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  1. It goes: Guardians of the Galaxy Captain America: First Avenger Thor: Ragnarok
  2. It's between Black Panther and Winter Soldier for me. Will ponder further.
  3. He probably still dislikes it. The real question is "Would you concuss yourself again over Batman 89? Especially bearing in mind you're now in your 40s?" Ahh, I love throwbacks!
  4. It's Iron Man. And I *will* judge anyone who votes otherwise.
  5. Guardians. New IP, executed almost flawlessly. Refreshing, visually sumptuous and gave people a new appreciation of the likes of Chris Pratt, Batista and Karen Gillan, never mind the conceptualisation of both Rocket and Groot. Not hamstrung by MCU continuity in any way and seamlessly found a way to incorporate its soundtrack into the fabric of the film. Infinity War is almost the opposite. Defined by MCU continuity, splintered into about 6 different focuses and disjointed as a result. Not a bad film, but a means to an end (Endgame).
  6. To the contrary, I like the Avengers sub-franchise and Age of Ultron is the worst of them! If I didn't have independent thought, then yes, I'd be swayed a drunken Canadian and a bookstore stacker*. I don't need a comics reading background, just an inherent belief that I am right, such is my national background which forges our ongoing political future/decemation! *I seriously hope that it isn't an inadvertently racist euphemism....
  7. Yeah, but to you that's a movie starring Jamie Foxx's Electro! ....I went there....
  8. Black Panther has a better narrative throughline and establishes a new featured character and his universe to a tee. I think the original Avengers movie is legitimately the best of that sub-franchise, but that doesn't beat an excellent singular-focused CBM - bear in mind Mystery Men or League of Extraordinary Gentlemen achieved exactly the same thing without needing movies leading into them. I'm not saying either film is better than The Avengers, but I think the latter relies on the characterisation heavy-lifting of the individual members' films, which MM/LXG cannot and therefore doesn't.
  9. The lesser Guardians film against a film that'll be over-praised for concluding the franchise-long arc (with time travel.......grrrrrrrrrr) I'm voting Endgame here, but can easily vote against it.
  10. I like Far From Home more than most, but The First Avenger comfortably beats it by my watch.
  11. Reading this thread back from when I attended in 2011, I am suddenly furious to find out that one of the fabled reunions of The Middleman happened here and I was completely oblivious! Granted, it'd be about 3 years until @Mr Mockery introduced me to The Middleman, but if ever there was a Sliding Doors moment...... Even more jarring, @dc20willsave was purportedly there!
  12. I don't think you can lay any of the story beats specifically at Waititi's feet as he was solely the director and has no official hand in the screenplay. That's not to say he doesn't have input, but I think you have to divorce the man from the critical reading of this movie. Ugh, the "critical reading of Thor: Ragnarok" - tragic occurences does not equal depth. God, I can't wait to vote against this garbage....
  13. Except the Guardians movies do tone better. And humour. And soundtrack usage. And direction. And pacing.
  14. I will say, even though I voted Ant-Man, I have to think Edgar Wright's version could have been potentially off the charts. But Feige, man....
  15. On the contrary, GOTG v.2 is in no way an improvement on the original and deserves marking down on that basis. The character work is there, but falls flat for me, and is more dramatic than the colourful character work in the original. Ant-Man does enough to stand out above it, whilst being, at best, an above average MCU film.
  16. But as mentioned elsewhere, I had to vote it over Iron Man 2. This will certainly be the last time, though....
  17. "This topic is locked, but your permissions allow you to add new replies." Thank you Super Mod-ship! The one thing I'll disagree with Mike, other than his vote, is this: I don't pretend to understand what "Spider-Man Humor" is - particularly as humour is spelled wrongly - but I don't equate the Peter/MJ Romance here as remotely the same as Tony/Pepper. Usually the latter is them talking over each other and usually arguing with one another. In the MCU, Peter is very much the gawky nervous guy and MJ is self-confident, whilst secretly betraying her liking for him, but the tone of the dialogue is much different. MJ being the "MCU snark dialogue" character is a fair criticism, but one I think Zendaya makes work. And other than the fact she plays MJ, I know fuck all about Zendaya. I am a British man in his mid 30s who thinks anyone who goes by a single name (that isn't an alias) is kinda pretentious.
  18. Those are the bottom 2 of my list! But yes, Ragnarok beat Iron Man 2 - I'm not insane.