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  1. Damnit, totally forgot about it. Are they gonna replay them on mondays, like they do with Stargate SG-1 and Atlantis?
  2. Saw it last night. Awesome movie, but i notice that alan moore's name wasn't shown in the credits. Now time to read the graphic novel.
  3. Actually, what i wanted to do was find the best sci fi show that's similar to Star Trek, i.e a space opera, than actually finding the best science fiction show. That's why i didn't put Quantum Leap on the list. Same goes with Seaquest. Farscape, i haven't seen it, (stupid, ignorant me!) so that's why i didn't put it down. Is there any way to edit the poll listings or would it be better just to lock the topic and start all over again?
  4. Howdy. I know there's a ton more great sci-fi shows out there, but i'm focusing more on those that primarily are set in space. I'm not too sure if Dr. Who is considered a space opera, but i gave it the benefit of the doubt due to its massive popularity. I'll come back to post my pick later.
  5. I'll take a swing at this, even though i know only two of the three. 1.)Contra 2.)Hideo Kojima 3.)because they were bored. Plus, 3 lives for 8 levels seems a bit harsh.
  6. Drubot

    Misc. Trivia

    haha by any chance is it 4 8 15 16 23 42?
  7. Drubot

    Misc. Trivia

    I'm guessing waterloo
  8. Drubot

    Misc. Trivia

    Awesome. OK, out of the 5 branches of the military, which branch does not have warrant officers?
  9. Well, don't I feel stupid. Naked Snake. Correct
  10. Sorry, i'm looking for the main character's code name.
  11. An easy one. What is the code name of the operative in Metal Gear Solid 3?
  12. Drubot

    Misc. Trivia

    This is probably wrong, but Jack Johnson?
  13. Yay, another DC cartoon that will become super popular then die before its time. Still, I hope they do make this. I loved that one episode of Superman where Cosmic Boy, Saturn Girl and Chameleon traveled back in time to help a young Clark Kent.
  14. Howdy. I think before we got hacked, there was a link to the main site. I tried looking for one here but all they all lead back to the main forums. Is there a way to bring back that link?
  15. Awesome Job Yoda, although the Darkness skin is a little too dark for my tastes
  16. JEEBUS!!! Oh and is this UNltimate Wolverine related to the Ultimate Wolverine somehow?