess I understand what they were going for injecting the images of the wild, but it felt very unnecessary. Min-Sir Choic is always rad. Features: 88 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 13 Rewatches: 3
  18. I was majorly into her when I saw Dazed & Confused at thirteen. For a couple years. Not even that could save Chasing Amy for me.
  19. Daniel Isn't Real: review forthcoming. Lots to talk about with this one, though. Features: 86 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 3
  20. Haven't seen Clerks 2 either. I don't plan to. I was turned off of Kevin Smith movies long before that. I think he's a decent guy (when he isn't constantly talking about smoking pot or having anal sex with his wife...which used to be a lot), but his movies are awful. Almost across the board.
  21. El Diablo #1-6: this was the miniseries from several years back, re-establishing the character in the DCU as more of a Ghost Rider analogy. It's quite good in parts. Hester and Parks on art is, as always, a delight. Pestilence A Story of Satan #5: low-key contender for one of the best horror comics of the past few years that no one knows about. Finally got to the end. Good shit. Spider-Force #2: this is incomprehensible. The Last Space Race #2: still pretty good. Punisher #4: still fucking great. Uncanny X-Men #2: not the greatest. Hope it evens out. Weapon H #10: still a sleeper for Marvel. Weapon X #26: this is not where I would have guessed this series goes, but it's fun. Books of Magic #2: pretty decent. I'll give it another issue or two. Injustice Gods Among Us Year Three Complete Collection: This veers into the magical side with Constantine (on Batman's side) has to deal with Superman who has The Spectre's support. He does so by kidnapping Raven (on Superman's side) and then telling Trigon that it was Superman who kidnapped her. It's kind of the perfect Constantine story in the bigger DCU. Issues: 244 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 5 Graphic Novel: 7
  22. Thor Ragnarok: having watched it again, I'm certain it is the most comic bookish of all the MCU films. It takes Planet Hulk, Contest of Champions and about seven separate Thor storylines and combines them into a fun movie that moves at a great clip. Solid. Features: 85 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 3
  23. Honey Boy: Shia Labouf wrote a movie about his relationship between him and his dad during his days as a child actor, and a second timeline of the fallout of such an existence.And he's playing his father. Lucas Hedges is playing grown up him and it really feels like he's doing a bit of an impression. Still pretty great though. On top of headlining two of my favourite movies of the year, he's really stepped up front as a great actor and filmmaker. The ending is a little abrupt, but a beautiful film nonetheless. Features: 84 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 3
  24. We Summon the Darkness:reviewed on this week's episode. Regardless of how good it is, it gets the Daddario bump. Babysitter: Killer Queen: probably reviewing this soon, but Will ain't wrong. Bill Burr Walk Your Way Out: It wasn't lighting me on fire, but the second half is VERY strong. Some of the best of Burr's work, IMO. Features: 83 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 12 Rewatches: 3