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  1. Good for you cos I'd find it very difficult. That said, I can't be touched as Link
  2. I'm not even familliar with the Punisher, in terms of stories or anything, but I'm very much looking forward to it. That said, Spiderman 2 will top that even more. Have yet to see Blade 2 so I'm not sure about Trinity. I do NOT want to see Catwoman because I can't begin to see how it relates to Batman at all - Halle Berry's character isn't Selina Kyle - and I don't think much of Berry anyway.
  3. I don't think I could ever do that. As much as it kills me not to be able to play Smackdown: HCTP and it's kick-ass career & match modes, I'm sticking by my guns.
  4. Post your own opinion. In my mind, Metroid Prime. Having never played a Metroid game before and not being a particular fan of shoot-em-ups, Metroid simply blew me away in terms of graphics, playability and the length of time it takes to get 100%. The controls took some getting used to, but otherwise, perfect.
  5. To be honest, I haven't played that much on the GC so I'll stick with what I know and say Metroid 2. Dare it surpass its godly predecessor?
  6. Can't understand the fuss made over it being cel-shaded - perhaps it didn't help that early demos of the game were enhanced 3D graphics. But it was a decent enough entry. It lacks being as great as Oracle of Time due to the ridiculous amounts of sailing, with the sea bits being VERY repetetive and not having enough dungeons.
  7. It is a great game, tho' it's little more than an update from the original N64 version. Why Jigglypuff stayed on the fighter list, I'll have no idea. One of the most useless fighters there.
  8. NES, it was my first console which I got when I was 5. My brother hogged it mostly tho' and he was 2!!! Perhaps that's what warped him....