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  1. <applause> Well done, sir. I both love and hate this series. Love it because of the great ideas and the well-needed shot in the arm it would give Marvel. I hate it because I actually get excited about some of the stuff you're talking about...The Ellis Secret War thing? Perfect! Ostrander on Omega Flight? Gold! Suicide Squad remains my favourite series of all-time and I consider it the first modern comic series. Of course, a nice long run by Ostrander on OF would allow me the time to establish myself in the industry and take over for him when he leaves;) What If? I'd love to see it back but I'm not sure if I'd like to see 6 issue runs, especially by Ennis who seems to decompress everything so much these days you can barely get through a character tying their shoelaces before the issue is over. I like the tight stories of the older What If?'s (IE: What if Vision destroyed the Avengers?, and What if the Second Richards child had lived? or whatever it was called.) I anxiously await the DC version. Seeing as you're a little biased towards Marvel (something I've picked up, I might be wrong) I'm expecting even better shake-ups.
  2. When I was a kid, we took a jaunt across the border to stay at our neighbour's summer home and went to Fred Meyer to get one treat each. I picked the Nintendo cereal (with two separate bags of cereal: Zelda and Mario!!!). I opened both bags and mixed them together for what had to be the unhealthiest breakfast ever.
  3. Matt? I thought the kid's name was Mika?!
  4. looks great but I'm not sure it'll knock Detective Chimp off of my desktop... but it looks soooo nice. That Olivetti fella has got some chops.
  5. And yet this is the first time we see him or even know of him being mentioned? Agreed. Like Jessica. Love Hiro. Great to see him do some more saving. Mika? Wow...cool stuff.
  6. The ONLY way it'll work is if Smith loses a lot of weight and the play up the fact that is is a bit of an awkward looking fella. Gangly and all. He'd be channeling Vincent Price in that respect. Thanks for the comment Holacik! Don't be a stranger. And DO pick up that book!!! Try to get the edition with the short stories in the back matter. Excellent stuff. Incidentally, the screenplay I mentioned has been removed (no surprise there) but scrolling down to the last third of this page has the first few pages posted
  7. I KNEW that would be the banner image. It's my favourite yet!
  8. KOTOR was the first rpg I ever played. Loved it, played it twice but after playing the dark side warrior(very well, I might add) playing the light side consular was so damn hard.
  9. Dang you Yoda!!! If Hiro becomes a villain then my childhood will officially be ruined. He's the best TV character since...well...ever.
  10. I really want to go. I'm kidding. My parents live south of Toronto. I'm teaching summer school up until the first week of August and then we'll fly out there. I'll drive from Toronto. It's only 10 or 11 hours that way. If I were driving from Vancouver I'd go to San Diego.
  11. If all goes well, I'll be there this year. I only need a car. If I can convince my collaborator to drive we'll be there!
  12. I would have voted Fable if it was there but I haven't played the sequel. Halo is undeniably one of the biggest video games ever. It ushered in the modrn age where they are making more money than feature films.
  13. Best one yet! Casey on Iron Man is so obviously the only choice. I've always pictured Hulk as a horror book. Peter David and Sam Kieth's Mr. Hyde issue is one of the best horror comics ever published. I'd cut off a pinky to read Morrison on FF. The MCP thing is where you hit the nail on the head. The sales would be relatively consistent with the top-tier guys and the youngsters would be given the shot that the big two rarely gives new creators. <tips hat> Well done sir!
  14. I'm planning on introducing the wife to Night of the Living Dead and Nosferatu tonight. I used to go see the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra perform the live score to Nosferatu while the movie played on a screen behind them. Amazing. I'm too far away from Vancouver to do that now.
  15. Can't speak of Resurrection, but H20 was enjoyable. I like to pretend that the Myers story ended at Halloween II but if I had to pick any others from the series to be included then H20 would be it. Everything else is nothing but tripe dressed up in movie form. Resurrection had Busta Rhymes in a prominent role for God's sake!
  16. Myers has been called the Boogeyman since the first film and I happen to believe that his insanity as a child tapped into something primal a la the whole Samhain argument from the second film. Actually, He has been called "The Shape", not Boogeyman The Shape is a nickname that came up later on. He was called the Boogeyman first.
  17. Pinhead. It would come down to him and Jason. Pinhead would tear Jason apart and put him back together for eternity. It wouldn't be pretty. Freddy is dead but Pinhead is an outright fucking demon!
  18. Myers has been called the Boogeyman since the first film and I happen to believe that his insanity as a child tapped into something primal a la the whole Samhain argument from the second film.
  19. Here we go: Already in the works. Already being done. I will wait on this to hopefully coincide with the fifth being the message inherent in Diary of the Dead although I already have my ideas...I don't know if I've mentioned it but Romero's Dead Cycle is the greatest franchise of films period. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings included. It may be coloured poorly as I am in the minority of not liking Bruce Campbell and the vast majority of his movies. Again...two of my least favourite horror directors. Dead Alive has a chance and I may include the Evil Dead trilogy in a biographical type thingy. I will most likely be creating a subset of columns based solely on music. Scream queens, yes. A focus on those two, probably not but they'll certainly be included. This may be covered in the ultra-deluxe Sexuality and Horror extravaganza with my super special secret guest host. Just watched my first submission as far as screeners go. Look for it to be reviewed in November. My reviews will focus explicitly on foreign films, indies and classics. The Hills Have Eyes remake does not need press. These films do. Excellent idea sir!!! I'll stow this idea away. Three out of the four (if all goes as planned) November columns will focus on adaptations of certain authors/books. King will be one of them. I've been thinking about a Krueger column as the character is ripe for an analysis. I'm thinking of writing the prequel as a column in prose form. I may or may not do this. Hey, Miss Betsy Palmer was a handsome woman! Awesome Yoda! Thanks. Anyone else?
  20. I probably have enough to take me into February but I'd prefer writing what you want to read. I may need some help coming up with stuff. What do you folks want to read as far as essays/reviews/spotlights for horror/dark fantasy/scifi?
  21. And shite at acting. Have you seen 2001 Maniacs?
  22. Hey, at least this time they're writing scripts for Saw. In the case of Saw II it was under a different name until it was bought up and changed into a Saw film. It is interesting to see this kind of film pop up. Tobin Bell couldn't possibly require a big paycheque so he'll keep returning for the booster to his fame and the regualr cash flow. They'll keep using him to make these movies that cost extremely little to make and will obviously double the budget opening weekend. Like the eighties all over again with Robert Englund. I thought the first one was pretty passable and had some harrowing moments (the saw scene in particular as well as the pig-headed dude crawling around the car). Not too bad. I haven't bothered with the sequel because what more do you need to see.