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  1. I, Tonya: just an attempt to catch up on some stuff that I missed, and boy did I miss this one! This was great. Some of the skating scenes are very CGI, but the acting is incredible all around. Funny, smart, heart-felt. In Search of Darkness: a four hour documentary about 80s horror. It has its moments. Features: 72 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 11 Rewatches: 2
  2. Fast Company/Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde: reviews forthcoming Features: 71 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 2
  3. It's one of the best comics being published right now.
  4. Ant-Man is in the running for the worst villain in an MCU film (which is saying a lot), completely wastes the idea of his powers (I mean, come on! Honey I Shrunk the Kids is more inventive and entertaining). About the only thing it has going for it is Rudd. Guardians 2 is fun as fuck. Also loved seeing the original Guardians.
  5. Ragnarok is one of the best MCU films. Period. I agree with Mike on that one. IM2 goes down like a very hard poop.
  6. I don't like Endgame, but it's better than TIH.
  7. X-Men Red #9: still great. Avengers Halloween Special: awful Batman Secret Files #1: this was mostly pretty bad. Some great art though. Daredevil #610: still great. Deathstroke/Yogi Bear Special #1: I can't stress enough how fun this was. Edgar Allan poe's Snifter of Terror #1: not good. Extermination #4: great! Green Lantern/Huckleberry Hound Special #1: this is a great examination of race and police brutality. Recommended reading...weirdly. Heroes in Crisis #2: did people hate this? This is really good! Hex Wives #1: awful. Ice Cream Man #8: so fucking good. Justice League Dark and Wonder Woman Witching Hour #1: really good. Man-eaters #2: ehhh, I think I'm out. Marvel Two-In-One #11: great. Multiple Man #5: solid ending. Nightwing/Magilla Gorilla Special #1: pretty good. Old Man Hawkeye #10: pretty good. Old Man Logan #50: great ending. Planet of the Apes The Time of Man #1: nawww Sex Death Revolution #1: I'll take "comics that don't come anywhere near living up to their title for 400 please alex." Spider-Force #1: I have no fucking idea what's happening, but I'll give it another. Superman/Top Cat Special #1: awful Uber Invasion #17: so great. Vault of Spiders#1: no thank you What If Magik Became Sorcerer Supreme? #1: this was good. Wytches Bad Egg Special: really fucking good. This is basically a graphic novel prelude to volume two I guess. X-Men Black Emma Frost #1: decent. Issues: 182 Trades: 12 Omnibus: 4 Graphic Novel: 7
  8. If it doesn't beat IM 2 there is no justice in the world.
  9. Haha! Might as well have given Iron Man a bye to the semifinals!
  10. Yeah, I laughed about that one. AM&W is near the bottom of mine.
  11. I'm close to finishing this episode, and am disagreeing with almost every placement. But I'm enjoying it a lot. "I don't like humour for the sake of a lack of imagination!" Thank you! But that's my problem with basically EVERY MCU film. haha!
  12. I loved this episode guys. Really fun. I really liked this show as a kid.
  13. I'm going with Thor TDW. The crazy space opera vibe (Krull meets Norse Mythology) was really fun for me.
  14. Dr. Strange was straight garbage. This was officially the easiest choice.
  15. This was the hardest choice yet. Captain Marvel gets the vote for being different. More of a fresh vibe. Also, for a character I really couldn't give a shit about in the comics, the movie did a good job of making her interesting.
  16. I enjoyed Homecoming, but there's a real argument for Winter Soldier being the best the MCU has to offer.
  17. Damn...I would have written the fuck out of Chris Benoit meeting Wolverine.
  18. haha! Yeah, pretty much. Back to back nights though
  19. Same. Haha! Both are bottom of the barrel for me.
  20. I'm not a fan of either films, but Killmonger is probably the MCU's best villain so I went with BP.
  21. GOTG showed that the MCU could do something different. IM3 is an awful film.
  22. IT Chapter Two: watched this with the oldest the other night and it's pretty damned good. The monsters look more cartoonish in this one, but I really enjoyed the casting and the take on the novel. It's less faithful than the first, but appropriately so. Anchorman: again. Oldest wanted something lighter after IT. Haha! Features: 69 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 2
  23. They spent five movies putting the Avengers together and then spent half of the Avengers movie putting the Avengers together. My vote is for the one I dislike less. Mainly for that airport fight.
  24. Cold Skin/Valentine: Dark Avenger/Howl: reviews forthcoming. Features: 68 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 1
  25. The Return of Captain Invincible: review forthcoming Monster Squad: finally was able to get this on Blu Ray after my DVD special edition went missing. Not features on the BR though. That's a bummer. Movie looks good. Features: 65 Shorts: 2 Documentaries: 10 Rewatches: 1