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  1. Looking for another book to read. I just finished Born to Run. It's about a race in Mexico between ultrarunners and the elusive Tarahumara Indians.
  2. Just started reading Angels and Demons for the up coming movie.
  3. http://www.nytimes.com/2009/05/01/business...a/01hasbro.html Did you hear Hasbro is going to make a channel specifically for all their toys. Maybe Season 4 will show on there.
  4. Awesome episode again! Yeah I especially loved when Shockwave finally changed over to his G1 color scheme. And Jazz is finally free from dumbass Sentinel's command! Jazz is my favorite bot in this entire seires.
  5. Drubot


    I really wish this was coming to the 360. Oh well now I have two games to persuade me into getting a PS3, Valkyria Chronicles and now this.
  6. Did any one have limits for the free comic book? I was late to work because I had to go to two different shops to get the books I wanted, GL and Resurrection 0. I also bought Queen and Country Vol 2 and I'm still looking for Resurrection Vol 1.
  7. Sounds fun. Good thing to start it early.
  8. Is there anything yet saying that they're gonna make a season 4?
  9. Awesome episode. It packed a lot of stuff for a half hour show. Waspinator looks pretty impressive after his transformation. I especially loved the ending with the Beast Wars animals.
  10. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a good one!
  11. Happy Birthday! Have a good one!
  12. Thanks guys. Its been a pretty shitty birthday so far. Turns out I have to change out my wheel hubs on my car or else my tires will fall of while I'm driving. But at least there will be cake!
  13. Just caught Five Servos of Doom on Youtube. I'm loving this show more every time I see it. Its simple enough for children, but it tells some pretty good stories. While I like watching the episodes on Youtube, it takes away the excitement of DVR'ing it and watching it on Saturday mornings.