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  1. Because you're a fag. Then wouldn't I pick Batman due to how sexy he looks behind the wheel of the Batmobile? Yeah, thought so.
  2. Wait... you have DOUBLES of certain My Little Ponies toys??? NOW you can wait for the insults!
  3. Jason. Hell, I'd pick Jason over Batman.
  4. That's what you get for HAVING anime folders on your desktop (or anywhere)!
  5. I'll propose an "add-on" question, for those of you that keep them... When the weapon-like accessories all come attached together on the same mould (usually the whole thing is rectangular or circular shaped, if you don't know what I'm talking about), do you break each one free of it or do you leave the one piece intact?
  6. I used to watch the old one religiously, but I haven't seen even a second of the new one. Normally I wouldn't even vote, given my extreme lack of knowledge about one of the options, but when it's a "old ____ cartoon vs new ____ cartoon" poll, and the old cartoon was a good one, one really needn't see the new one to vote correctly. It's one of the only topics that works that way, but still. Old TMNT, no contest.
  7. If you're over ten years old, I have nothing but negative responces to that. Seconded (sorry!) Shit; there's another one I forgot. It almost redeems you for the Harry Potter thing, in fact!
  8. Definitely Bebop and Rocksteady, and they should've been in the movie. Tokka and Rahzar shouldn't have existed. I remember watching TMNT 2, and marking out when Shredder decided to make his own mutants, thinking it'd be them, then seeing a wolf and a turtle and being like "what the fuck?". Total letdown.
  9. The question is, would you want Peter or Spider-Man? Spider-Man. I think Parker would screw it up somehow. If we had a POTD, that would have been it. Oh what the Hell... Post of the Day!!! :respect:
  10. I always thought he was a bit of a cunt, personally.
  11. I'm the one to thank for that.
  12. ^ I knew I'd forget some.
  13. Two questions... Have you read Luigi's whole Bible? Have you read God's whole Bible? Exactly.
  14. Are you shitting me? My answer is a bit graphics-intensive, so bear with me... Does Sonic have his own Bible? No. Does Sonic have his own religion? No. Vote Luigi, and be saved!
  15. Yeah, I know it's cliche to have a "favorite movie" topic, but since the movie section is started, why the hell not? Mine, in no particular order... - Silence of the Lambs - Se7en - Fight Club - any Kevin Smith movie - Batman
  16. Looks pretty damn good to me. Excellent poster, too.
  17. Well, he DID cast him out of Heaven, after all.
  18. Especially when you consider what it's probably supposed to be. I've never been happier about a red X in my life.
  19. Yeah, pretty much. Nobody of this world can possibly have anything but the utmost contempt for that fucking dog.
  20. Blasphemy! Luigi will not stand for this. Tails is no match for His might! Seconded. Get your heads out of your Nintendo-endorsed asses. Tails has more greatness in one of his tails than Luigi does totally, that and Tails has a last name. I call bullshit: http://www.superpatriot.net/monticello/viewforum.php?f=137
  21. Blasphemy! Luigi will not stand for this. Tails is no match for His might! Seconded.