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  1. 5. Kyle Rayner: My favorite GL. Still young and wet behind the ears, but very imaginative. 4. Guy Gardner: For some reason he reminds me of a brick. Very tough, unflinching and corny (its his hair). When i think of Guy, I think about his reaction when Hal punched Batman. 3. John Stewart: Stepped back up to the plate when Kyle left. Takes responsibilities for his actions (death of his sister, and uh that whole planet thing). 2. Alan Scott: The ORIGINAL. His fights with Obsidian really make him stand out in my mind. 1. Hal Jordan: At first, I was against him coming back (Go Kyle!!). But when reading the new GL comic, I can see why he's the best. One of the best lines I've read in comics comes from Hal. Parallax: "Why don't you give up?" Hal: "Because I don't know how" Go HAL!!
  2. OH NO! Repent your Tokyopop inspired sins, my child. All will be forgiven in time. But first, the damage must be undone with fansubs. Forgiveness PLZ!! Like I said its been forever since i saw Initial D. For some reason I remember only the manga names. Takumi was his name, right?
  3. Naruto spoils the ending to the new "Come Come Paradise" book he gave him. Kakashi had to close his eyes or his sharingan would be able to read Naruto's lips.
  4. Reading: Naruto, One Piece, Bleach. I'm pretty much up to date with all of these. The trouble is waiting for the translated ones to come out. Watching: Nothing atm. Last anime i saw was a Naruto ep I downloaded with Naruto and Sasuke going at it. Before that was I think Initial D, where Tak gets a new tach for the Hachi Roku.
  5. Teen Titans. I used to love that comic, right up to the point when Rob Liefield started drawing for the book. The art just looks terrible, like something dredged up from the early 90's. I"m gonna boycott TT until they get rid of Liefield.
  6. <----- Three for me. Boo!! So I guess its a race you want huh? Back to topic, I reserved Suikoden Tactics.
  7. How is that? It looked interesting in previews, reviews were good, and I like the idea. It's just that I'm poor and need a solid reason to buy the game, from more than one source, before dropping $50 for a game. Shadow is actually going for $40, and I haven't had a chance to play it yet. Its pretty good. I just got it yesterday and already I've killed two colossi.
  8. I still have yet to see it, but did anyone catch it?
  9. Word. :rockon: Rhapsodia aka Suikoden Tactics.
  10. Wow Joe Madureira coming back to draw? YES!! Haven't seen his art in a long time. I miss his Battle Chasers.
  11. Orichimaru's Heaven seal, compared to Kimimaro's Earth seal?
  12. I'd like to write the bios for Ichigo and Naruto, but I'm in DC atm and I have some trouble getting to a computer. I'll see what I can do though.
  13. Spoilers? . . . . . . . . When Wilson Fisk recovered from his coma and returned to the States from parts unknown (I'm guessing Europe). He tried to rebuild his empire, but Daredevil learned about this and went to beat down his ass. After the fight, Daredevil proclaimed he was the new Kingpin of Hell's Kitchen. That's the gist of it. There's more to it, so just read the book. It explains it much better detail.
  14. Hey can i get in on this? I might have to pay a big ass shipping fee, but it'd be worth it.
  15. My hats off to DJ for writing a very good review on "Unbreakable". I absolutely love that movie. I'd go see it again, if I didn't have to go to work today. Thanks again :rockon:
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    Master Yoda

    You're not getting older, you're getting better --Unknown Happy birfday :rockon:
  17. My elder brother bought one of the imac mini's a couple weeks ago. The only thing i don't like about it is that the cd eject button is on the keyboard instead of the pc itself.
  18. Drubot

    Young Avengers

    I saw the 8 page preview at the Marvel site. The art looks fantastic, and the story, while it does sound a little corny, looks to be pretty interesting. I especially liked the little tidbit of Jonah wanting to be like Bucky when he was young.
  19. Tyler durden? He didn't use his real name in the movie, unless you count cornelius.
  20. I too have read that from somewhere. I think it was in a Wizard.
  21. It is my understanding that the courts found that McDonalds coffee was hotter than industry standards and was thus dangerous. McFacts. Actually I was thinking of the other Mcdonald's case, the one where the fat dude sued Mcdonalds for making him fat.
  22. It's all about the bling, bling baby. Reminds me of that stupid Mcdonald's case. I mean its not like someone's putting a fucking gun to your head to watch the damn show, dumbass.