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  1. He was officially diagnosed last year (by our medical provider, NOT the school district) and the district has been really slow on 1) admitting that autism is the cause of his emotional disturbance (which is how the district has chosen to classify him) and 2) moving him into a more restrictive (and structured) educational environment, which is something that he is sorely in need of. Now, he HAD been in a more restrictive Special Ed class from 2nd through 7th grades, in 8th he had an aide that stayed with him in class, but when he went to High School (when all the really serious issues started) he had NOTHING and BAM!!! Freak outs, meltdowns, fights (someone grabbed him and, since he does not like to be touhced) and assorted social interaction issues, it has just been one thing after another. The district basically stonewalled on the autism thing until one Special Ed school (for emotionally disturbed kids) interviewed us, took one look at him, and said "While we can certainly help with the agitation and depression, we cannot help with is autism symptoms..." They also told the school district and THEN it was, "Oh, you since he has AUTIMSM we need to... blah blah fucking blah." Yeah, nice that it took six frakking months to catch up here. California.
  2. Oh, it could (and should) be a very good thing. (I do love me some Cannon Group goodness, at times: Lifeforce, Death Wish III, Invasion U.S.A. et al) But in the case of The Losers, no. I just found the movie bland and lifeless, especially after having seen Kick-Ass the week before. Kick-Ass is no classic of cinema, but the movie had energy to it that made it a hoot to watch. Even my fiance loved Kick-Ass, and that is saying something.
  3. I am just really tired of having to deal with the school district in regards to the special needs of my teenaged (and autistic) son. I really need a vacation.
  4. This says it all: . That is pure poetry.
  5. The first one is a guilty pleasure, but I must fess up to loving Resident Evil: Apocalypse, if only because it has Jill Valentine and Nemesis (my two favorite characters from the game) in it.
  6. The only Who I have on DVD (at this time) are a sampling of the Tom Baker episodes: The Ark in Space Pyramids of Mars Robots of Death The Talons of Weng-Chiang and Horror of Fang Rock.
  7. Just polished off The View from the Bridge by Nicholas Meyer (light but fun) and am now plowing through Off Armageddon Reef by David Weber.
  8. Okay, so I saw the trailer and could only think: This looks like The Outlaw Josey Wales Adventures in the Outer Limits of the Twilight Zone. All right, I also thought it looked like someone, somewhere decided to base the movie on the style and tone of the Joe R. Lansdale scripted comics from the 90s. Maybe. I could be wrong. Very, very wrong. I'll see it because 1) I am totally interested and 2) I have an unapologetic man-crush on Josh Brolin. I could watch him in anything.
  9. I have a bad feeling about this. (But I will try to adopt this strange and painful position known as "Optimism.")
  10. The director claimed that was the reason for the film's delay (it was originally slotted to open against Kick-Ass). "They" (he and the producers, etc.) saw Avatar and had what could best be called an "Oh crap" moment. So they pulled the movie to do some digital effects "touch ups" and "improve" the 3D to try and make the visuals kind of as good/cool as they were in that film.
  11. My inner child went "YAY!!!!!" when I saw the trailer. So, yeah...I will be making contribution to the film's opening weekend box office tally.
  12. At long last, something to double bill with THE CAR.
  13. From what I have heard/read/seen my prediction (these aren't spoilers as much as plot guesses based on the trailers and interview blurbs I have read ) of the movie's plot arc is as follows: 1. Earthquake in the opening minutes (during which Richard Dreyfuss becomes first victim) 2. Spring break boating "friends" on the "other side of the lake" are second victims of piranhas. (I think the canonball footage and girl trapped on boat clip comes fro this part) 3. Investigation uncovers Piranha (Doc Brown, exploration of rift) and an attempt to close lake is made. 4. Spring break massacre (this is where the "what I have read" portion comes into play, as this is the major set piece of the film and may earn a world record for "bloodiest scene in film history" as Aja reportedly pumped a tanker full of biodegradeable red dye into the lake). Director Eli Roth evidently gets a nice send off and (I'm guessing) Jerry O'Connell gets one as well. 5. Shue and stud scientist guy head onto the lake to do battle.
