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  1. Great, great movie. A little too much on the killing scenes. For a second i thought I was watching a Kill Bill Vol. 1 what with the blood fountains and such.
  2. Thanks man, now I've got a new back ground! When does the new season start anyway? I read some where that it starts in June.
  3. Live Free or Man Thing. Man Thing and Robin. Any way, what about Harvest Moon? Sure its nothing more than a glorified farm simulator, but hey I always had fun with that game.
  4. Drubot

    Zoom Quilt II

    Whoa that's trippy.
  5. Adam and Niki. I have a question. What would happen if Adam was injected with the virus? Would he die or would his healing counter the virus?
  6. 16.) King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  7. 2.) Char Aznable aka "The Red Comet" (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  8. I say Thor, Phoenix, and the Silver Surfer. Thor, like Mike said, is a god of thunder. Simple as that. Jean Grey, specifically the Phoenix, is one of the most powerful, if not the most powerful mutant ever. The Silver Surfer has the POWER COSMIC. According to wikipedia
  9. Drubot

    Nerd Moments

    I had to explain to my older brother what a tank is. Not a real military tank but a mmorpg tank.
  10. Drubot

    PS3 news

    Ah, it makes sense now. Looks tempting, but I might rethink this after I come back from Vegas. Thanks and how long does the code last?
  11. Drubot

    PS3 news

    On the website, where does one input said code?
  12. Drubot

    52 and World War III

    Could it be a phantom zone projector? Also, am I seeing things or is the Question missing his legs?
  13. Drubot

    Silly question

    Hey. So i just got a ds lite. I"m planning to take it on my trip to kuwait and i was wondering if the a/c adapter can work if the voltage is 220 volts. I talked to the guy at Gamestop and he said it can go up to 220 but i'm just double checking. Also, what are some good games i should pick up? So far i have Super Mario Bros. DS and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. I'm also thinking of picking up either Big Brain Academy or Brain Age.
  14. Even though i know what happens, i'm still gonna get this movie.
  15. Drubot

    WildStorm reborn

    wait, morrison is writing for Wildstorm?! Awesome, which book(s)?
  16. Drubot

    WildStorm reborn

    how many times did they revamp WildCATS?
  17. i used to play. i stopped playing when i ran out of money in my checking account and i haven't got around to renewing since. I'd probably go back when they release the expansion.
  18. was there any news of the ds lite coming over to the us anytime soon?
  19. Drubot

    Wii news

    is the Wii gonna be backwards compatible with the Gamecube?
  20. 85% Superman, followed by 80% The Hulk
  21. something easy. In Devil May Cry, what are the names of Dante's father and brother? Also which literary characters are Dante and his brother named after?
  22. Drubot

    Misc. Trivia

    i thought blotto was his brother's name?