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    I'm getting Sun and the missus is getting Moon. Also I can recommend the demo!
  2. Edit: removed unembeddable code
  3. I'm yet to see a film adaptation that does full credit to one of his stories, but Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory is good fun.
  4. What a good idea, thank you for your feedback!
  5. There HAS to be a twist... How do you think he does it? I don't know! Resisting the urge to make this jingle. For one thing imitating Roger Daltrey would wake up the girls...
  6. If this year had a face I would punch it
  7. But seriously, I really enjoyed it. It's definitely taken a page out of Guardians of the Galaxy in terms of soundtrack but that helped me to adore the first 30 minutes. Pacing and ending issues, yes.
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    Perfect! Let me practice. Blimey, this bangers and mash is wizzer! Chip chip, let's go to the pub and drink from aluminum cups, mate! I'm knackered from this law suit I worked on while being on The Weakest Link! I was gutted and gob smacked at how much of a damp squib I was! Oh, bollocks, it's brass monkeys outside! I'll stay in with a pack of fags talking about that rubbish Ackerman. What a wanker! Ian how did you steal Will's login details?
  9. He's a watchful guardian and lovely chap. Happy birthday Hemmings!
  10. I agree with all of this, but what the hell was wrong with Chris Pine's face?
  11. Mike Myers as Austin Powers and Dr Evil in 'Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery'. Smashing send up of a genre with two very different characters. You could potentially talk about the other two films but the first is quite sufficient.
  12. Pfft! Ghosts aren't Demons, Mike. Frankly that's racists to my people. I am here to haunt the forums for the sins present within. Such blasphemy, such gluttony, such sloth - and that's just Ian! I've got my eye on you, Donovan...
  13. 31 and looking great!
  14. Agreed. The last scene was almost entirely pointless.
  15. Captain America 3? More like Avengers 2.5. Still, a very well put together film with incredible action. I echo the sentiments about the slowness of the beginning and the end. Oh yeah, and:
  16. Thanks guuuuuys! I had a lovely day with the wife and daughter and watched Captain America 3 in the evening. Now I can begin end of year reports: