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  1. Looks great! Makes it easy to see forum updates as well as new articles. Well done.
  2. How about Kirkman calling out McFarlane? Kirkman has balls and is so totally awesome.
  3. Thanks. Funnily enough it was my Dad who bought the whole outfit. My Dad spent the better part of my young life telling me I was wasting my money on comics and now he's contributing to a mini-fanboy in the making.
  4. The true identity of your friendly neighbourhood Spider-man: my son!
  5. Listening to the show now and wanted to commend you on the note on the SUV thing. Well done, sir!!! I was doing promo for the Sounds of the Underground tour last summer and handing out sampler CDs and stickers for bands that were playing the show or at least in the metal genre. Each bag contained a CD and about 30-40 stickers) There was a guy in a brand new Lincoln Navigator who parked beside me when I was unloading my stuff and totally thrashed my door. I fucking hate that! If you can't get out of your car without causing $100 damage to a car that was already there (and parked inside the lines) then don't fucking park there! I did what I usually do and sat in my car seat and booted my door open into theirs and caused a sizeable mark in his door. Feeling vindicated I moved my car (because free parking for promo people was around the corner) a little bit upset that I wouldn't get to see his reaction. Apparently, there was also damage done to the surrounding cars who parked there after I did (it was a day-long festival and had in/out privileges). We handed out all of our stickers/CDs after the show (800 baggies of them!!!) and on our walk back to the car I noticed that the guy's truck was entirely covered with stickers. I'm talking over the door handles and windshield and everything. Call me bitter and evil but I have rarely felt happier. Anyway, I don't get to go to Cons due to where I live but great show nonetheless. Des
  6. My GL idea is fully thought out. I take it whether or not this next one will be GL that you will be doing a GL one in the future. I'll gfet around to putting it on paper in the next few days....what's the word limit?
  7. Whatever the consensus is. Green Lantern sounds good to me but I'll ultimatize anybody.
  8. I'd be willing to throw in if I wouldn't be stepping on any toes.
  9. Yep...I'm totally psyched for this show. It's probably the only new show I'm interested in since I realized that Jericho is Lost...in Kansas. The ad I saw with the Japanese guy stopping the clock with his mind was awesome. I hope the powers are downplayed and take a slow build. I don't want this show to be ruined by shitty special effects. Is the prsioner character still involved or was he written out? I remember hearing about a prisoner who wakes up outside the prison...
  10. Dread

    WildStorm reborn

    I am all about WildCats and Authority by Morrison. The Authority sucked under Robbie Morrison and had a total revamp that was unneeded by Brubaker. I hope Morrison does some undoing of all that. I liked the original Doctor soooo much. WildCats I haven't read since shortly after the Killer Instincts crossover with CyberForce. I couldn't really get into the whole 3.0 thing but maybe if I get a whole wack of cash that I don't sink into my brand new mortgage payment I may pick up the trades. I'll check out Stormwatch because I loved the entire run (except for the lull between the whole Despot thing and Ellis' run. I also have a killer proposal for the third wave or so of Wildstorm.
  11. Ugh...even thinking about them makes me hurt. I like to pretend they were never made, or that Infinite Crisis did one good thing and wipe them out of existence. It was an attempt to be schmultzy for the first Father's Day after Robin's dad died and was a really good idea. However, it turned into Rob Liefeld's "Gee, how can I pose the characters in a weird way so I don't have to draw their feet on this page. In fact, it was a cheap attempt to get him drawing Hawk and Dove again (the only thing of his that still stands as quite good in my books). I have heard that Liefeld has the tendency to turn pages in very late with an entirely different story than the script he was handed, forcing the writer/editor/mailroom attendant to rewrite the script. Liefeld, in my opinion, is everything bad about comics. He represents, on one end, the style over substance era of the nineties and its ugly counterpart the moneymaking grab and go era of the nineties. He's like Michael Turner and Todd McFarlane all rolled into one with the storytelling ability of Chuck Austen.
  12. I don't really have anything against Liefeld but I still think it was him and not Gail Simone who wrote that godawful throwaway Titans story.
  13. Check out the whole pilot show here and take the survey. I haven't watched it yet but I happen to believe the comic is the best thing Mignola's done (and I like Mignola!).
  14. By the way, thanks for the mention and the kind words about the story idea. I only hope you aren't let down when you get to read the actual story. For a six page origin story/set-up story I'm pretty proud of it. On the other Superman comments: I forgot to mention Supes drinking reminded me of the piss-poor drunken evil Superman from Superman III. The spying thing? You're right, totally not Superman. Batman maybe but not Superman.
  15. Dang! That one's not it either. It's funny that all of these anime vampire stories have mutilated hands as part of the mythos. Odd. Thans for starting the thread Mike!
  16. The more and more I think about it, the more and more I like the idea of a rant show. It may not be episode 50, but there's a good chance we might have an all-rant episode à la the all-vampire, all-Muppets and all-cartoon shows we've already produced. Cool. If 50 isn't the rant show then how about a "50 favourite" things episode? 2 hours, countdown from 50 to 1 (being nice enough to compromise with Jenny of course) describing why you love these things (comics, characters, stories, novels, video games, toys, statues, etc....)
  17. Being my favourite topic I'm totally in this one!!! In the coming months I will have a podcast of original horror themes. Cool! Are you just going to play the themes on the air, or are you going to give the history behind them as well? Right now the idea is to just podcast the theme and give the history on the accompanying site (podomatic for example). I'll be doing the theme and variations on the theme.
  18. Being my favourite topic I'm totally in this one!!! In the coming months I will have a podcast of original horror themes.
  19. Does that leave the door open for listener rants?
  20. I will second Senor Fetch! I'll even contribute an mp3 for this one! I know you're all gnashing at the teeth to hear my opinion
  21. I was pretty pissed when I heard about this project. It is pretty close to something I've had in development for like 4 years! It is still different enough to go through with it but it made me a little bitter getting close to an earlier experience I had when Fables came out. I had an idea virtually the same as Fables just a few months before Fables got published.
  22. Last month, in Civil War #2, Spidey shocked the world when he outed himself as Peter Parker. Now, it's time for Spider-Man to really come out. Catch the year's most important story in next month's "Civil War: Tanlines" oneshot.