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  1. I'm feeling spontanious, so how about: Predator vs Wolverine Just a thought.
  2. Just keep it up. The storyline picks up several notches after a good long while.
  3. I'll take a stab at Kenshin Himura, kay?
  4. Yes I am. YOU! You're a disgrace to the name of Yoda! Rot in hell. :grumble:
  5. Yoda's still better than you...
  6. Yoda. Just because he couldn't beat Sidious, it doesn't mean that the Little Green Man can't do anything about Obi-Wan.
  7. Did I meniton that I sent in my list? Pyron is the only Video Game based character I put in there, because I was pulling my hair for villains, and I didn't want to go with Multiple Villains from one anime.
  8. Okay, so heres a question, you don't want characters from video games based on animes... What about characters from animes based on video games?
  9. I'm trying my hand at listing. Though I've tried to get a hero from 16 different animes and a villain from each of the same animes, it's really fucking hard to get good villains who aren't Anti-Heroes.
  10. Arguably the easiest to answer. Yoda.
  11. From the discussion thread: You wouldn't have a clue that happened. It's not movie. Was it a crime to mention it though? It's only the Novel Adaptation of the movie anyway... That said, I'm banking on Sidious.
  12. As a thought, according to the Episode III Novel, Mace Windu's Lightsaber Form, called Vaapad (Form VII), the user of the form draws from deep emotions, which takes them very good to the dark side. Mace Windu was a MASTER of Vaapad, meaning he was so good at it, that the Force Lightning (a Dark Side ability) practically went through him, not harming him at all, at least while he was weilding his lightsaber like a lightning rod, and extremely focused. Mace was essentially BEATING Palpatine in their duel, but was only defeated because of Anakin's interference
  13. The Force is telling us that whoever wins is gonna get owned by Vader.
  14. 1. The Hard Goodbye 3. The Big Fat Kill 4. That Yellow Bastard
  15. This one is pretty freaking hard... Seriously. Gonna need a while.
  16. Am I the only one who's loving how the little Vader face, upon beating Windu, is placed right above Anakin's face? Gold.
  17. Ack! Forgot to vote. My fault.
  18. Your point made. I stand by my vote, though. Dooku knocked Obi-Wan out of commision twice already, and if Anakin was never there, he could have killed Obi-Wan both times.
  19. Tyranus. You should read the Ep 3 Novel, and look at it from that perspective.
  20. Vader. For reasons already mentioned.
  21. Did I mention this movie ruled?
  22. That fight already happened in a MN* Comic. Ask Cash or Mike how it ended * (Morphine Nation) I want to see that. Clicky. You'll have to register etc. first to view it however. Already Registered. :cooldude:
  23. Over freaking controllers? This is a stupid lawsuit...
  24. BRILLIANT! And I'm gonna go watch it! WOOT!