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    WildStorm reborn

    I am all about WildCats and Authority by Morrison. The Authority sucked under Robbie Morrison and had a total revamp that was unneeded by Brubaker. I hope Morrison does some undoing of all that. I liked the original Doctor soooo much. WildCats I haven't read since shortly after the Killer Instincts crossover with CyberForce. I couldn't really get into the whole 3.0 thing but maybe if I get a whole wack of cash that I don't sink into my brand new mortgage payment I may pick up the trades. I'll check out Stormwatch because I loved the entire run (except for the lull between the whole Despot thing and Ellis' run. I also have a killer proposal for the third wave or so of Wildstorm.
  2. Ugh...even thinking about them makes me hurt. I like to pretend they were never made, or that Infinite Crisis did one good thing and wipe them out of existence. It was an attempt to be schmultzy for the first Father's Day after Robin's dad died and was a really good idea. However, it turned into Rob Liefeld's "Gee, how can I pose the characters in a weird way so I don't have to draw their feet on this page. In fact, it was a cheap attempt to get him drawing Hawk and Dove again (the only thing of his that still stands as quite good in my books). I have heard that Liefeld has the tendency to turn pages in very late with an entirely different story than the script he was handed, forcing the writer/editor/mailroom attendant to rewrite the script. Liefeld, in my opinion, is everything bad about comics. He represents, on one end, the style over substance era of the nineties and its ugly counterpart the moneymaking grab and go era of the nineties. He's like Michael Turner and Todd McFarlane all rolled into one with the storytelling ability of Chuck Austen.
  3. I don't really have anything against Liefeld but I still think it was him and not Gail Simone who wrote that godawful throwaway Titans story.
  4. Check out the whole pilot show here and take the survey. I haven't watched it yet but I happen to believe the comic is the best thing Mignola's done (and I like Mignola!).
  5. By the way, thanks for the mention and the kind words about the story idea. I only hope you aren't let down when you get to read the actual story. For a six page origin story/set-up story I'm pretty proud of it. On the other Superman comments: I forgot to mention Supes drinking reminded me of the piss-poor drunken evil Superman from Superman III. The spying thing? You're right, totally not Superman. Batman maybe but not Superman.
  6. Dang! That one's not it either. It's funny that all of these anime vampire stories have mutilated hands as part of the mythos. Odd. Thans for starting the thread Mike!
  7. The more and more I think about it, the more and more I like the idea of a rant show. It may not be episode 50, but there's a good chance we might have an all-rant episode à la the all-vampire, all-Muppets and all-cartoon shows we've already produced. Cool. If 50 isn't the rant show then how about a "50 favourite" things episode? 2 hours, countdown from 50 to 1 (being nice enough to compromise with Jenny of course) describing why you love these things (comics, characters, stories, novels, video games, toys, statues, etc....)
  8. Being my favourite topic I'm totally in this one!!! In the coming months I will have a podcast of original horror themes. Cool! Are you just going to play the themes on the air, or are you going to give the history behind them as well? Right now the idea is to just podcast the theme and give the history on the accompanying site (podomatic for example). I'll be doing the theme and variations on the theme.
  9. Being my favourite topic I'm totally in this one!!! In the coming months I will have a podcast of original horror themes.
  10. Does that leave the door open for listener rants?
  11. I will second Senor Fetch! I'll even contribute an mp3 for this one! I know you're all gnashing at the teeth to hear my opinion
  12. I was pretty pissed when I heard about this project. It is pretty close to something I've had in development for like 4 years! It is still different enough to go through with it but it made me a little bitter getting close to an earlier experience I had when Fables came out. I had an idea virtually the same as Fables just a few months before Fables got published.
  13. Last month, in Civil War #2, Spidey shocked the world when he outed himself as Peter Parker. Now, it's time for Spider-Man to really come out. Catch the year's most important story in next month's "Civil War: Tanlines" oneshot.
  14. If I was to describe Superman Returns in one word: lacklustre. Or how about: predictable? I liked it. Kevin Spacey was brilliant and really chewed up the screen time that he had but Routh was wooden (let's face it, not chosen for his acting chops) and Bosworth was just plain annoying. Kal Penn, a great comedic actor, had no lines. He was simply there to show that no matter how evil Luthor is he isn't racist in his henchmen hiring practices. By the way, he was the only non-white person in the entire movie as far as I could tell. Is Metropolis that whitebread? Say what you like about Superman III but at least it starred Richard Pryor. I know that this was a set-up but i wanted more danger. I want Luthor to come back and build a 60-storey robot or, better yet, use the blood on the kryptonite shard to clone a monster like Doomsday for the second movie. I really just wish they'd use Kevin Smith's script instead of the one they did. It was a Superman movie but fell into mediocrity somewhere between the greatness of Superman II and III. 4/10
  15. Killing Joke all the way. Dark Knight Returns and Death in the Family are close seconds for me.
  16. In your case, you should have laughed in their faces. An antiques store that sells comics should know exactly what it's worth. Detective Comics #268 F- $150 Nice return on that 10 bucks. It's actually Batman #110 which last had a listing price in the mid 200s if I'm not mistaken.
  17. I see this as more of an issue of age. Video game fans are getting older and therefore are becoming parents. When I was a kid I had Sega Entertainment System and my Dad was hooked on Choplifter. The same three levels in a row forever. I don't get it?
  18. Did not see this coming: You are Iron Man. Inventor. Genius. Businessman.
  19. I would, and have, bought it. From an antique store no less. I was on vacation and with family who decided to go antiquing (joy). This particular store had a comic for sale, for $10. They probably thought they were milking me for a sucker. This was the book: Featires the first Silver Age Joker appearance baby!!! Oh, and hello. This is my first post. I told Mike I'd register and i did. Des