  14. The "full" trailer debuted last Friday and should be attached to the appropriate PG-13 and R rated summer movies. I think it both expands upon and "plays" better than the jokier teaser (that still hasn't been given an "official" release). While certainly playful (Christpoher Lloyd is pretty much doing his Doc Brown for this movie) the trailer makes vague hints that there will be blood. Lots and lots of blood.... Hope this link goes up:
  15. I think it looks dumb... IN THE MOST INCREDIBLE & AWESOME KIND OF WAY!!! Finally, something other than Iron Man 2 and Piranha 3-D to be interested in this summer.
  16. On the genre front: I enjoyed Shutter Island, Kick-Ass & Mother very much. Non genre: La Mission was excellent and Oceans was rather nice. The Losers should have put the Cannon Films logo at the beginning, as it was indistinguishable from the low-rent drive-in dreck it was releasing in the 1980s.
  17. I heard about it back in January, when it evidently made a "big splash" at Sundance, and have been hoping that it would get some kind of release. Looks like it will be going rather large, what with a major studio picking the film up and giving it a prime June 4th release date. I thought that I would have to wait for the inevitable direct to DVD dump in October. Here are a few really non-specific "spoiler" free reviews that talk about what a whacked out movie it is. With all the word dancing to avoid plot spoilers and descriptions of the movie being "insanely over-the-top" it sounds more and more like Stuart Gordon, David Cronenberg, and Frank Henenlotter got together to make a movie.
  18. I loved Cube and am incredibly stoked about this. According to one review that I scanned the advertising campaign for the film is rather misleading, as it is far more perverse than the typical "gotcha" monster flick the trailer makes it appear to be.
  19. I know what's not better, getting married to a doctor. I asked Dr. Fiance about the 100% medically accurate claim and she basically stomped it flat. She tells me her medical knowledge ruins about 99% of all the movies that she sees.
  20. I predict: Best Picture: Avatar Best Animated Picture: Up Best Actor: Jeff Bridges Best Actress: Sandra Bullock Best Director: Kathryn Bigelow Best Supporting Actor: Christoph Waltz Best Supporting Actress: Vera Farmiga Best Screenplay: Quentin Tarantino Best Score: James Horner
  21. A wannabe auteur's self made killer bird movie lands a miraculous - albeit limited - theatrical release. Excuse me, but my jaw is bruised from dropping to the floor after watching that trailer and opening clip. Theatrical screenings? Really? On April 1st, no doubt. Official site.
  22. Chadzilla

    Episode 127

    No, she wasn't. Thank the Dear-Mythical-Lord for a very small favor.
  23. Chadzilla

    Episode 127

    Excuse me? How could she be in a movie where porno actresses are killed and fucked by a ventriloquist dummy; Where girls get pvc glue squirted in their faces to simulate a cum shot; Where an animated dummy pulls it's pants down, bends over and sprays liquid shit/acid that dissolves a door. She was in that movie and did it with a straight face and then decides she's embarrassed to be doing promotional appearances? Give me a break. You so got me there, dude. I'm just saying I remember them showing the trailer (which was really raunchy, go figure) and then the actress getting introduced, and her smiling rather sheepishly, waving, and looking like she wished she could just melt down through the floor. Why that was.. Oh, wait... I know why. There were some kids in the audience. (Kids that included my, at the time, 13 year old son.)
  24. Chadzilla

    Episode 127

    Wow, BDD sounds like the Greatest Bad Movie I will never see. It also reminds of when I saw a promo trailer for it at a science-fiction convention way back in 2007. One of the female leads was there, all I remember about her was that she was blonde and busty, and she looked so embarrassed to be there. The director of the film was this good natured black kid.