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  1. Dude from Lovecraft Country is cast as Kang in Ant-Man 3. Looks like they're leaning into the time travel. Yikes.
  2. Yeah, I finished last night. Episode 9 might be the finest hour of television I've ever seen, setting up one of my favourite TV moments of all-time in episode 10.
  3. Good lord, the Watchmen show is incredible.
  4. Tucker & Dale vs. Evil: God...I watched this with my boys, and I've seen it before. But, I think this might be a perfect film. Features: 81 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 3
  5. The Stone King #1: forgettable. Uncanny X-Men #1: A decent fresh start. I just hope it's more cohesive going forward. William Gibson's Alien 3 #1: The only good version of this movie is the original theatrical version, and even that kind of sucks. Smooth Criminals #1: also forgettable. Awful art. Black Hammer Age of Doom #7: Kirby homage is Kirby homaging American Carnage #1: Nawww...I'm good. Bettie Page #1: This is the last BP comic I'll ever read. Crimson Lotus #1: ugh...not good. GI Joe Silent Option #2: ok High Heaven #3: this should be up my alley, but it just isn't good. Infinity Wars Ghost Panther #1: terrible. Infinity Wars Sleepwalker #3: still not bad. Justice League Dark #5: really fun. LIghtstep #1: forgettable Marvel Knights #2: this better end well because it's building incredibly well. Thunderbolts vol 2 Red Scare: fuck, this series was a sleeper. It's so good. Issues: 230 Trades: 13 Omnibus: 4 Graphic Novel: 7
  6. Add to the fact that he acted in basically every single movie we know him from while fighting a very aggressive form of cancer. The guy really was a hero. Fuck cancer. RIP.
  7. I contend the only thing wrong with the remake is it not being titled Kung Fu Kid. Setting it in China and having him practice kung fu is peak Hollywood "they're all the same-ism." That said. Taraji P. Henson. So it's balanced out.
  8. The Friends of Eddie Coyle: revisited my favourite crime film for a guest spot on someone else's podcast. I watched it twice today. Features: 80 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 3
  9. Yeah, I've since gone back and looked at a bunch of this stuff. Guy's a major athlete being entirely wasted by WWE. Same old story.
  10. I first saw him as Prince Puma in Lucha Underground and I was shocked (and still am) about his standing suplex. It's the most amazing physical feat I've seen other than The Mountain beating strength records set during the eddaic sagas. Here, he's doing it to Rey Mysterio, but he did it to guys who were a lot taller and heavier than him. A lot.
  11. Note that Chris and I are agreeing about a superhero movie.
  12. I thought he was cool as White Rabbit in Lucha Underground, but I haven't checked out NXT yet. I realized I get that too, so I'll be watching this week.
  13. Rumour I heard is Aleister Black (who's rad) is coming back with a new gimmick.
  14. So, I got free cable for two years and started watching wrestling again. Am I missing something? Is there a reason Smackdown's roster is so stacked and Raw's is full of guys I have no idea who they are?
  15. they're not using any of Whedon's footage and it's four hours long. Fuck everyone who said "there isn't enough footage for a movie" I'm in. Hard.
  16. Haha! It definitely gets better animation and story-wise halfway through season one (with the introduction of Doom).
  17. That rape joke in season 2 (I believe?) is top ten hardest I've laughed in my life. "My wife would be very uncomfortable with the amount of raping I'm doing versus pillaging." Something to that effect. Just watched the first two episodes of the 1994 Fantastic Four animated series. I got it and the X-Men discs in the mail today. They're corny AF but still kind of fun. That theme song though...yikes.
  18. Oh cool. I'll see if it's on Prime in Canada, because I've got that. Maybe the boys want to watch it with me.
  19. Peanut Butter Falcon: a beautiful film. Big MUD vibes. I'll be shocked if I see a movie this year I like more. Features: 79 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  20. They're both great. But Winter Soldier is a really good film. You can't say the same about First Avenger. It's patchy, weirdly paced and a little goofy. I still love it. But Winter Soldier is the best thing the MCU has come up with.
  21. Project Power: this was really fun. It's what I want to see more of: new shit. I mean, the idea isn't new because it's basically 1/12th Hourman, but Jamie Foxx is a fucking star. I love that guy. Levitt's alright, and the little girl is pretty great too. Great depiction of superpowers. Solid action directing. I'd rather see a sequel to this or Bright than any of the current Marvel slate. Features: 78 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  22. Running Man: still jonesing for a slab of sci fi cheese from Schwarzenegger/Ventura after The Predator swerve, the boys and I watched this the other night. What a shitload of fun. Very prescient. Features: 77 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  23. I loved First Avenger. I loved Ragnarok too. But they don't stand up to GOTG for me. It was the true diversion from the Marvel playbook. A space opera with a cast of essentially unknown characters that, for better or worse, affected and influenced every MCU film to follow.
  24. Dread

    DC Purge

    I'm not happy about any of this. Except Bob Harris. Fuck that guy. This is devastating for the comic book industry.