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  1. @Kscriv is right to mock you for your ignorance to two of the highest ranked games (and BAFTA winning games) of last year, @Stavros.
  2. Pan-dub

    Coming Out

    Wishing you all the best in your road ahead!
  3. Could talk about any of these for days. I'll shotgun Zelda and offer to collab with any system.
  4. No, video games are dangerous. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Phoenix Wright games for two weeks and started shouting OBJECTION! everywhere I went. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Zelda games for two weeks and started smashing every piece of crockery and pottery I could find. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Pokemon games for two weeks and started making animals fight. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Batman Arkham games for two weeks and started consistently blocking a third of the screen. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Grand Theft Auto games for two weeks and started shooting people indiscriminately. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but Call of Duty games for two weeks and started threatening to fuck everyone's mothers. I remember the madness I went through after playing nothing but King's Quest games for two weeks and started talking to an owl.
  5. My thoughts to date! 1) Sounds super interesting - would be interested in picking up the former. 2) This is one of those films that for me just seemed to exist and be either a joke or a reason to give some retro action stars a new gold-plated shark pool bar. It's interesting to actually hear an opinion. 3) I'll be honest - I was doubtful that two adults discussing Disney shows that I have no connection to would hold interest. I was mistaken - was a good listen! 4) Lol Green Hornet 5) I love how similar to ACFTCP this was - you guys have a great rapport 6) Great fun! Bring back FBOW with this as an extra little game 7) Don't be mean to my new buddy Cole! The film sounds stupid - I enjoyed your chat. Also: 8) On paper (as it were) this sounds akin to having Wolverine guesting in an episode of the Care Bears but you've done a good job explaining why this is a good read. 9) Only ever heard the orchestral version of 'Nothing Else Matters' as it featured as a music video on the Kerrang! music channel but I'm curious to find out more. I will have to listen to this at some point. 10) Your love of King (and E2) comes across really well! I started reading The Shining and would now like to continue 11) Always a pleasure to hear you chaps 12) A smorgasbord! I loved Diddy Kong Racing and have seen Fortune Street being streamed. 13) Kinky 14) I dig how excited Hannah is for these games but it confirms my theory that the series seems fairly impenetrable for me at the moment. 15) I had no idea that Jay Sherman was from a different show - I assumed he was OC or a real guy who was Simpson'd into the show. 16) Batman saved the Queen!? From Moriarty!?! 17) I'm pleased with how this came together - cheers Cole! Looking forward to the rest - congratulations all and God Bless Mike!
  6. My wife loves me them, although that's no mark of quality. From what I picked up while she was watching them they were fine enough, especially Atlantis which I remember there being a lot of good moments in.
  7. I had a blast with this!
  8. You may be aware that I'm a member of a Gilbert and Sullivan group here in Blighty. The group's in a bit of a pinch financially and so we're reaching out to fans and supporters across the globe. I therefore ask you to help towards our modest funding goal on our Go Fund Me page: If you could spare anything towards this it would be much appreciated. You might even end up with your name in the programme!
  9. Early thoughts: 1) "Dick is spot on." 2) The mental picture of Dan watching fast forwarded Batman porn is TOO funny. 3) I do hope the 'end' of the pornographic scenes had filthy words flying at the screen in true Batman '66 style... "SPLAT!" "SPAFF!"
  10. I've been stuck on the same bit of Dark Souls for about six months. When I occasionally give it another go I remember how frustrating and perilous every encounter feels. Then I turn off and play something fun.
  11. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle This was a load of silly fun. Excellent casting and well played by all. The 'kids' who're inside the avatars are by far the weakest link but there's a memorable "Oh shit, it's Colin Hanks!" moment to make up for it.
  12. I just finished playing 'The Sexy Brutale' which was recommended as part of Jim Sterling's end of year wrap up videos. It's a really interesting puzzle/drama game where you need to save guests of the titular hotel from being killed by the staff all on the same day. You aren't allowed to be in the same room as any other character and they all have set direction and action paths that match the time of day, so you have to skulk around, observe and listen to your surroundings to figure out how to stop the murders from taking place. Part Cluedo, part Majora's Mask, part Groundhog Day, part swing band concert. The thing that really makes this game for me is the music. It's a great game - heartily recommend. I believe it's currently on sale.
  13. - Dosh - 2x video game giftcards - Photo calendar feat pics of the three of us (mostly Evie) - A ukulele - Condenser mic + pop filter - Ross Noble ticket - The pleasure of seeing my family - Leftovers
  14. I wanna know where Snoke came from - how does he fit into the ranks of the Sith? Where did his interesting head come from?
  15. The one series BBC musical crime-drama with David Tenant & David Morrissey: Blackpool
  16. While we're shilling: I'm classing "The Orgs say Bo Selecta" as a Jingle.
  17. Cole and I are teaming up to discuss 'Them Crooked Vultures'.
  18. I could discuss Them Crooked Vultures for a LONG time!
  19. I would love to talk about Smash Bros with someone, then play against them to add to the discussion. Failing that I can just talk about Smash Bros. A discussion of Shonen Jump Manga/Anime serials in a non weeaboo manner would be good to contribute to as well.
  20. I'm down for anything video games-y (like the 2005 in video games idea) and a E2 Christmas Carol