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  1. Sorry to say that I did this within the last few years and it has aged terribly. Doesn't dampen my memories of playing the game but it has definitely been improved upon. There is a PC mod that integrates mouse/keyboard controls however...
  2. The series of Sony films with Marvel characters has been titled SPUMC In my mind this rhymes with 'Stomach'.
  3. The ending song is inspired. Great fun, chaps.
  4. The Zoidberg v Leo Spaceman debate has been rolling around in my head for a few days. Zoidberg has a history of some 'successful' procedures; Spaceman has been demonstrably helpful with characters with ridiculous medical desires. Neither know much about the human body or human medical conditions.
  5. I loved it. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Best splicing of two species since 'Daleks in Manhattan'.
  6. That looks fine in context with the ears. Show me dem ears!
  7. I can recommend the documentary 'Lemmy' on Netflix - decent mixture of awe-inspiring, pity enducing and jaw dropping. A ton of musical taking heads and lots of live performances to boot. Fun on a bun.
  8. Is it just me or is the forehead a bit oversized?
  9. For the record I don't mind a clever Gallifrey-based retcon - they seem like a staple.
  10. I don't think you'll miss out on too much by watching Spyfall first - just back story and relationship building.
  11. You stealthy bitch 😘
  12. Tbf you may have been more preoccupied by Matt Damon growing potatoes on Mars using shit, but she's there.
  13. OH GOD YOU'RE STILL ALIVE!!! The water-balloon idea worked!
  15. Goddammit, Don, these words stuck with me all the way through Joker! It looked great, was very well acted and was definitely an emotional experience. I almost started laughing at just how bleak it got - it was like War of the Worlds (2005) level!
  16. "It's hard to screw something up in 5 minutes." ...but proven possible this very week in an even shorter time span!
  17. He has the look of a man who has cucked James Marsden 👍