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  1. Is it just me thinking that the villain will be Pym? Not full on evil villain though, but one that can be redeemed at the end by Lang taking on the suit and winning the day
  2. If we're talking London features, people may want to go onto Google Maps and do a search for Earls Court station and have a look at a certain blue box
  3. Nice surprise seeing John Barrowman on the show
  4. Coulson being off on a secret mission within Shield would be a good starting storyline for the show, have one of the new recruits be a mole and this be Fury's way to find out
  5. I doubt the children will appear again, especially as the girl features in one of the popular UK soaps Coronation Street
  6. More progression to the Bruce/Damian story so its awesome news, the main thing I like about DC currently
  7. The singing during the credits is AWESOME
  8. Batman fights a shark? hmmm memories
  9. I liked the episode but not for the last episode of the series, also they kinda made the ending very predictable
  10. All of Cap's brothers in arms are dead?
  11. I think they were hinting at it too much for it to actually happen, if that makes sense
  12. Didnt really like the episode until the last 10-15 minutes for some reason, and it was then that after a comment from Rory to the Doctor that I think Rory will somehow become the next doctor
  13. 2 things popped up similar to last weeks episode, something else put in a cupboard and another reference to something being bigger on the inside, not sure if its leading to anything but just stood out to me while watching
  14. Anyone else noticed that they have the red symbol on all of their uniforms but no Thundercat symbol on it like in the original? I wonder if thats going to change later in the show as for some reason it keeps sticking out for me after just watching some of the original show lol
  15. Can't see them from the UK
  16. For some reason Apes is something that I will always give a chance to and get hyped about
  17. Shame that Robs not in the movie any longer was a massive step for a really good guy
  18. Mull

    Fantastic Three

    I was going to guess at Reed being the person to die and Namor stepping in agin to replace him, think it would be interesting with him as the leader and also acting as a father figure to the kids maybe and seeing them alter slightly for a possible Reed return in the future. But with the Illuminati returning im unsure as to it being him now
  19. What was with the Incredible Hulk tones? Doctor with glasses can become an angry large monster that looks similar to begin with to the Hulk and then Kid Flash makes a comment about 'the incredible bulk' or something similar? Seemed weird when I heard that especially
  20. Cant stop laughing at the most recent Thunderbolts issue and more specifically one panel of Cage walking away, cant remember the page but the guy is drawn horribly as if he has just suffered a stroke and no-ones noticed lol Please someone find a picture of it
  21. I thought it was going to be your second guess when the box opened or
  22. Bit of a random question but when River was talking to the large blue guy at the beginning of the episode and they brought in a box mentioning it could have been brought in without the wrist, were they hinting at a certain someone? I doubt that person will appear in the finale but dont really want to mention them by name incase its a spoiler lol
  23. Sorta takes the mystery and wonder out of it all if his companions know everything about him and his previous adventures. I was just thinking of reminding her about Rory
  24. How come the Doctor hasnt used the headbutt trick on Amy?
  25. I actually thought it was abit of a meh episode actually, nothing really got progressed in terms of building for the finale soon apart from the odd few lines of dialogue. And I expect next weeks to be more of the same sadly with James Corden