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  1. Well, it looks like they are planning an awards show for anime. This would be interesting to check out. However, it is at the New York Comic Con. Anyways, they want fans to vote for the catagories they have awards for. Check it out.
  2. Who died? Here's the list of casualities so far: Here's a list of the casualities in the current series: Stamford incident casualties Approximately 600 residents of Stamford, Connecticut, including about 60 children Cobalt Man Coldheart John Fernandez (New Warriors' camera operator) Microbe Namorita Night Thrasher Speedfreek The three villains involved in the explosion (all but Nitro who caused the explosion) have not been confirmed dead or alive.* Subsequent casualties Abrams (A Superhuman Restraint Unit commander), killed during an attack on Nitro. Bantam (Rober
  3. I might as well check it out on Thurs
  4. Here's my list, thanks to the Network:
  5. Not at the level of the host club, already am a member of the society for the study of Modern Visual Culture. So I might as well join the SOS Brigade, because I like to do investigate the unnatural events. Karin (Karin / Chibi Vampire) or Hazuki (Tsukuyomi Moon Phase)
  6. Vegeta Reasons: - destroyed planets - Prince of Saiyans - Would stop anyone from killing Goku (because he wants to do that) - Wouldn't want to follow order unless he needs to If you were a student, Which teacher would you want to teach you and your class? Miyamoto Rebecca (Pani Poni Dash) or Suzuki Mika (Doki Doki School Hours)
  7. Since not much has happened in this section, I thought I would introduce a little game that I played in another board called Choices. Here's the rules: - there are two choices (person (people, places, or things) to choose from. - you cannot say both or none - after picking your choice, you must explain why you picked it - after all of that is done, you must continue the game by thinking of new choices - since we are playing it on here, it has to have the theme of anime or manga. Let's start: Spike (Cowboy Bebop) or Vash (Trigun)
  8. Since I missed last week on a fan question because I was suffering from post con syndrome. So let's make this con related. Besides anime, which of the three would you want to see the most at a con? 1. panels 2. cosplayers 3. dealers
  9. Since everyone got confused with the last one. Might as well put this one up. What are you favorite anime characters (male and female)? Me, for male it would have to be Eikichi Onizuka (G.T.O.), for female, it would be Aoi Sakuraba (Ai Yori Aoshi)
  10. 1. I'm referring to either Eiken or Aoi House 2. I'm referring to Midori Days 3. I'm referring to Princess Princess
  11. Out of the following, what would be the toughest to overcome and why? - being in a club that has a lot of girls doing what they like to do - having a girl as you right hand - being in an all boys school and being forced to crossdress I'll respond later with this one
  12. That character description is similar to Kazuharu Fukuyama from Girls Bravo
  13. Sonic 3 because it has some good music
  14. If you were in an anime, what anime would you be in and what would be your role in it? For myself, I would be in Ninja Nonsense as a ninja training Devil. Note: Please don't say Genshiken, Comic Party, Otaku No Yen, Cosplay Complex, or any other series about the otaku lifestyle, because that is plain lazy.