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  1. Dan O'Bannon, screenwriter of popular, if not legendary, genre fare as Alien, Blue Thunder, Dark Star, Dead & Buried, Lifeforce, the remake of Invaders from Mars, and Return of the Living Dead (which he also directed), has died. Damn.
  2. Hmm, have I ever posted that Piranha 3-D sounded good? Let me check my posting on that subject. Nope, no such comment on that thread. What I said about that film was: Not a strong statement of quality, that. My hope is to enjoy Piranha 3-D on the level of shoddy B-movie, which is all the original was, and I adore the original. From what I have read, the director is quite open about the film being an over the top horror-comedy (although, from some reports, the piranhas themselves aren't funny, the attacks are rather intense, in fact) and meant as nothing more than a diverting entertainment. Fine. I will also gleefully put down cash to see Bait 3-D, though that strikes me as being a DOA flick. Difference? My monster geek sense tingles with Piranha 3-D. It's telling me to kick back and laugh with the movie. My monster geek sense goes WTF!?! with Bait 3-D, but the Siren Song of Crap is strong when a movie sounds like Deep Blue Sea set in an underwater Wal-Mart. My sense is telling me I will laugh AT the movie. Big difference. But both are monster movies, so I am there. I always show up for the monsters.
  3. If you are at all like me, then you may have asked yourself at one point, “What would it be like to be trapped inside of a flooded supermarket that is attacked by pack of hungry sharks?” Oh, you haven’t asked yourself that question? Then I guess we aren’t all that alike, then. But you know who is? Russell Mulcahy, the acclaimed director of Razorback, Highlander 1 & 2, and Resident Evil: Extinction, that’s who. He’s signed on to make Bait 3-D, a soon to be filmed thriller about a group of people who become trapped inside of a supermarket and are then menaced by a psychotic bandit. But it gets worse! The group becomes further trapped when a freak tsunami floods the area and in swoops a pack of hungry tiger sharks eager to check out the menu in the now underwater neighborhood. Folks, this is what happens when you smoke too much weed while watching old discs of Jaws 3-D and Intruder back to back. Dude, where’s my Syfy movie?
  4. Yeah, James Cameron's illustrious cinematic debut was indeed Piranha II: The Spawning (or Piranha II: Flying Killers, depending on the print you see). "WE WANT FISH! WE WANT FISH! WE WANT FISH! WE...ARGH!!!"
  5. Piranha 3-D trailer description. I so hope that the 3-D trailer is attacked the IMAX 3-D screening of Avatar I'm taking the family to see this Saturday. It had better be.
  6. I'm going to toss my hat into the "I am starting to look forward to this" ring. Hopefully it will be a big piece of the gooey cheese that is heavy on the tomato sauce. EDIT: Looks like the trailer for it is going to debut in front of AVATAR!?!
  7. Loved it, John Carpenter closed the 80s with a winner, IMHO.
  8. At least they put the walking mops in it. The most I am going to hope for is that it will be entertaining.
  9. Classic Battlestar Galactica TPB Volume 1 I will not be reading Volume Two.
  10. David Cronenberg's 1986 remake of The Fly and Philip Kaufman's 1978 remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers get my votes.
  11. While at the Comic Book shop last night, talking with one of the guys about movies we were planning on seeing this weekend (him, Ninja Assassin, me, Invictus or The Princess and the Frog) we also touched on movies we had seen. 2012 came up and a woman in line whirled around and, with a huge n' happy grin on her face, snapped, "APOCALYPSE BUKKAKE!!!" To which I replied, "Exactly!" After I stopped laughing, that is.
  12. is getting a bigger boat.

  13. Chadzilla

    The Music Thread

    The Toxic Avenger musical soundtrack. While my favorite songs of the show were "The Legend of the Toxic Avenger" and "Bitch/Slut/Liar/Whore," the most emotionally powerful song is "You Tore My Heart Out." Damn, I choked up while listening to it. Also listening to some Hellsongs' Hymn in the Key of 666 (thank you Dread Media!) and, as usual, a smattering of film soundtracks.
  14. I watched the 1988 remake of The Blob on the flight back from NYC. It still rocks.
  15. Nice to know that Joe R. Lansdale has a story in Creepy #2, thus forcing me to spend more money.
  16. Chadzilla

    On Broadway

    Flew out to NYC for a whirlwind of Broadway (and off Broadway) shows this past weekend with the fiance. All were top notch, but I had the most fun at The Toxic Avenger. It captures the rude, crude and hilarious heart of the original Troma "classic," I recommend it unreservedly. It's the best horror-monster-comedy-musical since Little Shop of Horrors (stage version). The other three were God of Carnage (easily the best written play of the bunch), A Steady Rain (featuring incredible performances by Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman - Bond and Wolverine, live and on stage...GEEK BLISS!!!), and David Mamet's new play, Race, which was powerful and challenging. So looking forward to doing it again next year, I hope.
  17. Chadzilla

    Episode 118

    Thank you, and you are welcome. Although I do recommend borrowing the book, just to read the story N. So very good, that one. Just about everything else you can skip.
  18. As if I don't have enough expensive hobbies. Earlier this year, or in 2008, I bought two Mike Wolfer pieces. The comic book art was Widow's very first appearance in all of her eight legged and fanged glory. From issue three of Widow's Avatar run. Sweet. The other was just an presentation piece of Widow in a more human form. I bought them when I was single. Now that I am getting married again, I am wondering when I will be able to frame the comic art and display it in all of it NSFW glory. Methinks nekkid spider ladies won't be too popular with the future missus.
  19. I laughed out loud when the teaser for the next episode of BONES showed that Avatar was going to be a semi-major plot point in the episode. Nice marketing there, Fox.
  20. My favorite Christmas movies are The Legend of Hell House (it ends on Christmas Eve), Dead End and the mutant killer snowman movie Jack Frost.
  21. Chadzilla

    Episode 118

    Yeah, Nouvelle Vague's "Too Drunk To Fuck" is awesome. It popped up on the Planet Terror soundtrack and I just wanted to curl up with it and be its BFF. My fifteen year old son's reaction to hearing Hellsongs' cover of AC/DC's Thunderstruck was hilarious. "What happened to Brian Johnson!?! Put on some AC/DC, NOW!!!"
  22. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly issues one through five. Chuck Dixon writes one hell of a Spaghetti Western story, but it has nothing whatsoever to do with Sergio Leone's film of the same name, which is the evident inspiration for this new western title from Dynamite. It is closer in tone and style to Sergio Corbucci than it is to Sergio Leone. Christos Gage's Sinners and Saints story, from the first six issues of The Man With No Name series (from the same publisher) was a direct follow up to TGTB&TU, so this alternate title launch had me a tad confused. Where in the Leone continuity does Dixon's unnamed story take place, if at all?
  23. Chadzilla

    Episode 118

    Great episode, as usual. Thought your review of Manchester Morgue was spot on and the New Moon review was refreshing, although it doesn't make me want to rush out and see it. (If I am going to indulge in a Paranormal Romance, I'll just pick up one of the romances for my age group, thank you very much.) The only downside was this episode cost me money. After hearing that Hellsongs cover of "Seasons in the Abyss," I immediately downloaded the album from iTunes, and I really should be spending my money on Xmas presents right now!
  24. Theatrical viewing: The Blind Side and Fantastic Mr. Fox, the former was far superior to the latter. Although the latter was quite good. DVD viewing: The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. I really need to get myself a set of metal teeth.
  25. I went with Diamonds Are Forever, although The Man With the Golden Gun is neck and neck with it. Could not vote for either Moonraker or A View to a Kill, as they are my two favorite "guilty pleasure" Bond films. Nice irony, I am actually watching Moonraker as I type this.