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  1. Batman Begins is my pick, although Sin City looks like its going to be a lot of fun.
  2. I use Firefox because my older brother told me that IE is the most hacked browser. That and the pop up blocker is pretty good.
  3. Drubot


    There used to be a Naruto fan site that had a lot of the symbols in the manga. Unfortunately, that site disappeared a while ago. The best thing you can do now is check the manga. I believe number 91 (the one where he first meets Jiraiya) page 11-13 has a couple panels with the seal showing. And I know the 3rd Hokage/Orochimaru battle should have a picture of it too. That's pretty badass that you have a tattoo of Sasuke's cursed seal. I'm really contemplating on getting that tattoo also and the Anbu tattoo.
  4. Final Fantasy XI: Chains of Promathia for the PC and Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater for the PS2. And the sadest thing is I play FFXI more than Metal Gear right now.
  5. Did the protagonist look anything like this? If so then it's possibly Teknoman. I think they used to show it on UPN, but when things finally got interesting (Teknoman fights his twin brother), UPN took it off the air. http://anduin.eldar.org/~brad/anime/teknoman/#SABER --> More info.
  6. I know. Fucking wife beating bastard. I was fucking cheering when Capt beat the shit out of Giant Man. Also, is anyone reading Ultimate Nightmare?
  7. . . . weapon? what kind of weapon, like a lightsaber?
  8. Drubot

    Redesigned Ps2

    Howdy. Found this off gizmodo. http://biz.yahoo.com/prnews/040921/sftu069b_1.html So, basically it's just a smaller ps2 with built in network adapter. Still no extra control ports though
  9. Ok, new question but same topic. Which do you prefer the most, the published strategy guides or the internet guides? Depending on the game, I would usually try to find info online. I mean there are literally hundreds of other players playing the same game as you are, and fortunately some of them are kind enough to explain what you have to do in a certain area and so forth. Plus, the information is easy to access. Also, sometimes the published strategy guides don't include all of the information. And of course, you have to shill out some dough for those books. It's even worse when you buy the strategy guide, beat the game, and never play the game ever again.
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    The Big Guy

    Haven't read the comics but I absolutely loved the cartoon. Wasn't Rusty just an American version of Astro Boy from Japan?
  11. Trippy, huh? I read this from her profile on www.imdb.com a couple months back. R.I.P Yellow Ranger.
  12. Kevin Conroy was the voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman in the animated series and Will Friedle was the voice of Terry McGuiness in the Batman Beyond cartoon.
  13. Trippy. Looks like alot of fun, especially since the dude's head is a television.
  14. Isn't this the anime where weird monsters come out of the dude's head?
  15. I think one of his cards blew up in his face when he went on a mission with the X-men in China to find Xorn. I think it was in X-treme Xmen where him and Rogue temporarily lost their powers, and only recently they got them back. Back to topic, I'm hoping that Psylocke or Colossus comes back. Psylocke to screw up Cyclops' love life even more, or Colossus because like cvskin said he's a fan favorite.
  16. Since it was only the first issue of the story arc, I didn't expect so much things to happen. There were so many OH SHIT moments that after i finished reading it, I felt sorry for them and it left me wondering if there was anything worse that could happen.
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    The three sennins just summoned their animals and naruto just rasengened kabuto Thanks Kitch. Now all i have to do is find a good place to download the episodes from. Bittorrent takes too long.
  18. Fight Club Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Kill Bill Vol. 1 Pulp Fiction Dogma Original Star Wars Trilogy Black Hawk Down The Matrix Starship Troopers
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    Does anyone know which part of the Tsunade/5th Hokage story arc the anime is on? I seriously need to catch up but I really don't want to download episodes that are all filled with dialogue.
  20. Command and Conquer, especially Red Alert and Red Alert 2. Starcraft was alright, and Warcraft III was fun until i couldn't finish the last Dark Elves mission.
  21. As soon as i'm all caught up with all of One Piece (OMFG 300+ chapters!!!), I'll check this out. But are you talking bout the manga or the anime? Cuz i've seen a couple pics from the anime and its :OMG: :OMG: :OMG: :respect: :rockon: :rockon: :rockon:
  22. Isn't it going to be live action too? Yes, faster than a black hole.
  23. So, do you guys use strategy guides? I can understand if you use them for RPGs, but are they that necessary that you're willing to shell out $15 for them?