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  1. You hear that Marvel? I'm your man. Panel 1. A view from above. Luke Cage and Wolverine sit on a short cement wall dividing the sidewalk and a park. There are ninjas in various states of unconsciousness and death littered on the ground. Pools of blood and sharp pointy weapons a plenty, Luke has his arm around Wolvie. LUKE: C'MON, MAN! YOU'RE DOING THE BEST YOU CAN... Panel 2. The view has leveled off and tightened in on the characters' faces. Cage looks worried and Wolverine is hunched over with tears streaming down his face. They are both splattered with ninja blood.
  2. a Hitman movie...that's awesome. I've played all the games and loved them I just have this thought in the back of my head that Deiesel with mess it up, or in the least not live upto it... here's another list which other bald white celebrity (or celebrity if they shaved their head) do you think would be as good or better than Diesel at playing 47? lol...i just got a funny thought of patrick stuart AHAHA
  3. is that a play on Harley Quinn?
  4. I'm thinkin Rogue is pretty tough hey...she gets close enough she'll kill you by touching you, lol and imagine (back to the hulk) if she tried to take down him, he'll go banner and rogue will be the next she hulk, of course i can imagine she wouldn't be as hot as the artists make She-Hulk, but funny none the less
  5. Overload

    Y-The Last Man

    first issue of Y-The Last Man http://www.dccomics.com/media/excerpts/1736_x_1.pdf
  6. I'm just guessing and gonna say "Living Dead"
  7. No worries on that now, Dread gave me the book this afternoon as a Grad Present
  8. I can't really think of wolverine without the adamantium...that's what drew me to him, that and the ealing factor...but you do have a point. Without the metal he is so much more vulnerable...i always thought "why dont the enemies just cut off his head, then realizing it cant be cause the knife, sword, etc. would hit metal and stop. But without that protection, the blade would go through and kill him... but that just creates another question...having his head cut off? would that kill him yes or no yes for the obvious reason HE HAD NO HEAD but maybe no...would tendens and arteries spr
  9. I feel that he would be just a guy that after many years of, like you said early in this topic Yoda, "Honing". Not necessarily HIS ability, but THE ability to throw objects at targets, and maybe reading up on the body's structure, where's the pressure points, main arteries, etc. to better able kill a person with so much as a pin...because he can throw it at an area he already knows will allow the victim to bleed out or suffocate
  10. (source) Look at that thigh muscle! This is without a doubt amazing! The inamge doesnt show anymore, can you please repost it or give me the URL to see it on ym own
  11. This is right off the top of my head now... what about Venom's white spider with Spider-Man's black one inside overlapping
  12. That happened in an issue of What If?, but I'm not sure about regular continuity. Yeah, that happens a few times doesn't it? Venom and Carnage taking over other mutants and heros (in the what-if series Spider-Man waited too long to get rid of it and venom took over i think. Further into the story Spider-Man is consumed by the symbiote and renamed Poison?) Wolverine - Venom Hulk - Venom Scorpion - Venom Eddie's Ex-Wife - Venom (which leads me to another point, having venom take over a woman is great because originally venom was supposed to be a woman but that idea was trashed b
  13. A big thankyou to Yoda here for quickly finding an answer to my question Your results: You are Venom Strength, disguise and adrenaline are your greatest weapons. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 78% Dr. Doom -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 75% Apocalypse -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 73% Juggernaut -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 67% Two-Face ----------------------
  14. I found that if you answer every question YES you will come up as Superman, and if you answer them all NO you come up as Batman Now if only someone can find a Super Villian test
  15. Your results: You are The FlashThe Flash Fast, athletic and flirtatious -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 90% Hulk -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 75% Iron Man -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 75% Spider-Man -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 70% Superman -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 65% Robin ----------------------------